tomorrow is good

Sofy is just after starting first year and is finding it kind of hard. Her parents died when she was nine and Sofy's cousin Emily is the only person left in her family that she know of and is just about to start a new job as an executive in a major fashion company and doesn't have enough time to do all the things she used to do with Sofy. Sofy wanted to make friends in primary school but she didnt know how to. will she be able to make friends and get through secondry school?


3. the new boy

when i walked into school on monday i saw a new boy standing at the door. he looked really nice. my friends gave me a new found courage and i actually went up and talked to him. if sandra hadnt introduced herself to me last week than i wouldnt even have thought about talking to a new girl never mind a boy.

'hey' i said kinda nervously. 'is this your first day.' 'ya' he replied. 'so whats your name?' 'Jack and yours?' 'im sofy.' and it sorta took off from there. he was put in my class and i introduced him to sandra, rain, peter, david, lorna, fran and josh. they all seemed to like each other but i think i like him most. hes cute and funny and i really like him.


jack asked me out. i said yes of course. i cant wait. we're going out tonight. he won't tell me where we're going and apparently its some big surprise. oh i cant wait

we went to the most expensive(french) restaurant in town. he must have spent a lot of money because i didnt read the menu cuz i forgot my glasses and cudnt read it so jack read it to me. he never mentioned any prices and i didnt think he paid. i asked him did he pay when we were having an after dinner walk and he told me that his parents owned the place so it was ok.


i went to sandras house on saturday(the day after the date). 'ohmigod it was so much fun. we went to the dinner at his parents restaurant and then we went for a walk along the beach and then he walked me back home,' i tell her. 'did anything else happen?' she asked. 'well maybe...' 'oh i see.'

we had a great day just me and sandra, we never hung out just the two of us before. i think i like her better than all the other girls.

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