Skinny And The Beast

This 'depressing' story relates to a young teen girls life in harms way. Having an alcoholic dad, a abusive mom, depression, and anorexia, this young teens life isn't in good form. Feeling the loss of attention, a happy life, or good friends, Alyssa feels the need to leave behind life and make her own. Escaping her room, Alyssa frees herself from 'death row.' Walking the late night streets of Lake Michegan, she ends up in a silent hotel >surviving< for her life.


11. I didnt know that..

Ashley's POV: 

I woke up in my bed, I was curled up and I looked over to see Alex holding me by the waist asleep. I didn't wanna wake him up,  so I just laid there playing games on my phone. I played Mario, Minecraft, fun run, and checked my instagram twitter and Facebook for at least 2 hours. I kept staring at my phone wondering what to do next. I stared at my phone and fell fast asleep. I had to sleep, my eyes stung, and I was tired. I woke up later to see Alex had left. I didn't want him to leave, but I was still kinda mad at him. I laid there for a minute and tossed my legs to the side of my bed so I could sit up. I ran my fingers through my bangs once and plopped my hand back down releasing a puff of sigh.  I got up and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. On mmy way to the bathroom my knee popped. It hurt but then again it didnt.


i turned on the overhead in the shower. I turned the temperature to warm, so I wasn't burning or to cold. I waited about 2 minutes for it to warm up. I took my clothes off and got in. I scrubbed the shampoo and conditioner through my long black hair. It was about 4 inches past my shoulder. With choppy layers. I got out and dried myself off. Today felt like a lazy day. So I didn't really fix myself up much. I put some mouse in my hair and put it in a messy bun, I put some perfume and deodorant on. I put some red sweats on and a white pajama shirt.  I cleaned my face and went to the kitchen. I didnt really care if I ate anything today, I was hungry and I love food. I grabbed a cold piece of pizza from the fridge and took a bite while I walked into my room to watch tv.  A few minutes into me sitting I saw something on tv about a young 18 year old boy who was a drummer genius. It showed a picture of Alex. He never mentioned that he could play! It showed a clip from him playing the drums, I was shocked. I almost dropped my pizza.  He could throw his drum stick 40 ft in the air and catch it while playing. He was amazing. I gasped then smiled, showing my teeth. I 


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