Still the One

Charlotte was like any other girl going to school, however she was classed as a 'nerd' which meant she wasn't exactly the most confident girl and she's only ever had one friend, Eleanor. She's perfectly content with just her one good friend and not being noticed in school until she gets to to know Harry Styles. Harry Styles - The Popular boy in school. Will Charlotte and Harry feel a connection between them when forced to do a project together?


2. "She said something kinda harsh..."

Charlotte's P.O.V

"Styles, next to Stanley, Charlotte Stanley," I heard my art teacher say. What was he doing here? He didn't take art? This was the only lesson I had where I could get away from 'The Populars' and now the one of them was here and was sat next to me. Oh the joy. 
"I thought art was for nerds and emos?" I said to Harry raising your eyebrows, that's all him and his friends ever say about anyone who takes art.
"Well, I wanted to make a change," Harry said taking out his planner from his Ramone's bag. I have to admit, I do like his bag, only because it's The Ramone's. One of my all time favourite bands. 
"Whatever," I said turning my back to him. I decided to go get some black ink and a thin paint brush, so I could create a bigger, more detailed picture of a woman looking out onto a lake, in a forest. I took a thin paint brush from the front of the classroom and I got some black ink from the box in the art supplies cupboard. As I walked back to my seat I could see Harry sat staring at his blank page. 
"Struggling for ideas?" I said to Harry as I took my pencil out of my pencil case and began to lightly sketch the lake scene into my book.
"Yeah, I don't know what to paint," Harry said still staring at his book. 
"I thought The Popular gang had everything sorted, knew everything, never got stuck at anything," I said sarcastically to Harry as I took my paint brush, dipped it in the black ink and began painting. 
"Ugh, don't remind me of that lot," Harry said with a serious tone in his voice. I was slightly confused at what he'd just said. I thought all the populars were best friends, never got mad at one another. I thought that Harry was in love with them, he's always being followed around by everyone. I thought he loved all the attention. 
"Trouble in paradise?" I asked him as I continued painting my picture, I'd almost finished painting the woman in the picture, I painted a side-on view of her looking out onto the lake. It was quite an emotional picture, it represented a lot of my feelings. That's one of the reasons I love art, it gives me a way to express my emotion through what I paint. 

"What's it to you? Now stop talking to me, your just a nerd," Harry replied sternly. I have to admit I was kinda surprised by what he'd just said. Had I said something to upset him? I thought we were getting along okay, but obviously things had to come back to reality. Mr Popular couldn't be seen talking to a nerd like me. I was beginning to kind of like him,as a friend as well. But no, that's the problem with The Populars, they think they are royalty, that if anyone who could be classed as a nerd, unpopular or an emo is seen near them, it is automatically social suicide. I swear he thinks he's a celebrity sometimes, thinking everyone is in love with him, well no, everyone in The Popular gang is, just not everyone else they offend all the time, like me. I decided to go and talk to Eleanor for a bit as I hadn't spoken to her for a while. 
"Heya El," I said walking over to her. She popped her head up as she heard me call her. Her long blonde hair shone in the light as she looked over to me, her chocolate brown eyes glimmering in the light as she watched me walk over. She put down her paint brush and began talking.
"How are ya?" She said to me as I grabbed a stool and pulled it up next to her. 
"Alright, not too fond of my new seat," I replied I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Really? Seemed like you two were getting along alright, considering he's Mr Popular and all," She said raising her eyebrows, she had a smirk right across her face, she suspected something was up I assume.
"The truth is nothing happened! He's too full of himself to talk to anyone else," I said moving a strand of my short blonde hair out of my face. Nothing was ever going to happen, I don't want anything to happen. He's too in love with himself to even talk to me. I've got more important things to do with my life than talk to Mr Popular. 
"Yeah of course, anyways' wanna come round mine tonight, I'm doing nothing and I need somebody to keep me company,my brother's away on a school trip so I've got nobody to torment, care to join me?" She asked putting on her best, fake, posh accent. I couldn't help but laugh. Her accent was completely terrible.
"Wish I could but I can't, me and Harry have to do a history project together. Not good at all. I know, I assume I'll end up doing all the work whilst he's texting the populars probably arranging a party or something stupid like that. He's not got time to be hanging around with an unsociable nerd, has he? Mr popular has to be with the 'Popular gang'" I said, the only problem was I didn't realise the whole class had gone completely quiet whilst I'd said that, enabling everyone to hear my miniature rant about Harry. My face turned bright red with embarrassment. I could tell everyone was staring at me, other than Eleanor. She was laughing her head off, she tried to cover it up, but I could tell she was finding the situation, utterly hilarious! 
"Ummm, yeah so that was a section of the story I read last night..." I said attempting to cover up what I had just said. I couldn't bare to turn around, I was too worried to see if Harry was looking, probably planning to get all of his friends on me. I nudged Eleanor and whispered to her to see if Harry was looking our way. 
"No he's not, it looks like he's sketching something, I'm sure he's fine, I'm not sure if he heard what you said though, you might wanna go find out," Eleanor said nudging me. She was right I had to go find out if he heard what I'd said...

