The Phoenix and the Dove

Lady Violet DeLuca has grown to hate her aristocratic background and dreams of a different life full of freedom and adventure.

Then she gets kidnapped.

A terrorist group known for their loathing and attacks on members of royalty want to make their mark by taking one of the most loved daughters of a noble and "executing" her.

But what happens when one of the terrorists fall for Violet?


1. Prologue I – Violet’s Beginning of the End

Stockholm syndrome’, they said. I had a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome apparently. That one where you fall in love with your kidnapper and believe they love you too. They sent in a perfectly nice psychiatrist to talk to me about my “horrific ordeal” and that’s their brilliant conclusion they came up with. He asked me questions, I answered them truthfully and he said I had become ‘inexplicably attached to my captor’. And now I sit alone in this little interrogation room, waiting. Waiting to see what will happen to him. Waiting to see what will become of me. All I know is that he’s probably in a cell and has been questioned. God knows what he’s been called or what he’s had to put up with.

I look to my right and look at the door; knowing that outside it there are most likely a dozen people gathered round trying to decide what to do with this poor, little, deluded rich girl. To be honest, I’m starting to question my own feelings. For all I know I could be deluded. But something deep inside tells me I’m not. He wouldn’t have wasted his time and energy if he was just stringing me along.

I slam my elbows on the table, head in hands, and ask myself how I got into this mess, feeling small tears welling up in my eyes. I then make myself stop as I’m not going to give these arses the satisfaction of seeing my cry. The psychiatrist, Dr Maclay, walks in the room with that well rehearsed smile, set in stone. ‘Hello there, Violet. Is it okay if we get you to write a formal statement to put in the file? Just for legal reasons, that’s all.’

‘Why?’ I reply. ‘What’s the point? You think I’m lying through my teeth anyway. No, sorry, you think I’m “protecting my kidnapper”.’ I know I’m being difficult but at this moment I couldn’t care less.

‘Violet, I can understand why you’re upset...’ No you can’t I think in my head. ‘But we need material evidence of what you said. You can write whatever you want, whichever way you want to. But if you choose to write it in a more truthful way...’

‘I’ll write exactly what I told you!’ My anger is rising and I can feel my face turning red in fury. It’s times like this I wish I was actually treated like a member of the aristocracy (and I never thought I’d say that). At least then my word might mean something. Dr Maclay just nods at the statement in a condescending way and leaves the room, but not before leaving paper and a pen. Staring for a few minutes I think How can I put everything onto paper? But then inspiration struck.

‘If they think it’s just a story I made up, I’ll write it that way...’ I mutter to myself. This will be the best statement they have ever read...

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