tomorrow is good

Sofy is just after starting first year and is finding it kind of hard. Her parents died when she was nine and Sofy's cousin Emily is the only person left in her family that she know of and is just about to start a new job as an executive in a major fashion company and doesn't have enough time to do all the things she used to do with Sofy. Sofy wanted to make friends in primary school but she didnt know how to. will she be able to make friends and get through secondry school?


2. friends at last

at last i have friends. ive spent so long without them that i cant stop txting them and they dont stop txting bak either. i like having friends that are boys aswell. whenever there is a match on the nite before they would be arguing over why one team won it was soooo obvious that the other should have(they like different teams). Sandra is probably my best friend. well their all my best friends, but it was sandra that introduced me to them. rain is really nice too(not that her name would suggest so cuz we get so much rain here and everyone is so sick of it). lorna, what can i say about lorna, she is so funny she doesnt make that many jokes but its just how she says stuff and if you fall(while skipping backwards) she laughs at you but then she stops and helps you up. fran is very serious but also the one who is most flirty with the boys. i dunno how many boys shes shifted. like every disco we're at shes shifting all the lads. peter is very quite to people he doesnt know. it took him about three weeks to get used to me. david is really sporty like really really sporty. he takes sports sooooo seriously. he gets really angry after a match if man u doesnt win. you dont want to be near him for a few hours after a match. josh is sooo hot. he takes sport seriously but not as seriously as david. josh would be the one you would go to for a chat. he's so easy to talk to. he listens, so does sandra and rain and lorna and fran and peter and david but none of them listen like josh.


josh, david and peter are in a band and me and the girls always go to their band rehersals. lorna is like their manager(her and peter have been going out since the end of summer but they insist it's not serious and they aren't boyfriend and girlfriend). she makes sure that they are all at the rehersals and tries to organise gigs but no one wants to have a teenage band play for them but they did play at the last disco in town and people seemed to like them so hopfuly gig opportunities will come up. lorna says that they need a female singer but the boys say no the want this to be a boy band not a mixed band cuz they getnowhere in the music buisness. the boys take the band just as seriously as  sports even david. they really want this band to be a success and im their biggest fan but i do agree with lorna they do need a female singer in the band. emily keeps and saying that im the best singer she ever met and i should show off in front of the lads make them want to put me in the band. but i dont like singing in publicso i wouldnt be the best for the job.




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