New Beginnings & Nutty Buddies

Everybody is New York and things are going great Abby can finally talk and crawl Austin and Ally try to write a new song Dez, Adam, and Trish open a shop called Nutty Buddies


1. Houses & Hi Fives

Goes to Austin and Ally's living room 

Austin: Ally!

Ally: I'm right here Austin and what?

Austin: the baby threw up 

Ally: well she's your baby so clean it up yourself I have to work 

Austin: she's your baby too and see ya later love you 

Ally: bye love you too 

*Ally leaves* 

Austin: I know how to take care of this 


Adam: really ya can't clean up and little throw up 

*Adam cleans it up* 

*Adam picks Abby up* 

Adam: Austin's a bad daddy isn't he

Abby: bad daddy!

Austin: I'm not a bad daddy!

Adam: hello stupid you just yelled at your year old daughter you a bad daddy 


Austin: Ally do you think I'm a bad dad 

Ally: well.... 

Austin: Ally!

Ally: I'm kidding 


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