Still the One

Charlotte was like any other girl going to school, however she was classed as a 'nerd' which meant she wasn't exactly the most confident girl and she's only ever had one friend, Eleanor. She's perfectly content with just her one good friend and not being noticed in school until she gets to to know Harry Styles. Harry Styles - The Popular boy in school. Will Charlotte and Harry feel a connection between them when forced to do a project together?


1. "You're not getting out of this Harry"

Charlotte's P.O.V

"First day as Yr11's great. Now settle down class, your all getting a new seating arrangement as you cannot work in your old one," My history teacher drowned on, I really couldn't care less about what he was saying. I was more interested in going to my art class, where I'd get to see my best friend Eleanor next period, a whole hour away. Great. 

"Here will be sitting Charlotte Stanley and Harry Styles," My history teacher said pointing to the 2 empty seats at the back of the classroom. 'Great Mr popular, he'll just sit there flirting with Becky or any of the other tarts' I thought to myself as I walked towards the back of the classroom. I dumped my bag onto my desk, taking out my required books, then placing them onto my desk. Harry was already sat down, writing something down on a piece of paper that looked like it had been torn out of a workbook. 'He's probably writing something down about a party The Populars will be having soon, no doubt' I thought to myself as I took my doodle book out of my bag. My doodle book is usually the only thing I write in during History. I can't listen to Mr Jones for the next hour and not do anything. I took out my best sketching pencil and began to draw, I decided to draw a woman, looking out onto a dark lake. 

"Hey, nerd do you have a pen I can borrow?" Harry said already looking through my pencil case. I took it back off of him and replied.

"Sure," I said handing him a black fountain pen, the one my dad got from his trip to Duabi. That was probably one of the first times I'd ever spoken to Harry, he's always to busy with 'The Populars' making fun of everyone else, like me. Me and Eleanor normally avoid the populars as last time we walked past them they threw a strawberry milkshake at us. It wasn't a good look for us, I must say. Harry, Kyle and James, The Populars. Constantly being followed by the school tarts, whenever me and Eleanor see them all we can do is laugh. I mean the thick 2cm layer of fake tan smothering their faces, what's not to laugh at? 

"Right class, you'll be working on this assignment about The Tudors over the next few weeks and no you won't be choosing who your working with, it'll be whoever you are sat next to," Mr Jones said blankly. Great. Not looking forward to this I thought to myself. Me and Harry working together, Mr popular with the 'Unsocial Nerd'. Truth is there is nobody other than Eleanor that I want to talk to. Literally everybody is either extremely full of themselves, horrible or a tart. I swear me and Eleanor are the only normal people in our year.

"You can do it all and I'll just sign my name," Harry said throwing the pen back towards my desk, but ending up hitting the floor. 

"Erm no," I said sternly "We're both doing this, you're not getting out of this Harry," I said raising my eye brows. 

"I've got more important things to do than you," Harry replied flipping his curly locks. More important things? Like what? Staring at himself in the mirror for 5 hours? 

"Like what?" I said looking Harry in the eyes sternly, 'He's not going to get out of this some way' I thought to myself.

He looked shocked that I'd dared to say something like that to him, he was acting as if he was the Queen. 

"I've got parties to go to, people to see, things to do. What have you got to do other than talk to your one friend?" Harry said with a smug look on his face, as if he thought that really offended me.

"Parties on a Wednesday night? Yeah of course. Harry you aren't getting out of this, I don't care how important you think you are, we're both doing it. And for your information I do have other things to do in my free time as well Harry, you aren't the only person with a social life you know?" I replied to his shocked face, I did feel kind of bad straight after about what I had said but I guess I was just angry about what he did to me and Eleanor involving the milkshake. Such bad memories. 

"Time to pack away class," Mr Jones said, expressionless.

"Fine, can we go to yours after school then and start this nightmare off? I can't have my family thinking my social standings have dropped," He said back to me putting his books into his bag, probably feeling overwhelmed by what he had just said. 

"Ok, whatever, be there around 4:30," I said taking a piece of paper out of my notebook and writing my address down onto it. I grabbed my books and shoved them into my red and black rucksack. 

"Fine, but nobody must know I'm even talking to you," Harry said as his friends began walking towards him from the front of the classroom.

