Skinny And The Beast

This 'depressing' story relates to a young teen girls life in harms way. Having an alcoholic dad, a abusive mom, depression, and anorexia, this young teens life isn't in good form. Feeling the loss of attention, a happy life, or good friends, Alyssa feels the need to leave behind life and make her own. Escaping her room, Alyssa frees herself from 'death row.' Walking the late night streets of Lake Michegan, she ends up in a silent hotel >surviving< for her life.



Hey guys!! Sorry I didn't update for a few months .-. I got really lazy and didnt know where this story was going, so I added5 more chapters to satisfy you more, and I know the beginning of the story wasnt very good.. But it's my first Movella so tell me what you think! I think I'm doing okay :3



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i will update this in a few days, so don't get anxious o.o there's a lot more to come!! :D

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