New Beginnings & Nutty Buddies

Everybody is New York and things are going great Abby can finally talk and crawl Austin and Ally try to write a new song Dez, Adam, and Trish open a shop called Nutty Buddies


2. Open Stores & Pickles Galore

Goes to Nutty Buddies 

Dez: I'm so glad my store is finally open 

Trish & Adam: our store!

Dez: store hogs! 

*Dez walks off*

Adam: well Trish open her up 

Trish: okay 

*Trish opens the doors*

Trish: really!? 

Adam: what!

*Austin, Ally, and Abby walk in* 

Trish: they're the only people that came 

Austin: we came to show our support 

Adam: thanks Ally, bad daddy 

Ally: Adam! It makes Austin freak out when you say that!

Adam: why do you think I say it 

*Dez walks up* 

Dez: Ally we have a pickle section over here 

Ally: out of my way! 

*Ally runs off* 

Adam: save some for me!

*Adam runs off*

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