A group of survivors try to survive the land of the living dead... going through hell and trying to save one another! People turning quickly what will happen?


3. The zombies themselves..


I could still hear them, i hear them scratching this cobbled narrow door, gashing and wiping blood with their bony hands onto the blinded door. The handle keeps twitching, as if they can get in! I hide carefully and quietly behind my desk, peeping through a hole looking at them with my devilish eyes, keeping an eye on them just in case they get in. Their eyes show terror hunger, and their noses smell the human brain, their mouths open and close, and their teeth hitting hard against their red raw lips. Their damp, cotton clothes sway through the torrent wind as they blow side to side. They wont give up until they get me! The bolt slowly un screws as they are smarter than i thought. Their scabbed hand rust on the door, sticking their skin on the glass pane. I heard banging footsteps behind me, i looked so so carefully behind me as i fear so much, terrified i shakily grab my axe and look fully behind.. its...

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