My Hatred for Love

Allison wished that she did not go to school with the One Direction for many reasons one was that she used to be best friend with Harry Styles that was before the fame, the second reason was that Harry has forgotten about their friendship and now he is her bully. What happens when Harry is her new roommate and she starts to develop feeling for him? What happens when they both find out that they both MUST get married?


3. The Worst Day of My Life

Alli's P.O.V.

I woke up late so I just threw on anything that I could find and once I got to school I realized that that was the worst mistake of my life. I had wore a short sleeve shirt without realizing that I had marks from my dad's weekly punishment. So I tried my best to stay away from Harry because I knew that he would make fun of me. I have the worst luck because every time I say something it back fires and the opposite ha[[ens instead. And at that same moment Harry had to walk around the corner. He had a smirk on his face but as he saw me that smirk dropped so fast, it was as if he had saw a ghost or something. Then he came over to me and did the unthinkable...

Harpy's P.O.V.

As I walked around that corner I was planning on bugging Allison about my little trip to her's yesterday. I remember that little prank I pulled on her was so funny but there was something wrong when her dad come home she was a whole new person she almost showed a sign of fear. I could tell that her dad was drinking but my mum was to into her conversation to know that he was drunk. When Allison went upstairs I wanted to follow her but something told me not to and that something was her father. When I reached Allison she was wearing a short sleeve shirt and as I looked clearer i saw that there were black and blue marks as if she has been beaten and the bruises had looked new so I knew it had something to do with her drunken father. I saw she was trying to cover them up as I was walking to her to make fun of her, but something told me it wasn't right and that she was hurt. As I got closer I started to take off my sweater to give it to her. She looked so shocked but I knew I was doing the right tutting. Whoa was I being nice to my enemy. She simply stated a " Thanks" before running off to her next class my friend looked at me as if i was weird because they knew I would never do anything like that but I had to. 

Alli's P.O.V.

I can't believe what he just did I just said "Thanks" and I ran off trying to put the sweater on so no one would notice in time. I was just so curious as to why Harry was being so nice to me. I hope he does not want anything in return because I will give him his sweater back. The day went by pretty fast and as I was walking out of school my phone when off I got a text:

You have to go to Harry's today- Dad


Because I said so and his mum wants you over to talk-Dad

What about?-Alli

I don't know, and I know you know where he live or I could text him to take you with him- Dad

No don't do that I will walk- Alli

To late I have already texted him and he said he would be happy to- Dad

Okay fine. Bye <3- Alli

Whatever- Dad

As I locked my phone I looked up to see Harry walking out of school and over  to me with a smirk on his face.

Here come Satan himself.  God help me.

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