Surprises and Secrets

Meg has always lived an average life. She was an normal teenager. She had good grades. She cleaned up her room. She ate her vegetables. She had a normal family. Until one day, a stranger knocks on her door…


8. Last Chance

   Meg jumped, startled by the sudden burst of static.  She'd forgotten that Katherine had installed a comms unit as part of her outfit for tonight.  This consisted of a skin tight black jumpsuit with weapons and gadgets in seemingly every pocket and seem.  Meg had been given permission to temporarily dye her blonde hair, and now it was as black as the night sky.  She grinned.  Maybe these people aren't so bad after all.

   "Meg to Kat," she called in, still smiling widely.

   A sigh sounded in her ear.  "Code names, dearie!"

   "Whatever," Meg retorted, her smile disappearing as quickly as the sun, "It's just that code names are the last thing I'm thinking about right now.  What is my code name anyway?"

   "Candy," said Nick's voice.

   "Candy?  What type of candy?" Meg asked skeptically.

   "Sweet Tarts," replied Brit.   

   "Humph!" Meg said, exasperated.  "So, anyway, ahem, Sweet Tarts to Cat?"

   There was no reply.  Meg tried several more times to get a response from her crazy mentors, but after many fruitless calls, she stopped to take in her surroundings.  At the edge of the woods she had seen earlier, there was a short hiking trail.  She started down it, wondering who could possibly have wanted to put a path there.  There was other no sign of civilization besides this overgrown walkway. 

   It was a narrow, winding path with many narrow holes on the sides.  They appeared to be the homes of snakes or other animals.  It didn't matter, really.  All animals freaked her out the same.  Suddenly, music started blaring from Meg's comms.  What are they up to now?  Meg thought bitterly.  I knew they were all losing their minds, and now they officially lost it.  Wait a minute.  I remember they tried doing something like this during training!  I had to get directions from surrounding buildings.  Maybe they want me to do what the song tells me to!

   Step to the left  Meg took a tentative step to the left.

   Forward now  Meg started going walking forward through the dry scratchy underbrush.  She stepped forward and her feet fell on even ground.  The path turned slightly to the right and Meg continued to follow it.

   Step to the left  She stepped off the path yet again.

   Forward now  What!? They want me to walk off the path again!  There are going to be rattlesnakes! Meg thought, silently freaking out as she pushed through the branches of a nearby sapling.  Meg continued with her slow-moving pace.  They have finally lost their their minds! Meg thought furiously.

   Three steps to the left  Meg pushed her way through the branches.

   Five stomps this time  As Meg started stomping, the dirt under her feet began to slowly filter downwards.  Meg quickly stepped back

   Forward now  What?! But its gonna cave in! Meg desperately thought to herself as she tentatively stepped forward again.

   Two stomps this time  "Fine," Meg muttered, "but its not my fault if I fall."  Two stomps later, Meg was falling through the ground.  But instead of landing on her butt like she had expected, Meg was rocketing down an underground slide.

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