Still the One

Charlotte was like any other girl going to school, however she was classed as a 'nerd' which meant she wasn't exactly the most confident girl and she's only ever had one friend, Eleanor. She's perfectly content with just her one good friend and not being noticed in school until she gets to to know Harry Styles. Harry Styles - The Popular boy in school. Will Charlotte and Harry feel a connection between them when forced to do a project together?


9. A/N Sorry!


I haven't updated in ages I know! I can't promise that an update will come soon but been really busy with exams and revision earlier in the year so haven't really made any effort to update! But I will try and update it sooner or later for you guys. However, I am working on another book at the moment so this one is on hold, sorry again. But please do check out my new book 'Kiss Me'. Please don't be mad but glad your enjoying the book! I do promise you I will try and update later. xx

~ Questionable

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