Skinny And The Beast

This 'depressing' story relates to a young teen girls life in harms way. Having an alcoholic dad, a abusive mom, depression, and anorexia, this young teens life isn't in good form. Feeling the loss of attention, a happy life, or good friends, Alyssa feels the need to leave behind life and make her own. Escaping her room, Alyssa frees herself from 'death row.' Walking the late night streets of Lake Michegan, she ends up in a silent hotel >surviving< for her life.


15. 2 and 1

Ansley's POV:

i was in his car . "What's your address?" He asked. I told him the hotel address. I kept sneaking a glance at him. I accidentally looked so long he turned to me and smiled. I could tell he had a bit of green in his eyes. I saw him mess with his hair then flip it to the side. He did it perfectly, I melted inside.  He took a sharp turn and I leaned his way, so much I felt his arm on mine. I looked at him and he did the same. I blushed and turned away. He pulled up to the hotel, I saw Alex's car and told  the guy to follow me inside. So he did. "I didnt quit catch your name." He turned to me. "Oh right. It's Ashley." I grinned. A real one this time. "Christopher" he replied chuckling. (No not Christopher drew)  we walked inside and he walked me to the elevator and I pressed the button '3' the elevator seemed like it took forever. Finally it let us off at my floor. We walked out and walked down the hallway and took a turn to the right. I accidentally bumped into someone and said "sorry sir." I said that before I looked at his face, it was Alex. I saw him looking at the floor frowning. I walked around him shutting my eyes and opening my eyes to unlock my door. "Thanks for dr

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