Still the One

Charlotte was like any other girl going to school, however she was classed as a 'nerd' which meant she wasn't exactly the most confident girl and she's only ever had one friend, Eleanor. She's perfectly content with just her one good friend and not being noticed in school until she gets to to know Harry Styles. Harry Styles - The Popular boy in school. Will Charlotte and Harry feel a connection between them when forced to do a project together?


3. "Did we really just kiss?"

Charlotte's P.O.V

Finally the end of a very long school day. Only a 10 minute walk then I'd be home, yay! Ugh, I couldn't wait to get home and go snuggle up in my bed and watch TV for the rest of the night. Ah Perfect. As I was walking home I was planning what films I could watch tonight, then I heard voices behind me. I turned my head around to see 'The Populars' walking about 30 feet back. Great. I totally forgot about Harry coming over tonight to come and do the project with me. Just what I needed. Oh well, at least my parents wouldn't be home tonight, they've gone to a fashion show in Wales. Oh well, fashion shows? Boring. That's the problem with my Mum being a Fashion Designer, high up in Gucci, they're always away. But that didn't really bother me, it was normally just me, my Nan and Archie (My Dog) whenever they left. It's always a lot easier having Eleanor and a few of my really old friends from Primary School (who don't come over any more) over when my parents are away. I also don't like to talk about my life,my family's fortune to anyone. I fear that if I tell anyone about my real lifestyle everyone will treat me different, I'll get people trying to pretend to be my friend. I just don't want that. The only person in my school that knows how I really live is Eleanor and I know she isn't just my friend because of my lifestyle, she was my friend way before any of all this fortune. So at least when my parents are away I can just say that it's my Nan's house we're in or something like that and that it's not ours, as well I don't want people to think that I live in a 10 bedroomed house, with 9 bathrooms and a 9 acre plot of land with it. As well as my 3 other houses located in Scotland, Paris and Florida. As I walked through the door the scent of blueberries hit me right in the face like a door. Mmm. Obviously my Nan was baking her famous blueberry pie. 
"Nan, I'm home!" I shouted as I walked through the hallway into the kitchen. I saw the blueberry pie just sat all by itself on the kitchen counter unguarded. Mmm, it smelt so good. 
"Maybe just one tiny piece," I said to myself walking towards the pie. I was about to grab a bit of the pie when I heard my Nan coming into the kitchen. 
'Dang! Too late,' I thought myself as she walked into the kitchen and came over and hugged me tight. 

"I see you've been baking," I said to my Nan attempting to act all sweet and innocent, in hope that she'd give me a piece of the delicious pie. 
"None now sweetie,it'll ruin your tea," My Nan said taking the pie and putting it into the fridge, just great. I really fancied some aswell. 
"Nan, I've got a history project to do so my... umm... friend will be here soon, so I'll get the door if it rings," I said to my Nan as I walked out of the kitchen and began to walk to my room. As I opened the door I completely forgot about how messy I left it. 
"Great and Harry will be here in what? 15 minutes," I said checking my phones clock. Great. 15 minutes to clean my room, get changed, get all my history resources ready and think of an excuse of why I was living in such a big house. Great. I quickly ran round my room picking up everything I could carry and shoved it into my walk-in wardrobe. 'There was no point in tidying it up properly now, Harry would be round in 10 minutes' I thought to myself! I quickly grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and the first top I could see as I ran into my bathroom. I quickly got changed into the clothes I'd brought into the bathroom and I did a messy bun on the top of my head quickly as I paced back into my bedroom. I went over to my school studies cupboard and pulled out my history box. Yay, a box full of history. Fun. My history cupboard was like a walk-in wardrobe, just for school work. It was horrid in there. So boring. I covered the door in posters so I don't have to remind myself about the terror of school every time I look at the door. I went over to my desk in my room. It was meant to be used to do school work on but I just put all my CD's, DVD's, Magazines and stuff like that on there. To be honest normally you wouldn't be able to tell it was a desk due to all the rubbish on top of it, but as I had a guest coming over, I could actually make out that it was a desk for once. I stood looking through my CD's debating which one to put on, The Ramone's? Swedish House Mafia? Coldplay? Mcfly? Muse? I know I'm not exactly a 'Girly' kinda girl who listens to things like Barbie girl and all that sort of stuff. Eventually I decided to listen to one of my all time favourite songs 'Obviously - McFly'. Damn that is one good song. I had my music on full volume as I danced around my room belting out the lyrics. 
"Recently I've been, hopelessly reaching..." I sang to myself as I danced around. I was having such a great time I didn't think to see if I'd shut my door. 
"Cause obviously, she's outta my league, I'm wasting my time because she'll never be mine.." I belted out in my very out of tune voice.
"And I know I never will be good enough for her!" I someone cough behind me. I turned around to see Harry stood at my door laughing, but in a friendly way. 
"Oh my gosh, did you just see all that?" I asked. Did he really see all that? My face turned bright red with embarrassment. 'Oh my gosh, Harry Styles just saw me singing and dancing so badly, I'm never going to live this down' I thought to myself as I looked at the ground, I was too embarrassed to lift my head up and look at Harry.
"Yep, hmm I'm now debating who I should tell first about this..." He said holding his phone is his hand. Great. Now everyone else had something else to make fun of me about. Something else that I wouldn't be able to let go of in my life. 
"Please don't Harry, people already make fun of me as it is, I really don't want them to have something else to torment me over!" I said looking at the ground still. My eyes started to tear up, I mean I really didn't want Harry to tell everyone. People at school always take the micky out of me all the time as it is, I don't need something else to be bullied over. 
"Hmm who first Kyle or James..." Harry said tapping his phone loudly. Tears began to run down my cheeks, as I thought of everyone at school now being able to make fun of me over something else. I ran over to my desk where I keep my CD's reaching for the box of tissues on the top shelf. I grabbed my desk chair, stood up on it and attempted to reach the tissues. 
"Almost got them" I said reaching as far as I could. Until 'Bang'. 
"Charlotte!" I heard Harry shout as he dropped his school bag and ran over to my side. 
"Are you ok? You haven't broken anything have you?" Harry said concerned. Wow he seemed like was actually bothered whether I was hurt or not. 
"No, I'm fine," I sat sitting up and looking towards Harry. Wow. He had such beautiful eyes. 
"Really? Then why have you been crying?" Harry said helping me up, to then help me sit down on my bed. Crap. I didn't know what to say. Do I say: over the fall or the dancing. Ah! I was so confused so I just went with my gut instinct and told Harry the truth. 
Tears began falling down my cheeks as I told Harry the real reason I'd been crying, I could tell that he felt bad about what he'd done. He took my hand and looked me in the eyes.
"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were getting bullied, Charlotte. Who's bullying you?" Harry asked surprised. Did he really just ask that? 
"You and your stupid gang," I said sobbing into my hands. I think that Harry was kind of shocked that I'd accused him and his friends of bullying me. He looked me in the eyes, waiting for me to say that I was joking about him and his gang. But that's the truth! I'm not joking. 
"Really? More like banter," Harry said trying to get out of the situation, I could tell he felt bad about what I'd accused him of. 
"Really Harry? You make fun of me and Eleanor everyday? And you call that Banter?" I said looking into Harry's deep green eyes. 

