The Undead Society (On Hold)

Things on Nacutme Campus have a habit of never dying, at least not completely anyway. Abigail Grentin is the first outsider ever allowed to come onto the island .At first glance the island is a perfectly harmless place, but as the sun goes down the danger increases and Abigail is about to find that out the hard way. Abigail has always had an affinity for things that have died, she is able to see them and communicate with them keeping this a secret her whole life she doesn't understand how some people at the school know things about her she has never told anyone before. Deep within the school is a secret society that takes Abigail under her wing teaching her about all the things that go bump in the night and about what her affinity for the dead means for her.

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


1. Chapter One

Chapter one. 
    Looming over the horizon was a large storm cloud, dark and ominous looking. Staring off into the cloud as thunder cracked and lighting ran threw the sky. I was going to a new school I thought to myself. At me being seventeen my aunt thought it was time I spend some time away from home, that’s why I’m going to Nacutme Academy. Nacutme Academy was for gifted children, whatever that means, I got in so that must mean I was “gifted.” If gifted meant loosing your family at the age of nine then I defiantly was gifted. Laughing at my own joke I pulled my curly auburn hair into a bun.  When the large black car came to a stop I jumped out striating out my outfit. After a plain ride and a three hour car ride I was a crumpled mess. Looking up at the large gothic structure in front of me I couldn’t help but shudder at the coldness I felt from inside the walls of the building.  
    “Hello can I help you.” A tall graying woman with red glasses suddenly came into view, turning around with one of my world winning smiles I politely told her who I was. After hearing my name a girl around my age with long blonde hair and sparkling green eyes looped arms with me dragging me away. 
    “I can take care of her Ms. Debsy!” She yelled behind her. “Well I’m Miranda and I’m your student advisor, basically I show you around, tell you the rules blah blah blah.” 
    “Oh great.” I murmured sarcastically. Her eyes narrowed into a thin line shoving me into an empty hallway. 
    “Look here missy, your new and we haven’t had a new kid around here since freshmen year. So I can either make you life a living hell, or the best experience you have ever had, that all depends on how you treat me.” She finished with a plastered on fake smile.   
    “Duly notes.” I said with a fake smile of my own. 
    “Okay now, here are the rules, school starts at nine am and runs until three pm. We eat breakfast at eight am in the dining hall, lunch at noon and lights out at ten on weeknights midnight on weekends. Dinner is at six every night  and we go to classes depending on grade, were juniors so we go to classes with all juniors. there are only 40 of us so there are no secrets.” she said with a smirk. “Any questions?” She added.     
    “Nope.” I said popping the p.  
    “Great, now lets go get you your room key, all of your things have been delivered to your room, we do however have uniforms for the weekdays. On weekends we can wear whatever we want.” 
    “Okiee.” I said mindlessly. Sighing she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the office. 
    “Hello Mrs. Casey we are here for Abigail Grentin’s information.” She said with a smile. Great I thought, she’s the head bitch at this school. Those girls always hated me, I was more of a loner type anyway. The small plump woman disappeared behind a door quickly returning with a packet of information for me. 
    “Here you go dear, come and find me if you need anything.” Mrs. Casey said handing me the packet with kind eyes.  
    “Thank you.” I replied back. Walking out with Miranda I quickly realized that this school wasn’t any different from a normal high school.   
    “Girls dormitories are in the east wing, guys the west wing, the classrooms are in the north wing and the dining hall, game room, and all the fun things are in the south wing. The main wing is the office, infirmary and the computer lab.  Enjoy your stay at Nacutme Academy” She ended with a vindictive smile turning on her sparkly black heals she walked down the hall. Well she was so totally helpful I muttered.
     Finding a bench I laid the packet down on my lap hoping their was a map inside. Surly enough the last page of the packet contained a color coded map and a room key. Walking blindly threw the school for what seemed hours I saw a sign that said girls dormitory following the carefully laid out signs on the stone grey walls was easy, finding my room number was a little more complicated. Room 218 D.  Going up the flights of stairs until I got to the two hundreds I saw my room was the very last room in the wing. Well least I will never get fat I scoffed. Entering my key I swung open the large mahogany wood door. Inside was a plush tan couch with a tv plastered on the wall, a small kitchen area and a full bath. Their was a small study room along with my room. The room was decorated in shades of reds and browns creating a very vivid dark atmosphere. The bed was a conferrable full bed with a velvet red and black comforter. The window was lined with a sheer gold Curtin and a black shade that hid the sun behind its darkness. My room had a view of the forest that lined the island and the far off ocean. The smell of sea salt and roses clung to the room like a leach. The smell was pleasant but gave me an uneasy feeling. My bathroom was stoked with every hair care product a girl could need, along with makeup and other necessities. My closet was lined with my old clothes as well as the uniforms and a whole bunch of new clothes the school has bought.  
