Melbourne Love. - Luke Brooks{English}

Adriana 'Adri' Saphire, is a normal teenager at the school, Rosemary High School and she is a big fangirl and her biggest idols is Janoskians, she love them so much, with all of her heart. Her favorite is Luke Brooks, she is most amazed when she meets him, randomly on the street and he falls in love with her, she falls in love with his personality, at the spot, but will she make it through the fame, brothers and with her friends comments?


2. "We are in a room, dumbass."

Adriana's POV;

We was standing, figuring out who to get sprayed first and last, Luke was gonna be sprayed with James and Jai with Skip, Beau and i was doing it together, because uh, we were the only ones back in the end. I also promised Luke that i would hug him afterwards he got sprayed, ahah. Jai and Skip were gonna be sprayed first, i was sitting with Luke, just watching, it looked like it hurt, but she just had to try it. When they had been sprayed, you know, Jai and Skip, it was Luke and James, they got sprayed a lot, Luke was hurt, naw. He was almost crying and i got to him, i hugged him and hoped he got a little better, by it and i was happy afterwards, because he was fine, but he had to get some water, sweet Lukey, aw. Now it was me and Beau, oh no. Beau and i held each others hands, we were scared, or i were.. I don't know about him. Him and i got sprayed and it hurt as hell, oh my god. "Oh my.. OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I yelled it out, it hurt so damn much, i was running a little around before i got to one of the guys and hugged him, just to hug someone, i thought it was Luke or Beau, but it were Jai, so i failed a little with that one. I ended up sitting on the ground, still with closed eyes. It still was still hurting, i were crying and i mean it seriously this time, i was crying. "Oh my god, no.. It hurt as hell, fuck. How can you guys do this? Like, oh no no, NO, just no. I can't take this. I-it, hurts.." I was crying, oh my.. I got some water in my hand and i just stood up and held it over my head, so the water hit my head and hair and when there was no more water in the bottle i had to help it get around my head. My shirt and shorts and everything got wet, but so what. I was so close to ripping my shirt off at that moment, "Oh my.." I couldn't breath for a pair of seconds and the Brooks brothers, were looking at me, when i got my breath back and i could see again, "What? Is it my hair, or my face?" They then looked shocked down my body and then up to my face again, "I looked down and saw that i had taken off my tanktop, in the pain. I just held my hands over my bra, but i gave up and moved them away again and turned around to see that my tanktop was all wet and disgusting, so i sighed. Luke came to me, after he had taken off his shirt and helped me get it on, "Here you go, Ad." He laughed a little and hugged me before the guys turned off the camera. "This was great, huh?" Beau smiled while saying it and were really happy, REALLY happy, there wasn't really a reason why he was happy, but he took the camera things and then the guys took the rest of the things, but Luke just held an arm around me and smiled at me, all the way back to his house. It was a really quiet walk, but i was okay with it, i needed it after such a day.


Luke's POV;

I smiled at the beautiful Adriana, Jai and Beau, said at the same time, "Bye Skip and James." and turned around to walk inside the house, with me and Adriana. We just opened the door and walked in, she looked all confused, aw. I just helped her find out where me, Beau and Jai's room was and when we walked in and fell down in the bed, we were just laughing a lot. "I really like you, Ad." I just said it with a calm and happy voice and looked at her, with a smile on my lips. Adriana looked at me with red cheeks and her teeth in her lip, how sweet was that. "I really like you too.." She said it with a small voice and we, well we kissed and my brothers saw it, because they came bumping into the room, while we kissed. "Wow, get a room, you two!" Beau just said it with a big laugh, i just stopped kissing and looked at him, "We are in a room, dumbass." I sneered at him, with a grin on my face and then i sat up, with Adriana in my hand. She sat up too, we just kissed again and made it too much, just to annoy the guys, we licked each others cheeks and stuff, ahaha. It was so funny, "Eww, i know we are in a room, but that is just disgusting!" Jai yells it and lays himself in Beau's bed, just ignoring that it's Beau's and not his, because sometimes they change beds, aha. "And you say that, Mr. I lick everyones inside organs." I just laughed while i stood up with Adriana, "Wanna stay here till tomorrow, Ad?" I asked her with a smile and she just nodded, "I would love to!" She were happy, i could see it in her facial expressions, "You are adorable, you know that?" I could not, not say that to her, she was adorable, i couldn't say she was not, because i would be lying, then.. "I know, it's because i'm fab." She then laughed and she was tired, "Aw, are you tired Ad?" I just laughed, i actually say Ad a lot, uh, oops. Well, she just nodded to my question and smiled at me, "But i'm also hungryyy!" I just laughed at her, she was so cute, "Then, let's get some food!" I laughed again and smiled at her and lifted her up in my arms to walk to the kitchen. We both laughed and i realized something, i loved her. I loved her so much. 

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