Draco's Story

*COMPLETED!* Draco Malfoy starts his sixth year at Hogwarts. And he meets this new girl that he never noticed before in his Slytherin House. All he knows about her is that she has vibrantly red curly hair and that she has a temper. And she had a dark secret. One that she won't reveal to anyone easily.

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8. Chapter Eight

In the middle of the night, Holly was walking slowly, pacing really, as she was waiting impatiently for Draco to be awake. Lately, she'd not been sleeping properly and she knew that today was the day that he was going to ask about her father and her mother. And she wasn't sure how to tell him. 
  She paced more, pulling at her necklace, moving the charm back ad forth, biting her lower lip until she drew blood. Her tongue licked it away,and she continued to pace, nervously moving her charm. She was in the common room in the dungeon. The house elves had all ready come and gone. 
  Touching her charm, she remembered the first day her father gave it to her. She'd not taken it off since then. 
  She was only ten years old when her father gave it to her in a wrapped box, with green and silver snakes with red eyes. She was shocked beyond belief. He looked deep into her eyes, lifted her chin and said in his raspy, slithery voice; "My dear Poison, I love you very much and this was something that I acquired for you many years ago in the hopes that one day I could give it to my heir. And I am using some of the last power and strength I have to give and tell you this to you. I love you with all my heart. And I need you to open this very quickly, my dear. Go on, open it."
  Holly had ripped through the paper with a glint of happiness in her eyes.
  She opened the velvet case the present was in and gasped. He had given her Salazar Slytherin's necklace. Not something many people knew had existed, but her guardian had told her many stories about it. 
  It was an intricate necklace with two interlocking snakes, both carved out of the purest silver with emeralds embedded into the body and rubies for the eyes and tongue. It was about two and a half inches large. She carefully lifted it up and began to weep. For years she had thought about how beautiful it must've been and how it would be to just look upon it. Now she had it around her neck and it was a priceless gift from her father. The one most wizards were too afraid of to speak of him by name. The Dark Lord. 
  "Thank you, Daddy! I love it!" She said through the tears.
  She felt him kiss the top of her head and then wrap her in his arms and pull her close. "Holly, I love you and you must always remember that I am doing this for us. For our family." He muttered into her hair. 
  Back then she had only a little idea of what he meant when he said that. But now, now she knew everything he meant. She knew everything that he'd ever done in his life. And she still loved him and still cared for him. And she still was on his side. And that had ruined her and Hermione's friendship. Even though it was a task at first, she had found herself growing closer and closer to Hermione. Telling her things that she'd never revealed to anyone before. She told her about what kind of life she had as a kid, who her father was, what kind of father he was, how much she loved him even though she knew of his past. How much she'd been crushing on Draco Malfoy since they were in the same pre wizarding classes. How much she had plotted to get the prude witch Pansy out of the way, and she finally succeed about 4 months ago. They have been steady and she wanted to keep it that way. However, her father needing the information on the Potter boy made it so that they had to eat on different sides of the table now, that they had to be brisk and cold to each other in public. That the only classes that they were probably going to be able to do anything together was Transfiguration and Potions because they sat right next to each other. And they couldn't change the seating this late in the term. She sighed, once again pacing about. She had stopped in front of the "window"-but hadn't noticed-as she mused all this over. 
  Light began to seep into the room from the "window" and she knew that it was time to wake Draco up. All of Slytherin House would keep their mouths shut about them still being together. There was an unspoken bond that whatever Draco kept secret, they kept secret. And Holly was, on this day for the first time quite glad of that bond. 
  Walking up the stairs to the boy's dormitory, she exhaled quietly and pushed open the door. She walked into the room imperiously and with a flick of her wand, the drapes around Draco's bed opened silently. She sat down on the bed and shook his shoulder. 
  "Wake up. Draco, wake up. It's time for you to get up. I need to speak with you." She said softly. 
  Giving up on trying to wake him up by whispering, she leaned down and kissed his chin and then his mouth. He woke up instantly. She rolled her eyes. 
  "What..?" Draco yawned. 
  "We need to talk. I've decided it's time to tell you about my...parents."

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