Surprises and Secrets

Meg has always lived an average life. She was an normal teenager. She had good grades. She cleaned up her room. She ate her vegetables. She had a normal family. Until one day, a stranger knocks on her door…


7. Middle of Nowhere

   Meg couldn't help being nervous.  After all, everything rode on her passing this last test. 

   Over the last eight days, she had been training and taking various tests to improve her skills and knowledge "out in the field".  Meg had failed her last two attempts at trying to break into a random building and steal an electronic device.  The only problem between her and victory on the first test was that she forgot to disarm the security system in her excitement.  Meg would've passed her second test if it hadn't been for a rogue puppy.   Now was her time to show everyone just how good of a thief she could be.  She just had to be on that retrieval team. 

   Meg had just been dumped on a very hard patch of ground.  She whirled around but could see nothing but darkness.  Fear was beginning to seep into her mind.  What happened? she thought in bewilderment, Where is everyone?  Now she had almost worked herself into a full blown panic attack.  Where am I?  What is happening?  She spun around and around like a dog chasing her tail.  She could still see nothing but blackness.

   Meg was about to cry out for help and sink to the ground when she ran her fingers through her hair and felt something like fabric.  Then everything came rushing back to her.  She had a bandana tied around her eyes!  Katherine, Nick, and Brittany had dropped her off after driving for what seemed like forever.  Meg couldn't see anything because of that annoying blindfold they put on her.  Meg ripped off the blindfold.

   She was on the side of a dirt road, on the edge of a small woods.  It was dusk and the crickets were beginning to sing.  What is wrong with these crazy people? she thought bitterly, How in the world did I let myself be dumped in the middle of nowhere by these wackos?  And what exactly, do they expect me to do here?  She slumped to the ground in defeat and closed her eyes, trying to wake up from this nightmare.

   Then her comms unit crackled to life.

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