The Undead Society (On Hold)

Things on Nacutme Campus have a habit of never dying, at least not completely anyway. Abigail Grentin is the first outsider ever allowed to come onto the island .At first glance the island is a perfectly harmless place, but as the sun goes down the danger increases and Abigail is about to find that out the hard way. Abigail has always had an affinity for things that have died, she is able to see them and communicate with them keeping this a secret her whole life she doesn't understand how some people at the school know things about her she has never told anyone before. Deep within the school is a secret society that takes Abigail under her wing teaching her about all the things that go bump in the night and about what her affinity for the dead means for her.

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


2. Chapter two

Chapter two 
    Lucy, David, Carson and I were hanging out by the lake. We had handfuls of junk food and iced tea and were ready to spend the day in the sun. I was dressed in a light blue bikini with a grey sundress. The weather was in the eighties today and would come back down to the sixties by Monday. Stupid fall not being able to decide what weather to have. 
    “Abby!” Carson yelled throwing an M&M at me. 
    “What!” I screamed throwing some popcorn at him. 
    “I think I saw that guy over their, ya know the one in the woods.” he teased. 
    “haha very funny Carson.” I rolled my eyes and continued to eat my popcorn. “So tell me whose in what clique at this school.” 
    “Well you saw the poplars..” Lucy started. 
    “And the nerds are easy to pick out as well as the jocks..” 
    “That leaves us and the weirdoes.” Carson finished.  
    “Were the rejects, the ones that belong to no group at all, and then there are the weirdoes. They never come outside, at least not that we have seen anyway. there are five of them, once you see them you cant miss them. Their the only ones who look like they want to kill all of us.” Lucy added wile munching on some candy. 
    “well they sound like a lovely bunch.” I joked.  
    “Abigail!” someone yelled, looking behind me their stood Miranda in a bright pink bathing suit surrounded by her bitch squad.  
    “You shouldn’t be hanging with those freaks.” She said with her head cocked to the side her hand on her hip. Standing up I brushed the sand off of my legs. 
    “And maybe you shouldn’t call them freaks bitch.” I sneered.  
    “Remember what I told you Abigail? Living hell or paradise.” she said between clenched teeth and a fake smile.  
    “Ohh that’s a tough one, paradise would include being with you and your band of sluts, and hell would include being with some people who are more fun then you. So I would have to say, I pick hell.” I said with an eyebrow raised. Fuming with anger she turned on her pretty little heal and walked away. Sitting down with my friends I picked up a handful of popcorn. 
    “So where were we?” I questioned staring at my friends who looked like their heads were about to pop off. “hey guys you alright?” 
    “You stood up to her.” Carson stated. 
    “No one has ever done that.” Lucy added. 
    “Well its time she had an attitude check.” I huffed. At this point everyone on the beach was looking at me with mixed faces of fear and awe struck. I guess this girl really had a reputation at this school.  
    Around noon we were all sitting at our table with lunch in hand.  
    “I so don’t want class tomorrow.” Lucy wined. 
    “Who ever wants class?” I asked. 
    “No one.” David and Carson said. 
    “See I told ya so.” I said with a smile. A few moments later a guy walked up to our table, he had black hair and amber eyes. The same amber eyes I had seen last night in the woods. I didn’t imagine it! Score one for Abigail zero for crazy people.  
    “You didn’t show last night.” he said in an agitated voice. 
    “I have no idea what you are talking about, I don’t even know you.” I  growled out. 
    “You have no idea what you have just done Abigail.” he said walking away. 
    “Okay who the hell is that?” I said pointing my thumb behind me. 
    “That was Liam, AKA the most popular guy at this school.” Lucy spat out. 
    “Well I have no idea what has his panties in a twist because I have no idea who he is or what he’s talking about.” 
    “Maybe he had the wrong girl.” Carson offered. 
    “Oh he new her, he called her by name. Well everyone knows her name but still.” Lucy argued.  
    “ Well it doesn’t matter anyways because he seems like a jerk.” I said  ending the conversation. 
