Like Toy Soldiers (Zayn Malik love story)

I've been targeted by the most dangerous gang. And one of the gang members are forced to kill me but it seems like he has a thing for me and doesn't want to hurt me and takes a blow to the shoulder for me.


2. The first "date"

 Calista's P.O.V

       Since I gave Zayn my number, he's been calling me for the past two weeks. And apparently he arranged our date with out me knowing. "But I have work and I can't take the day off." That was a lie, I had the whole week off.  "Okay so it will be after work."  *three hours later* "Calista, your friend is here." "You came two hours early." "Can't you take a break?" "No not in the middle of a shift." "Yes you can because your not actually working." He pulled me to his car by the arm. 'I wonder how injured you would get by jumping out of a car going 80 mph?' I thought 'Even if I die it would be a win-win situation.'

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