Surprises and Secrets

Meg has always lived an average life. She was an normal teenager. She had good grades. She cleaned up her room. She ate her vegetables. She had a normal family. Until one day, a stranger knocks on her door…


12. The Warehouse

   Hours later the group arrived somewhere that looked to Meg like a empty underground parking garage.  She was unfamiliar with the place, but could tell that when the blindfolds came off, the men knew where they were, and it seemed to scare them bad.  Meg gently eased her dad out of the car, grateful that he had regained conscience.  Slowly, they made their way toward the elevators.  

   Once they were all crammed into the dimly lit elevator with the three men all handcuffed and gagged, Meg expected the elevator the go up,  but instead it lurched downward, throwing everyone off balance.

   "Where are we going?" Meg asked, hurriedly regaining her composure and looking over at Nick to see if he had seen her stumble.

   "You'll see," her father replied with a sly smile.

   After what seemed like forever, the elevator doors opened up and before Meg was a dark hallway lit with a couple bare bulbs hanging off the mildewed low hanging ceiling.  It had doors and other passages that branched off in numerous locations.  Katherine led the group into a dark room, sealing the door behind them and locking everyone in.   

   Katherine pulled Meg, Nick and Brit aside.  

   "I'm going to interrogate them one at a time.  I want you guys to take the two muscle men into the next room while I question their leader," she informed them while pointing to another door.  

   "Are you sure?" Meg asked in a timid voice.

   "Scared?" Nick teased, grinning over his shoulder as he roughly led one of the muscled men over to the other dark, stuffy room.

   "No." Meg replied defiantly.  "Let's go."


   Four long hours later, all three men had all been questioned, and a good deal of information had been fished out.  It happened to be that they were the only ones in the ragtag group, and they had only held him captive because Meg's father supposedly owed them information.  Katherine assured them that Meg's father owed them nothing, and told the cowering men that they better not mess with anyone in the Circle.  She also informed them that they wouldn't get off as easily as they did that day if they were to even come within a five mile radius of Meg or her father.  Meg was personally very happy about that.  Those men gave her the creeps.  

   Meg was satisfied.  Her father was at home and safe, she had two new amazing friends, and all the secrets her father had been keeping were out in the open, and she was better for it.  And, she had an inkling that Nick liked her, making her day all the better.



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