    The uniform was a pleated red skirt that came mid thigh, a black blazer with a black tie and the schools crest. Their was also the option of the black skirt and the red blazer, the gold dress that was a cuffed sleeve with the schools crest. Their was also pants and polo shirts along with a few shorts and tank tops. The outfits were not ugly but not exactly cute either. But the other clothes they bought were a far cry from ugly. Their was an assortment of designer dresses, pants, shirts, skirts shoes you name it. My closet was a walk in closet covered with everything a girl could wear. I could get used to it here I thought. Walking into the kitchen I saw that the fridge and cabinets were stocked with food, plates and utensils. On the far wall over the table was a calendar that marked all special events the school held. Clocks hug on the walls next to paintings as well as hooks for my coats and book bags.  
    Deciding I had enough time before dinner to shower and change I walked into the bathroom. 
    Fifteen minutes later I was showered and dressed in a black blouse, skinny jeans and healed boots. My grey eyes were lined in black eyeliner and my curly hair was left long and wild. Approving my appearance I grabbed my room key my map and out the door I went.  
    Finding the dinning hall was easy, I just fallowed the crowed of people. It was a Saturday night and everyone was dressed down. Walking into the dining hall It resembled a room that looked like a ball room. With black and white marble floors, red walls and chandlers I felt out of place in such a big room. Walking to the far wall I grabbed a plate, picking and choosing what I wanted I walked over to a table alone with my food. A few moments later I was joined by three people. The girl had long red hair and blue eyes. The two boys looked to be twins with matching blonde hair and dark brown eyes. 
    “Hey!” The girl practically screamed. “I’m Lucy and that’s David and Carson.” She said with a smile. 
    “Hey I’m-” 
    “Oh we know you who are. Its not to often we get new students.” Lucy admitted. 
    “Oh alright.” I said lamely. “ So um, how’s the school?” I asked. 
    “The classes are hard, we get no homework thou. The kids are bitchy.” She said pointing a finger in Miranda’s direction. Almost spitting out my food from laughing so hard I forced myself to swallow and take a breath. 
    “Oh I met her already, she’s something alright.” 
    “See I told you she wouldn’t be one of those bitches!” She exclaimed to the two boys. 
    “Well sorry, she just looks like she would be one of them ya know!” David argued back. Lucy and Carson both eyed me up and down before deciding. “Yeah she does look like she would be one of them.” they said simultaneously. 
    “Pft well then. I don’t know what that means but I take offence to it.” I said mockingly hurt. 
    “Its not necessarily bad, it just means that you look close to perfect and all of the almost perfect looking people are part of the bitch pack.” David clarified. 
    “Well I can assure you I am far from perfect.” I said with a genuine smile. The rest of dinner was filled with small talk and jokes. Look’s like I found my group of friends.  
    At the end of dinner Lucy had offered to show me around campus, gladly accepting her offer she shooed the two boys away and we walked out the door. Wondering around the campus grounds the sky was littered with fireflies. Lucy had showed me around the school and had showed me where all of the fun places were. That included the lake, the clubhouse I the woods and everything else Miranda neglected to tell me. 
    “So what do you think so far?” 
    “well, so far it seems like a sweet place, something seems off thou.” I admitted. 
    “Yeah everyone says that. People say its because of the curse.” 
    “What curse?” 
    “Ready for a story?” she asked eyes. 
    “Sure!” I exclaimed interested in learning more about the curse.
    “Okay,” She started, “ so a long time ago the island was inhabited by non human creatures. Now these creatures could not die, and because of that anyone who moved onto the land could not die either. You see these creatures needed people who wouldn’t die to feed off of. They would feed of a humans life energy, like an aura. After the human was completely drained of their life energy they became one of the creatures too. After a wile these humans who started to come in were gifted with abilities that these creatures had never seen before, and because of that these people took longer to drain but once drained they became like them but with one catch. They didn’t have to feed and they kept their abilities.  Its said after a wile the humans got so angry with these creatures that they found a way to kill them all, but some people say that a few of the creatures still inhabit the school and the land around it.” She finished with a dramatic spooky voice. 
    “So the students could be these creatures?” I asked. 
    “If the story is true then yes, that would also mean anyone who has an abnormal gift will be more apt to die to. But the story isn’t true, its probably something the teachers started to keep us out of the woods.” She laughed. Out of the corer of my eye I saw a dark shadow move.
    “Did you see that?” 
    “See what?”  
    “That shadow!” I whispered harshly. 
    “ Abby their was no shadow.” sighing I looked back to the woods and saw a guy, with black hair and glowing amber eyes looking back at me. 
    “No look! Theirs a guy!” I said moving her in the direction of the guy but when she turned around he was gone. 
    “Theirs no one their Abigail.” she laughed. “No more scary stories for you.” she mocked walking back to the dorms.  
    A few hours later I was dressed and laying in bed unable to sleep. Glancing at the clock it seamed to be going by so slow. It was only two am. Sighing I closed my eyes, suddenly I heard a shuffling sound before I saw something slide under my door. Jumping out of bed I threw open my door but their was no sign of anyone nor could I hear anyone walking down the stairs. Looking to the floor was a folded up note with a symbol etched into the paper. Opening the cold paper inside was a note written in red ink. 
You have been chosen to become a member of the Undead Society, meet us at three am at the edge of the woods. Attendance is not optional, it is mandatory. If you fail to arrive then you will be forcefully brought.  
    Laughing out loud at the letter I was convinced this had to be some joke, maybe some hazing thing the school did to new students. Well I was not falling for it. Locking my door I walked back over to my bed, clutching my pillow I fell asleep hearing a faint humming sound and smelling the ocean and fresh picked roses. 


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