Harry's P.O.V

Oh my gosh, I never knew she felt that way. Me? Bullying? Really? I never noticed how bad it made her feel. All the boys just found it funny whenever I took the micky out of her. I never actually realised how bad she ended up feeling. I felt so guilty for what I'd done. I mean come to think of it she'd never actually done anything wrong to me before. 
"Really Harry? You making fun of me and Eleanor everyday? And you call that Banter?" She said looking into my eyes making me feel insanely guilty. That's the moment where everything sunk in. Is that how they both really felt?
"I'm so sorry Charlotte, please come for a walk with me, just let me explain?" I asked her pushing her blonde hair out of her face that had fell down out of her bun after her fall. I felt so bad, the least I could do was go buy her a coffee or something. 
"Ughh Harry, I'd rather stay here," She said pushing some of her hair back behind her ear. I'd could tell she was quite upset. 
"Please, we need to talk, it won't be for too long," I said looking into her eyes and giving her a slight smile. 
"Okay, fine. Let me go grab my coat," She said and she went into her wardrobe. I went back over to the door and pulled my coat out of my bag and put it on. I grabbed my bag and put it over my shoulder and Charlotte came out with her coat on and her eyes all dry now. Wow, for a nerd she did look pretty good. She wore a long green parker coat. It flattered her very well. 
We both were walking silently for a while, wondering what to say. Nobody really knew what to come out with. 
"Come sit in the park with me for a while and let me explain," I said leading her into the park, it was empty. Which was quite surprising as it was only 5pm. We both went and sat on the swings, gently swinging next to one another. 
"Look, I didn't know you felt that way, I'm so sorry. I didn't think that things got that bad, I'm sorry. Please forgive me?" I said taking her hand and looking into her eyes.
"Harry, it's fine you don't need to apologise. I over reacted its fine," She said looking at the ground. I could tell she wasn't fine though. I still felt terrible about what I'd done. I knew she hadn't truly forgiven me, I could tell she was still hurting inside. 
"Let me at least buy you a coffee?" I asked her,to be fair it was the least I could do. 
"Hmm okay, but after I need to get home, my Nan will be worried sick," She said anxiously. The coffee shop was pretty close to her house, only a few streets away. When we arrived I ordered our drinks and told her to sit down. After placing the order I came and sat down and waited for the drinks with Charlotte.
"I'm so sorry, again," I said looking into her eyes. I felt so bad, I mean I didn't know what to do other than apologise. 
"It's fine, really Harry," She said looking at me in my eyes. I felt an instant connection between us, I think we both did. We both sat looking at each other, both of us realising the instant pull we both had. We both leaned in and before we knew it our lips met, it felt so right. Her lips so soft and tender. It was a magical experience. I'd only ever kissed 2 other girls in my life, one was from when I was 7 and the other last year, Becky practically jumped on top of me causing are lips to meet, but instantly I pulled away. Nothing magical happened between me and Becky. Nothing like what was happening between me and Charlotte, what Charlotte and I were experiencing was magical, sensational, unbelievable. 
"Coffees for Harry Styles and Charlotte Stanley!" The waitress shouted causing me and Charlotte's lips to part. We both looked each other stunned. I don't think either of us could believe what had just happened. 
"I'm sorry, I have to go Harry," Charlotte said grabbing her coat off the back of her chair and running off out of the door. Had that really just happened? Had we really just kissed?


Will update soon.

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