Draco's Story

*COMPLETED!* Draco Malfoy starts his sixth year at Hogwarts. And he meets this new girl that he never noticed before in his Slytherin House. All he knows about her is that she has vibrantly red curly hair and that she has a temper. And she had a dark secret. One that she won't reveal to anyone easily.

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4. Chapter Four

"Look, it's the Weasel Family Losers. No wonder it stinks out here! They have the whole place smelling like dung! Though its not surprising being as the hole they grew up in is full of wild animals. Like their mother." Draco sneered, loving every moment of making their lives a living Hell.
 He lavished in the way their eyes and mouths twitched in anger. And watching Potter's face as he did so utterly and completely turn into a red ball of anger was like Christmas. 
"What's the matter, Potter? Miss your mother? Isn't their she-wolf mother enough for you? I mean, your mother probably stunk worse than their's, being a mudblood and all." He taunted. 
 He watched Harry clench his fists in anger and glare at him.
 He smirked at him. 
"Draco? You're demeaning our families when your father is locked up right now at the Ministry of Magic pending an investigation of the utmost importance for the high probability of once AGIAN being involved with Lord Voldemort." Hermione snapped at him spitefully. 
 "Oi! You! MUDBLOOD! How DARE you speak to us like that, you wretch! You're the lowliest of them all and yet you dare speak to us like that?! You are NOTHING to anyone. Including me. You are dead to me! The Dark Lord knows all and He is right. Who are you lowly beings to question him?!" Holly snapped.   
  Hermione looked at her in shock and turned, ran away with tears streaming down her face.
  Draco laughed uncontrollably at this obvious display of weakness from this group of blood traitors and utter embarrassments to the wizarding world. 
 "Who the bloody heck do you think you are?! You can't speak to my girlfriend like that!" Ron spat at her, pulling out his wand to attack. 
 Harry grabbed his arm, restraining him from doing the deed he would regret in the end. "Let's go. You don't want to start something, Snape would have killed you when he gets the chance to do something to jeopardise the chances of Gryffindor winning the cup this year."
  "Oh, you're saying that you're too weak to go up against me, are you?" Draco sneered. 
  Holly laughed. "Yes, Draco I believe they are indeed saying that."
 "Well, well, well. It would seem to me that they need to learn a lesson in fighting their own battles." 
 "Shall I do the honours?" Holly purred, slipping her arms around Draco's shoulders and pressing her lips against his cheek. 
 Draco felt a tingle that spread from the spot on his face where she kissed him to the very tips of his toes. He gasped, and pulled her closer to him, overcome with the need to keep her out of harms way. 
 "There is no way I'm going to allow you to battle ANYONE, Holly!"
 She pouted and looked at him sadly. "Why ever not?"
 "I won't allow you the possibility of getting injured. Ever."
 "Well, this is all nice and everything, but if you two love birds are done, we'll be taking our leave now. Good day to you." Harry said quickly, pushing Ron out towards Hagrid's hut. 
 "Oi! You two aren't going anywhere!! Pull out your wands. Now." Draco spat at them, sending a stunning spell flying at them. It narrowly missed Potter's ear. 
 Potter stopped mid step, slowly turned around and looked at Draco with a hatred that was more pure than light itself. He let go of Ron, slowly, meticulously, pulled out his wand, fiery sparks flying from the tip of it, singeing his robes. 
 "Oh? Now you're a man, are you? Well, come on, then, Potty, show us what you've got in that tiny, pathetic thing you call a body." Draco sneered, squaring off in his duelling pose that he had learned in his second year against Potter as that lunatic, idiot Defence Against the Dark Arts told them what to do. 
 Potter did the same and kept his eyes on Draco, they were like liquid fire in and of themselves.
 "How daft can you two twits be?!" Snapped a voice from behind Harry. 
 They all turned around and looked at he source of the voice. It was Hermione. She had come back and her eyes were red and puffy still. Draco felt Holly stiffen behind him at her return. 
 "You filthy little mudblood. You should have understood me when I said that you meant NOTHING to ANYONE! That was YOUR hint that you should LEAVE! Now that you're back, I suppose you and I need to duel." Holly snapped, whipping her wand out. 
 "Holly! You are NOT to battle her! NOT AFTER THIS MORNING!!!" Draco growled. 
 "Hermione, lets go. I don't want you harmed by these psychotics." Ron said, grabbing Hermione's arm and tugging her back to him. 
 "Let go of my arm, Ronald!"
 Ron let go of her in shock as she glared at him. 
 "Let's do this, mudblood!" Draco snapped, pushing Holly behind him. 
 "My quarrel is not with you, Malfoy. Hand over that cow of a girlfriend you've got or so help me you'll be in the hospital wing for another month. And this time, I won't simply break your nose."
 Draco gulped, and considered his options. One, he could have Crabbe and Goyle called to him in a moment's notice and throw them to the hounds. Two, he could fight the mudblood himself and risk getting seriously injured again. And three, he could throw Holly to the thing and watch as her temper exploded and they were all murdered by either her or his Lord. He decided to go with the second choice. He, personally wanted to be the one to inflict as much pain as he possibly could to the Potter prat. 
 Hermione screamed in anger and lashed out with her wand. She didn't even need to say the spell and he was sliced across the left sleeve and half of it fell off his arm. It revealed his new dark mark. And blood seeped through the mark, where she'd sliced him. 
 "I KNEW IT! See!! I TOLD YOU HE HAD THE MARK!!!!" Harry said, jumping up and down, pointing his index finger at Draco's arm. 
 Draco looked down at his arm, muttered "Repairo." And his sleeve fixed itself. "Smart of you, Potter. Putting that together all on your own. But, to be honest, I'd've thought it to be plainly obvious that I would still uphold my family's honour and tradition. It goes without saying now that I must kill or obliterate your minds now." 
 "I do not believe that you shall, Malfoy. I've all ready told Professor Dumbledore my suspicions. So he knows that you are under my surveillance." 
 "But it's just a suspicion. You have no hard evidence. You can't prove anything. Unless you propose to cut off my arm and take it to him. However, you'd have to take it off me and I doubt that you're capable of that much violence against me. For, I'd rip you to Potter Strips and fry you to a crisp. I'm quite sure my Lord will be pleased with that. It's a pity he won't be the one to take your life. But as long as you're dead, I'm sure he'll be quite sastified." 
 Harry smiled evilly at Draco, knowing that Hermione would have no problem taking him down. She's done it before, at couldn't she do it once again? He was in the Hospital Wing for over a week when she broke his nose in their third year. 
 "Stop it! We're going to be late for class now. That oaf they call a teacher may not punish us, however, I for one don't like being late save for something of importance. Lets go." Holly growled, pulling Draco behind her as she stormed off to Care of Magical Creatures class.  

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