Surprises and Secrets

Meg has always lived an average life. She was an normal teenager. She had good grades. She cleaned up her room. She ate her vegetables. She had a normal family. Until one day, a stranger knocks on her door…


9. Alone

   The slide seemed to go on forever and Meg thought it would never end.  She slowly began to relax, her body unable to keep its stiff position.  But she couldn't stop her mind from racing.  What if this never ends?  What if I end up in some pit and nobody can ever find me?  What if I spend the rest of my life in a damp dark cave with only insects to eat and dirty cave water to quench my thirst?  No, stop it Meg.  Meg chided herself.  Think of the positive.  Brit, Nick and Katherine know where you are and will come to rescue you.  Her thoughts were interrupted as Meg saw a light rushing toward her.  Before she could prepare herself, Meg splashed into an underground pool.

   Sputtering, Meg treaded water, wiping the wet hair out of her face.  Looking around, Meg saw a sandy shore about 10 meters away.  She was in the middle of a pool that looked to be about 50 meters wide.  She swam over to the waterfront, but stopped as she heard her voices.  Listening closer, she heard her father's name, Jack Jones, mentioned numerous times.  Its just my imagination playing games with me. Meg thought as she shook her head to clear her thoughts.  But there it is again.  Meg mused to herself as she crept quietly closer.  I just need to find out who these people are and where they are keeping my dad.  

   "We should get rid of Jack.  He's a threat to our business," said a deep voice.

   "But if we can get him to work for us, then we would never have a problem with the police.  Jack has a way with them, and is the most skilled of the circle," pointed out a man with a husky voice. 

   "Doesn't he have a daughter?  I hear she hasn't been trained.  We can capture her, beat her, show her to Jack and threaten to kill her if he doesn't obey," explained deep voice. 

  Meg's heart was racing.  They were going to kill her father if she didn't obey.  She had to figure out who those men were and what they did to her dad.  And she was going to do it alone.


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