"Fine whatever, don't be late or do you have a party at 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon? Didn't think so," I said sarcasticly to Harry. Before walking off to my next lesson, art. I glanced back to Harry before leaving the classroom, his face looked utterly shocked by my remarks. Now I had an hour of art to enjoy, 'peace at last' I thought to myself as I headed into the art department, away from Harry.

Harry's P.O.V

"Here will be sitting Charlotte Stanley and Harry Styles," I heard Mr Jones say, 'great just what I need' I thought to myself. Me, Kyle and James were going to plan a party at Kyle's this lesson, just great. I'd never even spoken to Charlotte before. I don't even know anything about her. All I know is that her name is Charlotte Stanley, she has like 1 friend; Eleanor and that Charlotte also has deep brown eyes. I've been in the same year as her since Yr7 and it's already Yr11 and that's all I know about her, wow. Oh well 'she's just a nerd' I thought to myself. Although I was kinda' glad to get away from all the stupid tarts who practically stalk me, but I wasn't exactly happy about sitting next to a nerd. I took my books out of my bag and sat down, dreading the hour ahead.

"The Tudor Monarch; Eliz...." Mr Jones screeched on, I couldn't sit for an entire hour just listening to him talk about The Tudors. I remembered that I put my song book in my bag, great a perfect quiet environment with no distractions. At least now I'd be able to finish off the song 'Little Things' I began writing a couple nights ago. I got my bag and began scavenging around for my pencil case, not in there. I was using it last night to attempt to draw a figure, as I've now decided to take art as I want to improve my art skills. I couldn't just sit and listen to Mr Jones go on for the next hour and all of my friends were either taking different classes or were too far way for me to talk to them, so I decided to ask Charlotte.

"Hey ,nerd do you have a pen I can borrow?" I asked her as I took her pencil case off her desk and began rummaging through it. Within a matter of seconds she took it off me.

"Sure," she said handing me a black fountain pen. As she handed me then pen I studied her face for the first time, 'well ever' I think. I'd never noticed the freckles on her cheeks, her long eyelashes that looked completely natural, unlike all the other tarts in the class. I quickly turned my head to my song book after I realised I must've been staring directly at her for about 7 seconds. I began trying to finish the song I'd started, but I kept going wrong. My head just wasn't in the right place at the moment, no thoughts of emotion were coming into my head. I just couldn't get my head into the mode it needed to be in. I was sat burying my head in thoughts of different song lyrics when I heard Mr Jones make an announcement loudly.

"Right class, you'll be working on this assignment about The Tudors over the next few weeks, and no you won't be choosing who your working with, it'll be whoever you are sat next to." He said blankly. 'Great,more distractions' I thought to myself. I decided after his announcement that I couldn't carry on attempting to write songs, so I just put my song book away.

"You can do it all and I'll just sign my name," I said throwing the pen back towards her desk.

"Erm no," she said sternly. "We're both doing this, your not getting out of this Harry," she said looking at me directly.

"I've got more important things to do than you," I replied turning my back to her. I could tell I was annoying her, but after the 5 minute discussion. I didn't get out of the assignment, sadly. So now I've got to spend my evenings writing about The Tudors with a nerd, fabulous. Everyone else in the class had left, there was only Me, Kyle, James and the tarts who constantly follow me left. 

"Right well time to go die in English guys," James said beginning to walk out the classroom.

"Yeah c'mon, Harry I'll walk with you," I heard one of the tarts, Becky, shout from behind me.

"I'm taking art now instead," I said taking my bag off my desk. There faces all dropped, I didn't expect such a big reaction from that.

"Why are you taking art Hazza?" Becky asked me walking towards me, her face caked in make-up almost blinding me. 

"Yeah Harry if you said, Me and Becky could've started it too," Another one said from behind Kyle. They really thought I was gonna tell them tarts, 'I'm taking this class to get away from them, not to spend more time with them' I thought to myself. 

"Yeah, well sorry, I have to go," I said walking out of the classroom. I didn't expect that much of a reaction just from that. I actually felt nervous walking to art, having never been up there before. 

"Styles, next to Stanley, Charlotte Stanley" He said pointing to the empty seat next to Charlotte. I saw her jaw drop as I entered, I don't think she was expecting me to show up and get sat next to her, although I was actually kind of happy I got put next to her, what am I saying she's just a nerd...

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