Still the One

Charlotte was like any other girl going to school, however she was classed as a 'nerd' which meant she wasn't exactly the most confident girl and she's only ever had one friend, Eleanor. She's perfectly content with just her one good friend and not being noticed in school until she gets to to know Harry Styles. Harry Styles - The Popular boy in school. Will Charlotte and Harry feel a connection between them when forced to do a project together?


8. "Best kiss ever!"

Harry’s P.O.V

"Nothing," I replied to Charlotte quickly. Oh no, I couldn't let her see my drawings. My drawings of her. I just couldn't get her out of my head, and I didn't think she'd be coming back to Art, but oh how wrong I was. And now she was trying to have a look at what I was drawing. You see the book with my drawings of her in is my own from home, and they only have drawings of her in and I wasn't prepared to let her see them. 
"Are you sure about that, it’s obviously not nothing, c’mon let me see," She said with a playful smile across her petite face. I was walking backwards while she was walking towards me and before I knew I felt a desk hit me from behind and we were centimetres away from each other. We were face to face. I looked straight into her deep, yet rich blue eyes. I’d never felt more attracted to her in my life. I could feel her breathing as she stood in front of me. I just wanted to kiss her so badly.
"Are you going to show me your drawing then Harry?" She asked me as she rested her forehead against mine making our noses touch.
"I'm afraid I can't," I said as I moved some of her soft hair from her cheek to behind her ear and as I did, she rested her cheek against my hand. 
She sighed gently and I couldn't help but feel such a strong emotion for her. As we gazed into each others eyes, we both began to lean in. Lean in for yet another kiss. Our lips were only millimetres apart before they smashed together, her hands snaking up around my neck me even closer into the kiss. I dropped my book and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, I could feel her hands running threw my hair until I licked her bottom lip for entrance. She responded immediately letting me in, leaning to one side deepening the kiss, our lips moving in perfect sync. Our breathing getting heavier. I wrapped her even tighter in my arms if it was possible. The kiss was getting pretty heated until she pulled away but still enclosed in my arms.
“What am I doing? Oh gosh, I'm sorry, I mean... I just....” She stuttered. She was lost for words, the same as myself. I didn't know what to do. I just searched for an answer in her eyes. I didn't know whether to tell her how I really felt or not, tell her that she's what I want, tell her that I want to be with her for as long as possible. But I couldn't, I couldn't risk it. I knew that I’d have to go home, that I’d have to plan what I was going to say to her when we head to Café 21. Oh god, Café 21. The Café where her and her little lover seemed to be getting pretty close. Although I couldn't help but feel that she knew something was up when I told her to meet me in Café 21, she must know that I saw her and that boy in there together getting rather close. To be honest I thought that was the best kiss I have ever had I just wanted to kiss her again but I didn't know how she would react.
"I don’t know either, I've just..." I muttered. I didn't know what to say to the beautiful face stood only a metre or so away from me. 
"I've got to go, I’ll see you tonight I guess," She said as she pulled out of my grasp and ran out of the art classroom. 'Have I ruined everything with her?' I decided a few minutes later to leave the classroom and go to my locker to grab my books and go home. I was planning to stay in school and finish off my art project, but considering what just happened I decided that going home would be best. I quickly opened my locker and grabbed my books and coat out of it as quickly as I could. I just wanted to get home, figure out everything I needed to. 
"Harry where have you been like all day?" Becky said as she walked over to me with her disgustingly high skirt. She seemed to think it would make me like her. Well she was thinking wrong. 
"Leave me alone Becky, I have things to do," I replied to her in the nicest way possible. I don't know why she wouldn't just leave me alone. She's always constantly following me around and to be honest I'm sick of it. I don’t know why they won't just find someone else to follow, I need my space. Instead of being with them constantly. 
"Well I only came to see how you were, and I was wondering if you wanted to come to this party tomorrow night with me and the gang, c’mon be a doll and come," She said applying some more lip gloss to her face which was already caked in make-up. I really did not want to be spending any more unnecessary time with her or her gang. I needed to set things straight with Charlotte tell her how I really feel, and that she wouldn't just be some fling.
"No, sorry," I said slamming my locker shut.
"Why not Harry? You're not hanging out with some other girl are you?" She said angrily, I don't see why she cared so much about what I did. She only followed me around to make herself popular. And to be fair I don’t want to be popular any more, I don't want to have people following me, I just want to be normal, I want to be with Charlotte. 
"Just leave it Becky, just go," I replied. I just needed some space and she really didn't seem to get that. I assume she thought that by constantly following me all the time it would make me like her as more than a friend, but that wasn't going to happen any time soon. I grabbed my bag and coat and headed down the flight of stairs towards the main office so I could go back home and sort out what I'm going to say to Charlotte. As I walked out of the school I felt as if somebody was watching me. It made me feel uncomfortable. I turned around to see Becky and her gang of friends, of which included my best friends, well my old best friends, they only used me for popularity.
"What are you lot doing?" I asked them confused. They seemed as if they were following me out of school. Luckily I've only got to the school gate at the end of the car park before I'd noticed they were behind me. 
"Just going for a walk, don’t mind us," Kyle shouted out from behind as he flicked his hair out of his eyes.
"Alrighty then..." I said turning back around, I decided to go for a walk to the Costa Coffee down the road from our school. I thought that I could just go sit in there for a while and attempt to lose the gang following me. As I was walking down the road towards the Costa Coffee I felt a bit uncomfortable with the gang following me. It made me feel uneasy. I don't know why they were following me, I don't know why they couldn't just leave me alone. They didn't get that in my life I need some space, some alone time. I guess Becky being her annoying self must've told Ryan, James and the gang about how I wasn't planning to go the party with them, to be honest I wasn't planning to go at all. That’s the problem with Ryan, James, Becky and them lot. I can't do anything without having them all pestering me constantly and I'm sick of it.
 As I approached the entrance to the coffee shop I turned around to check if Ryan, James, Becky and their gang were still following me, and sure enough they were. As I walked in I saw that the coffee shop wasn't very busy at all, only an old couple sat having some lunch and some 6th formers from the school a few miles north of Holmes Chapel. I decided to go sit down in the coffee shop and just try to sort my head out. As I sat down I saw the gang that were following me go to sit down too, they sat diagonally right from me, only about a metre or so away. 

