New Beginnings & Nutty Buddies

Everybody is New York and things are going great Abby can finally talk and crawl Austin and Ally try to write a new song Dez, Adam, and Trish open a shop called Nutty Buddies


3. Songs & Singing

*goes to the new practice room* 

Ally: how about this 


it's a new beginnin' and I'm loving the fellin' 

Austin: that's awesome! What about this 


you start out young but you grow into it don't Fret just go the flow ya know ya know 

Ally: we have song! 

Austin: woo! Um Ally can I ask you something 

Ally: Austin your not a bad daddy 

Austin: not that when are you making dinner?

Ally: complain much 

Austin: c'mon I'll help you

*they leave*


Abby: where's daddy? 

Ally: uh well he went away for awhile he'll come back 

Abby: me miss him 

Ally: me too 

*Ally picks Abby up*

Ally: you can stay with mommy tonight 


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