Surprises and Secrets

Meg has always lived an average life. She was an normal teenager. She had good grades. She cleaned up her room. She ate her vegetables. She had a normal family. Until one day, a stranger knocks on her door…


6. Who knew?

   Two hours of cramped legs and an urgent need to stretch later, they arrived at their destination.  Meg quickly glanced out the window.

   "What?!" she exclaimed, "Why are we at the mall?  I thought we were going to train!"

   "We are," Katherine explained patiently.  "See that man over there with the overalls?  You are going to pick his pocket.  He is an easy target because the pants aren't tight, so he shouldn't be able to feel it. Try not to touch the pants.  Just slide your hand in, grab his wallet, and meet us over there."  

   "You want me to steal his wallet?!" Meg exclaimed.

   "Don't worry, we'll put it back before he notices anything," Katherine assured her.

   "Are you sure?  I've never done anything like this before.  I - " Meg tried to stall.

   "Just go, scaredy-cat," Nick encouraged.

   "Fine, maybe I will," Meg replied haughtily.  And with that, she sauntered off into the crowd.

   Meg walked slowly up to the man, silently begging him not to turn around and see her.  She slid her hand into his over-large pocket, grabbed his wallet, stuck it in her jacket and calmly walked away.  When she casually glanced over her shoulder, she saw the man, but he was still strolling down the sidewalk, glancing up from time to time at the various shops.  That wasn't so bad, she thought with a smug smile, I sure showed Katherine, Brit and Nick.  They thought that I wasn't good enough to be a thief.  Boy would I like to see the look on their faces right now!  

   Meg looked around, trying desperately to find her crazy mentors.  Where are they?  They said they were going to wait right here.  Meg thought desperately.  Oh, well I might as well pick a couple more pockets, just to prove to them that I'm not a coward.  Meg had picked five pockets already, so she was feeling fairly confident.  She walked up to a woman, and slowly eased her iPhone out of the back pocket of her neon skinny jeans.  As Meg pulled the phone out, the woman turned around and yelled, "That girl's a thief!"  

   Meg took off running.  She could hear someone's heavy footsteps thumping after her.  Shoppers were starting to stare as more and more people joined the chase.  Meg crashed through stands selling bunches of colorful fruits, hoping that after she went through, the smashed fruit on the ground would give her more of a lead.  As Meg was sprinting past a shoe store, she saw the reflection of Brit, Nick and Katherine in the window.  Meg skidded to a stop and practically fell into the store.

   Katherine looked flabbergasted.  Brit's expression was surprised and sympathetic, but the shocker was Nick.  He remained unreadable - he looked slightly amused and another emotion that Meg couldn't identify.  He had his hands on his hips and was slowly shaking his head.  But Megan could tell he was holding back a grin.

   "What?" Meg asked, "What'd I do?"

   "I'm so sorry Meg.  I had no idea that your father hadn't told you anything," Katherine now seemed distressed.  "I thought that he would have at least taught you how to pick a pocket.  I'm so sorry."

   Meg leapt to her father's defense, "My dad is a good man.  He just wanted to protect me!"

   "I know, I know," Katherine said calmly, "Your father is a very respectful man.  I just didn't know that he would go to such lengths to keep his secrets."

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