Surprises and Secrets

Meg has always lived an average life. She was an normal teenager. She had good grades. She cleaned up her room. She ate her vegetables. She had a normal family. Until one day, a stranger knocks on her door…


11. Found

   Ten minutes of silently sneaking though winding halls later, Megan was hidden behind a couple of crates in the back of a cold, dark room that appeared to have once been a study.  Slumped in a chair in the middle of the room was a dark figure whose moans Meg could hear from her tiny hiding place.  A light appeared on the other side of the room, silhouetting three men, one short, and the men that Meg had followed through the mansion earlier.  The short man walked calmly over to the unconscious man in the chair and slapped him awake.

   "Where is she?!" he yelled, spitting in the poor man's face.

   "I don't know where she is... all I know..." he gasped, his voice hoarse and scratchy, "is that she knows nothing.  Nothing!" the man moaned.

   The small man slapped him again.  This time, blood dotted the carpet.

   "Surely she must know something, hmm?" he inquired smoothly, circling the man like a hungry shark after a lost seal.

   Slowly, Meg crept forward, hiding behind another packing crate.  The men, distracted with their victim never noticed as she poked her head out.  What she saw made her gasp in recognition.  It was her father!  

   The short man's head whipped around, "What was that?" he asked.

   Meg bent down, and instinctively reached for the dagger strapped to her calf.  

   "Who's there?" one of the muscular henchmen called out.

   "Oh, for goodness sakes!  Like anyone would be stupid enough to come out in the open," their short leader retorted.

   While they were busy arguing with themselves, Meg snuck around in the dark reaches of the room, trying to get behind her father so she could cut him free.  Luckily for her, the men were still bickering, so Megan went undetected as she cut her father's bonds.   With barely a sound, Meg and her father snuck quietly to the door and were just about to slip out when the lead man spun around.

   "Seize them!" he shouted, getting red in the face.  Meg and her father surged forward, ducking to avoid the men's haphazard shooting.  The inevitable chase had begun.  Meg and her father ran through hallways, Meg supporting her father as they tried desperately to escape.

   "Let's find a place to hide," Meg said, noticing that her father wouldn't be able to keep up the pace much longer.  Just as they were about to duck into a darkened library, the men caught up with them and held their guns pointed at Meg's heart and her father's head.  

   Meg thought she would die there, alone, with only her father and those cruel men to witness her death.  She braced herself, squinting her eyes and ducking her head when all of the sudden, the wall on the end of the hall crumpled, sending clouds of dust into the air.  Blaring headlights flashed across Meg's blurred line of vision.  And from the hole in the wall, came the most welcome sight.

   Nick drove an Explorer into the mansion, a grim expression on his face.  Meg almost fainted.  He looked so rough and rugged and handsome, she wanted to leap up and hug her savior.

   "Unarm yourselves!" bellowed Katherine, as she, Nick, and Brit jumped out heavily armed.  

   Meg's ears rang with the sound of the guns clattering to the ground.  

   "Hands up!" Katherine ordered, her gun pointed at the confused men.  Their faces were white with shock and fear as they moved their hands above their heads as if they didn't control their own bodies.

   "Now," Nick ordered, his voice echoing through the settling dust, "I want this transaction to go nice and smoothly.  I'll take the girl and her dad, and I'll give you your lives.  M'kay?"

   The frightened men nodded vigorously.

   "Great," Brit spoke up before Nick had a chance to take the floor again, "now if you all could just kick your guns away and follow her," she motioned with her chin to Katherine, all the while keeping her gun pointed at them, "everything will go smoothly."

   The downcast men slowly walked single file over to where Katherine stood, a huge smile on her face, beaming at Meg.  She tied the men together, put blindfolds on them, and pushed them into the Explorer.  Meg's father had slumped down the wall during all the commotion, leaving him sprawled across the floor.  With Nick's help, Meg was able to hoist her dad up, and carry him the car, carefully arranging his head.  At that moment, Meg was content to have her father's weary head rest on her shoulder and listen to Brit and Nick argue over who had been better at talking to the bad guys earlier.  Meg smiled and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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