tomorrow is good

Sofy is just after starting first year and is finding it kind of hard. Her parents died when she was nine and Sofy's cousin Emily is the only person left in her family that she know of and is just about to start a new job as an executive in a major fashion company and doesn't have enough time to do all the things she used to do with Sofy. Sofy wanted to make friends in primary school but she didnt know how to. will she be able to make friends and get through secondry school?


1. My first day

I was so worried walking into school that day. i didnt know what to expect. i thought it would be nothing like primary but actually it was exactly like primary. same mean girls, same ugly boys and no one talking to me. i tried talking to people but they just walked away from me. i used to have one friend her name was safron but she moved to london when we were six. we lost contact years ago. i wish we hadnt. we had so much fun while we were friends. my cousin is the nicest person to me she stuck by me when my parents died two years ago. she stuck by me when the whole fostering started to take place. she was fostered too but she knew that i was her cousin before she was put up for fostering. her parents left her and took off for spain for a new life. it took years for em to get fostered. it was even longer for her because the days went by so slowly. i remember going to see her in the temporary foster placement and she was crying. she tried to cover it up but she was never good at lying.                                                                                                  

there was people from my primary school in my class they talked to me but they thought they were meeting someone new, they didnt remember me, i didnt expect them to. my class tutor was one of moms old friends. at least she remembered me. her and mom were great friends all their lives. her name is amber but during school i have to call her ms. garty. i know its a stupid name. we met our teachers and watched movies all day. 

at break, a strange girl came up to me. 'hi my name is sandra, whats yours', she asked. she seemed pretty nice. 'um, hi, i'm sofy'.

sandra introduced me to her friends. they were all really nice to me. there was six of them, not including sandra, rain, peter, david, lorna, fran, and josh.

i was so happy walking home that day because i wasnt walking home alone. i was walking home with seven amazing friends. 





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