Surprises and Secrets

Meg has always lived an average life. She was an normal teenager. She had good grades. She cleaned up her room. She ate her vegetables. She had a normal family. Until one day, a stranger knocks on her door…


4. Rude Awakening

   Meg woke to a soft knock on her bedroom door.  She stretched in her zebra print pajamas and flopped back down in her bed for "Just five more minutes, Mary!"  What seemed like ten seconds later, she was interrupted by a loud bang on her door.

    Ugh! she thought bitterly, Can't a girl get some beauty sleep when she needs it?

   Meg considered waking up fully, but her ultra-soft bed was just too comfy.  The door would have to wait.  She pulled the covers back over her head and closed her eyes.  Meg tried to ignore the annoyingly insistent banging.  

    Shut up! she mind-yelled at whoever was disturbing her rest,  I just wanna rest for a bit looonger… she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

   Next thing she knew, someone had burst into her room.  Meg sat up quickly and banged her head on the window sill.  She could barely see anything for the lack of light.  Then someone turned on her bright ceiling chandelier.  Her eyes burned as if someone had set off fireworks right in front of them.  Through blurry eyes, she saw two teenagers heading toward her.  Meg rubbed her burning eyes.  There was a girl with sandy blonde hair that she had pulled back into a long ponytail.  Her big blue eyes roamed the room and her hands were on her hips.  There was also beautifully tanned boy dressed in jeans and a green shirt that matched his gorgeous eyes.

   "Get up Sleeping Beauty!" said the tall, muscular boy with freckles strewn across his nose.  His strong arms strained as her attempted to drag her out of bed.  Meg moaned in protest and rolled over, trying to get back to her smooth silk sheets.

   "What d'ya want?" Meg mumbled grumpily as she rubbed the sore spot on top of her head and tried to blink the sleep out of her eyes.

   The girl with the stylish clothes in the back of the room spoke up.

   "Don't you remember?  We are here to help you get caught up on your training so you're ready to rescue your dad.  In other words, we're your new babysitters.  And the sooner we get on our way, the better, so get out of bed!  And my name is Brittany, but you can just call me Brit.  You probably met my dad yesterday.  Ya know, the one that kinda looks like me?"  She made a circle with her finger around her flawless face.

   Meg squinted and cocked her head, then nodded uncertainly, then in earnest once she saw the obvious resemblance.

   "Of course you do.  So, why don't you pack clothes for about a week or so?  We'll meet you out in your driveway tomorrow morning at nine," Brit said as she started for the door.  "Oh, and by the way, that one over there," Brit said over her shoulder while pointing to Mr. Adorable, "is Nick."


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