Skinny And The Beast

This 'depressing' story relates to a young teen girls life in harms way. Having an alcoholic dad, a abusive mom, depression, and anorexia, this young teens life isn't in good form. Feeling the loss of attention, a happy life, or good friends, Alyssa feels the need to leave behind life and make her own. Escaping her room, Alyssa frees herself from 'death row.' Walking the late night streets of Lake Michegan, she ends up in a silent hotel >surviving< for her life.


17. Jealous much?

Ashley's POV:

I called Alex to pick me up and drive me to the hospital. 

Him- Why should I?


me- because you caused this and I want to see him


finally after his bickering he gave in and was over in 45 min.

i didnt say I word to him, when we arrived to the hospital Alex came in to. Seeing he didnt have anything better to do.


i went up to the front desk and asked for Christopher. Oh crap! I don't know his last name. Good thing he was the only Christopher in the hospital today. The lady told me. "But he can't have any visitors right now, he can in 2 hours." She looked back down at her paperwork. I looked over at Alex, who was staring at me. I smirked to myself and looked at the lady and raised my voice "I'm his girlfriend!!" She looked up, the  I looked at Alex, who was looking at me with a long face.  His eyes were watering. He was so sensitive, I felt horrible. "Oh okay then, go right ahead sweetie. Room H4" she smiled. "Thank you." I ran to the room and knocked. I remembered Alex but then I heard footsteps coming for the door. The door opened, being greeted by a doctor in white. "I'll leave you 2 together for a while."  I walked over to Christopher who was bruised badly. "That Alex of yours can sure kick some butt." He chuckled up at me. I looked at his cast and sighed. "I'm so sorry this happened" I whispered looking down at him. "Hey, it's not your fault." He held my chin. "But your so nice and caring. You don't deserve this." He smiled showing his dimples. "But I asked for it." He chucked again. And smirked. I have him a puzzled look. "What. What so you mean?"  I glared at him. He ave me a look of guiltyness. He sighed and spoke up. "I walked away and Alex was still there, so I told him to watch over you better." "Then", he paused. "He told me to shut up then he kicked me." "You didn't have to say anything." I smiled, then knelt to his side and played with his hair. "And I kinda told the lady at the front desk that I was your girlfriend.. So I could come see you." I blushed. "Haha, babe , you missed me?" He have me a cheeky smile. "No..." I blushed even harder. "Come up here." He told me. I crawled up with him and laid there playing with his hair. I heard footsteps coming towards the door, but I couldn't care less. I heard the door open and looked over. It was Alex.. He looked me straight in the eye. He finally let go of a tear I knew he was holding back. He walked out of the room and slammed the door, but made sure it stayed closed. He always made sure things were how they were before he messed with them..  I sighed. "Let me go talk to him." I said. He nodded and I got up to leave the room.

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