    A few hours later  the sun was starting to set and we were all wondering the woods. 
    “Should we head back before it gets dark?” Lucy complained. 
    “No.” we all answered. 
    “Well then.” she pouted crossing her arms. 
    “Oh don’t worry Luce we will protect you from the creatures.” David teased throwing an arm around her shoulder. She retaliated by sticking her tongue out at us.  
    “Real mature!” David yelled at her causing all of us to laugh. The night air was starting to get cold causing Goosebumps to appear on my bear arms. It was seven at night and the sun was finally gone the only light we had guiding the pathway was the moon and the far of light of the school. Shadows danced around the forest in a smooth motion. We had started to head back upon the request of Lucy. We were all quite at this point as if we all could since an looming darkness behind us. Finally we came into view of the school. 
    “Thank god were alive!” Lucy dramatically hugged me picking me off the groud. 
    “Yes we are alive Luce and now we get to get some sleep.” I said in a mocking baby voice. 
    “Nope I am going to the dinning hall to pick up some more tea. So I will pick you up at your room tomorrow. Okay?” 
    “Fine okay, bye.” I pouted causing her to laugh and walk away. 
    “ Well were gonna split to Abby..” 
    “and leave me all alone?”  
    “Yup, bye!” David and Carson said and started jogging back to their dorm. Well then, guess they don’t care if I get killed or something. 
    “I told you Abigail that not coming would come at a price.” said whisper. Turning around I was roughly grabbed by the arms and a bag was thrown over my head. 
    “Hey!! What the hell!” I yelled. Before I new it I was thrown over someone’s shoulder. I started thrashing around, kicking and punching whoever was carrying me. Then suddenly I couldn’t move, it was like my hands and feet were binned together. “Um Hey! Could you please tell me why I suddenly cant move? Damn I knew when the left me alone I was going to get kidnapped.” Chuckling the guy answered.  
    “If you had only come when we told you to.”     
    “What are you talking about? Are you talking about that stupid letter I got at two am? COME ON I THOUGHT IT WAS A PRANK!” I screamed causing the guy to laugh even harder.  
    “Oh my dear that was no prank at all, in fact this is all very serious what you have now gotten into. You avoided the call.” 
    “Oh what are you all gonna do? Put me in time out? Please.” I scoffed. 
    “No its nothing like that ghost girl.” I stiffened at the comment. “Oh don’t have a smart ass comment for that one do you?” no one could possibly know about the ghosts I thought. I haven’t told anyone but my parents and their dead now.  
    “Come on baby girl its time to get going.” my mom smiled taking my hand. My brother and my dad were already in the car. It was family day. 
    “Okay mommy.” I said holding onto my pigtail. Gently laughing she placed me in the car next to my younger brother. We were driving to the harbor one of our favorite places to go as a family. We were all singing to the radio when a truck slammed into the side of the car pushing our car into the ocean, the car started to fill with water, all I could hear was the cries of my brother and the struggles of my parents as we sunk deeper and deeper into the water. Unable to breath I blacked out. 
    I was blinded by a light. 
    “Clear.” said a far away voice, the voice echoed until it was right next to my ear. “We have a heartbeat.” the voice said with obvious relief. Looking over to the side of the room I saw my mom holding Adam and my dads arm around her waist.  
    “Mommy why aren’t you holding me to?” I cried out. The doctors all looked at one another with pain on their faces. They whispered to one another as if I couldn’t hear them. 
    “Should we tell her?” 
    “Lets wait till the aunt gets here, she should be the one to tell her that her family is dead.” dead, the word echoed like a gun shot and hurt like a stab to the heart. Dead. Dead. Dead. 
    “Dead.” I whispered with pain in my voice. 
    “Yes I know you see the dead.” 
    “But how?” 
    “You will see, were almost their.” 
    “Where are we going?” I asked as he placed me on the ground, taking of the bag I still couldn’t move, but I sure could see fine. My grey eyes met a familiar pair of amber ones. 
    “Liam” I questioned.  
    “Yes Abigail its me. Now lets go get you those answers you want so badly.” he said with a lopsided grin. I wanted answers but the question was, would I like the answers I got.


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