Melbourne Love. - Luke Brooks{English}

Adriana 'Adri' Saphire, is a normal teenager at the school, Rosemary High School and she is a big fangirl and her biggest idols is Janoskians, she love them so much, with all of her heart. Her favorite is Luke Brooks, she is most amazed when she meets him, randomly on the street and he falls in love with her, she falls in love with his personality, at the spot, but will she make it through the fame, brothers and with her friends comments?


1. "I got the last pebberspr- Wait, who's that?"

Adriana's POV:

I sat down on a random bench, i was pretty tired that day, i found my phone from my pocket and opened it up, going on twitter, i first checked Luke Brooks' twitter, to see if he had been tweeting, but he had not been tweeting, after that i checked the other four guys twitters, but nothing yet. I slipped my phone down my pocket and leaned forwards, to put my head on my arms and i saw someone familiar going around with pebberspray, ain't that stuff dangerous? Well, anyways, i sat straight up, to see who it was, they was five and they came closer, they we're heading to some kind of parking place, that's when i remembered, "Janoskians." I almost yelled it out, oh no Adriana. They looked at me weird, " Huh? " Daniel or Skip, looked closer to see if he knew me, but shaked his head meaning no and just looked at me, like i was some crazy fan, uh. "I'm sorry, i just recognized you  guys and i have the loudest mind ever, sorry again." I looked closer, wait where were Luke? Uh, they were only four, no that's not right.. Luke came running suddenly, while Beau was looking at me with flirty eyes and were about to say something, but Luke interrupted him, "I got the last pebberspr- Wait, who's that?" He points a finger at me and smiles, "Uh, i'm Adriana.. No need to say who you are, i already know.. Luke Anthony Mark Brooks, i know it's you because, your piercings, your sweet mark on your nose and well, Jai is over there.. So, uh.. " Damn, Adriana shut yourself up. I was furious at myself for talking so much. "Uh, thanks, do you wanna stay to watch us? We are gonna make the pebberspray challenge number two. " He just smiled at me and i was so freaking out, like he had just invited me to watch for an Janoskian video, oh my.. I was almost crying, "Sure, that'll be cool." I stood up and got away from the bench and smiled at the boys, when look took his hand around my hand and started running with me and the guys to a leaved parking place, aha. "You can sit with us and everything." He laughs at me and is really happy, before he sit down, still holding around my hand, oh my god i was crying back then... Almost. I just sat down beside him and he let go of my hand, when the guys came and got the camera to stand up and film, and then they sat over by my and Luke's sides. "Hey, we're the Janoskians." Beau said it when the camera started filming and was really happy while saying it, but then Luke interrupted his happiness. "Yeah and we have a guest today, her name is Adriana! She is a fan and we just met her, so we invited her to be with us, but she's not gonna try it with-" I cutted him off, "Why can't i try too?" I just laughed about it, but he just held a hand over my mouth and started talking, "Because, i won't let you get hu- Ewww, you licked my hand!" He almost yells it and takes his hand down to wipe the spit of, aha.  "I am gonna attend if i have to be here." I just smiled at him and then at the camera, wiping some hair away from my face. I was wearing my dark blue cowboy shorts with a bit holes in and a black tank-top and of course my ballerina shoes, i loved those. I of course had my front hair in a kind of pony-tail, but not all the hair, uhm, it's hard to explain. I was so happy i couldn't even stand it. "Okay, let's go!" Jai and James yelled it at the same time and we runned of, uh yeah. 






Well, i know it's short, but it's only the first chapter and i am totally out of fantasy at the time, so i hope you enjoy and comment. :)

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