Harry's P.O.V.


I instantly felt out of place, everyone in here seemed so different from everyone else in the year that I'm usually with. Nobody seemed to care that I had just walked through the door. Usually I'd have Kyle, James and Becky all calling my name, but here, nobody was bothered by my entrance, they didn't seem to care. It was a weird feeling, I felt unpopular here, I felt out of place, but what more can I do? I guess I'll just have to man up. As I introduced myself to the art teacher, Mr Lite he told me to sit next to Charlotte... And I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, considering the conversation we'd just had in History. We spoke a little about me joining art, nothing much. Luckily she didn't bring up history, not yet.
I sat and stared at my art book for what seemed like forever, I had no thoughts coming to my mind on what to draw, I had no inspirations, no nothing to help get me started. Charlotte was just sat there painting elegantly, she was really concentrating on her piece, she was actually making progress with her work. Unlike me... We spoke a little but not much. Soon she went off and started talking to her friend. I didn't really speak to anyone to be honest. I didn't really fit in with anyone up here. Everyone up here was in their own gangs. My gang, well was in a totally different building.  I guess taking art wasn't the best idea. I felt so awkward here, so out of place compared to everyone else. I began to sketch on my page, I thought I'd attempt to draw an eye, they can't be that hard to draw? Can they? Obviously I thought wrong. They are so hard to draw! I sat sketching when the class went silent, probably all concentrating hard on their work. But I could hear Eleanor and Charlotte talking, I sat sketching but listening at the same time, I could hear everything they were saying really, they weren't exactly talking quietly for two nerds. Until I heard her say something a bit kind of well, harsh. 
"Wish I could but I can't, me and Harry have to do a history project together. Not good at all. I know, I assume I'll end up doing all the work whilst he's texting the populars probably arranging a party or something stupid like that. He's not got time to be hanging around with an unsociable nerd, has he? Mr popular has to be with the 'Popular gang,"
She said loudly. I don't know if she meant to say that as loud as she did, but sure enough the whole class heard, great. I could see the class turning their heads, some looking at me, some looking at Charlotte. I didn't know what to do, if my gang was with me, we probably would've scared them all off, but they weren't with me here. I had to fend for myself. I decided to just continue sketching, I didn't know whether to look up at her or anything. I was kinda offended by what she'd said really, is that what everyone in here thought of me as? Mr popular, nothing more than that. I felt kind of hurt by her remark really, but then again I guess I kinda deserved it, I wasn't exactly nice to her earlier on. I didn't know what to do. 'Should I go talk to her?' I thought. And we were supposed to be meeting up to start our history project later. Just great. I decided to continue painting when she came over. 
"Hey Harry," She said softly. I guess she must know that I heard, but then again she is just a nerd, nothing to me I guess.
"Hi," I replied stubbornly. I wasn't exactly in the mood to talk to anyone. 
"Guess you heard what I said, huh?" She asked as she pulled her chair out and sat down back into her original seat. I could tell she felt bad through her tone of voice, it sounded more soft than before. Obviously the guilt had struck. 
"Yep," I replied sternly. I didn't want to look her in the eye, it would just make me feel bad for calling her a nerd and telling her not to talk to me. Wait a minute what was I saying? I'm Harry Styles, the most popular boy in the school, I wasn't going to be made feel bad by a unsociable nerd. 
"I'm sorry," She replied putting down her paint brush. I could tell she was looking at me. I could tell she was waiting for me to lift up my head so she could look me in the eye. 
"I guess I'm just worried about not getting this project done, I mean it's gonna take a lot of work and I don't want to have to do all of it by myself," She continued. I lifted up my head to see her looking at me. I could see all the emotion in her eye, it was obvious she didn't feel too great about what she'd said. 
"I will help, just let me carry on drawing," I told her as I turned my head back to my art work that wasn't going too well. I could see she was trying to apologise but to be fair I wasn't really too interested. I mean all she is, is an unsociable nerd. I didn't feel particularly great about what I'd just said though. I mean, she was trying to apologise and I basically just rejected it. 
'DING DING' The bell rang. End of lesson. I packed up my equipment, packed my bag and was about to leave the classroom when I felt Charlotte grab my arm. 
"Don't forget about tonight," She said looking me into my eyes. Wow. I never realised that she had such beautiful eyes. Such a rich grey, her gold her made them stand out perfectly. What was I saying, I had my gang to go see. Not be stood her admiring a nerds eyes. 
"Fine, see you then," I said walking out of the classroom. To be fair I was felt kinda nervous about tonight, I was kinda excited to see her again. What am I saying? I've got better things to do than sit working on projects with nerds...

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