"Caramel Coffee for a Harry Styles," The waiter called out. Becky’s gangs eyes all still staring at me. They gave me devious yet piercing look as I stood up to get my coffee. 'I can't think straight with all of them staring at me, I'm just going to have to go home' I thought to myself as I collected my coffee and walked out of the door back to my house. The journey home wasn't that far. Only about a 10 minute walk away. As I was walking up the street towards my house I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Charlotte. 'We got the seating plan for where we’ll all be sitting tonight for the presentation evening. It's in alphabetical order, so I’ll be sat next to you. I still want to know what you were drawing Harry, you’re not a bad artist you shouldn't have to hide your work from me, I won’t judge. See you later tonight. Charlotte x' I couldn't help but smile as I read the message. I needed to think of a reply, do I go a bit flirty? Call her Char? But then we are still a bit awkward around each other.
"Oh I don’t know," I mumbled to myself as I walked into my empty house. I dumped my bag in the hallway and walked up the stairs into my bedroom, throwing my cup which had contained my caramel coffee in, into the bin. As I sat down on my bed I was still thinking about Charlotte. I decided to reply to her text. 'Looking forward to seeing you tonight, I can't reveal what I was drawing as it's personal, sorry. Looking forward to sitting with you tonight. Harry x’ Sent. I felt nervous about sending the text. Was putting a kiss at the end the right thing to do? I guess I’d just have to wait until the presentation evening to find out. 


Charlotte’s P.O.V

'We got the seating plan for where we'll all be sitting tonight for the presentation evening. It’s in alphabetical order, so I'll be sat next to you. I still want to know what you were drawing Harry, you're not a bad artist you shouldn't have to hide your work from me, I won't judge. See you later tonight. Charlotte x' I felt nervous sending the text. I didn't know if Harry just wanted to be friends, or if he wanted anything more. As I sat down on my bed I couldn't help but feel nervous about the presentation evening. 'How should I have my hair, messy bun, plait, natural curls?' I thought to myself as I unpacked my bag. I needed my best friends advice. I knew that Eleanor was the best and probably only person to get advice. All I could think about was Harry's beautiful smile, how kind and gentle he was when we were both in art. It was a different Harry I hadn't seen before. It was the Harry I liked, the Harry I couldn't stop thinking about. I took my phone out quickly and began typing as fast as I could. 'Need some help, can't stop thinking about him! How should I have my hair tonight? Messy bun, plait, straightened or curls?! Reply soon. Charlotte xxxxxxxx' I quickly pressed send. Within seconds I got a reply. 'That's a fast reply for once El' I thought to myself as I took my phone out of my pocket. The text read 'Curls, I've not seen them on you before, bet it'll look great like normal! Was that reply fast enough for you? Harry x' I had to look twice at the text. Harry? Oh no, I'd clicked Harry instead of Eleanor. 'Hmm curls, well if that’s what Harry wants' I thought to myself as I walked into the bathroom. I suddenly realised something. I'd put in the text that went to Harry instead of Eleanor 'Can't stop thinking about him!'
"Oh no" I mumbled to myself. I tried to think of a reply to put to him. The text must've made it so obvious that I liked someone going to the presentation evening, and I don’t talk to any boys other than Harry now. I quickly took out my phone and replied. 'Oops wrong contact, feel so embarrassed now! Are you sure about the curls? I don't know if they’ll suit me:S Charlotte x' As I walked downstairs I was still worrying about the night ahead. What was I supposed to say to Harry? 'I like you', 'I can’t stop thinking about you', 'I loved the kiss' I knew what was happening. I was falling for his charm like every other girl in the school. Although I was falling for a different Harry. All of the other girls had fallen for the bad boy, 'Mr Popular' Harry Styles. But I was falling for the sweet, sensitive, gentle boy who'd just about stole my heart. I went back upstairs from the kitchen where I had gotten a cookie and got changed out of my school uniform and into some jogging bottoms and an Ed Sheeran T-Shirt. I went over to my bed and just lied there. I didn't know what to do, I was trying to think. Think about what I want with Harry. If I want anything more than a friendship. I listened out to my CD playing one of my favourite songs come on Before The Worst. 'She's all laid up in bed with a broken heart' belted out of my CD player. It described exactly how I was feeling heart broke and confused about a relationship. I laid on my bed for what felt like no time at all listening to the soft words of The Script until my mum came into my bedroom and told me to get changed. I looked at my watch, it was 5:30pm, we would have to be leaving the house at 6pm as the presentation evening started at 6:30pm and then after there was a mini party for parents to socialize whilst their children sat in the sports hall having their own mini party, which wasn't my idea of fun. I decided to quickly jump in the shower as I wanted to wash my hair to get started on my curls for Harry. It only took about 5 minutes before I was out and ready to get changed. I went into my wardrobe and got my school uniform out, I quickly put it on then went back into my walk in wardrobe to do my hair. 
"Right well you wanted curls Harry, so you're gonna get curls," I muttered to myself as I dried my hair with a towel. 
"Come on Char, time to go!" My mother said as she came into my room, it was time to go. Time to face Harry again…

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