the dog who loved me

2 months after the last story, Butch meets his ex girl friend who needs his help to save her brother daniel, but will it turn out the way he expected?


5. puppy love 5

“Did we win?” asked Lou in a drunken voice. Then dr Crestino approached Lou, Butch, Peek and Slim who were tied to posts all still drunk from being mind-jacked.

“Yes!” answered dr Crestino. Then he pressed a button that made the mind-jacker pop up out of the top of his scooter. “Your restoring there minds?” asked Tinkels as he approached the doc. “obviously, what’s the point of taking over the world if your arch rivals didn’t even know you did it!” explained Dr Crestino. Then he pushed another button that fired at Louie and the guys. “Crestino!” shouted Lou realizing that they were trapped. “Nice to see you too Louie, now you can watch me act in project...”

He said when he pressed another button “bad tide-dings!” said the computers deep American man voice, making a TV appear showing a picture of the moon and the earth. “let me guess, your sending a tracer beam brining the moon closer to the earth thus creating huge tidal waves that will flood the entire earth!” explained Butch. “Thank you professor spoiler but you missed the part when I rule the entire world, it’s a good part it’s my favourite part!” said Dr Crestino. “You do that Daniel and I swear I’ll never have you over for thanks giving again!” said Zelda who was in a cage that the Doc had put her in. “I mean you’ll try but it won’t work!” said Butch. “Of corce it’ll work open the blast –way!” demanded the doc.

“Err why you don’t think it’ll work?” he continued. “Cavitation” said Butch. ”I accounted for cavitation!” argued dr Crestino. “And sntrithical force” continued Butch. “I accounted for that too!”  Said Dr Crestino. “Then I just guess its just balance, yeah as in you’ve got none!” said Butch as he then kicked Dr Crestino in the face causing him to fall off of his scooter. Then Butch pressed a button on the Docs scoter releasing him and his friends.



Then Tinkels jumped In front of him to attack. But Slim chocked up a rocket launcher and aimed it and him. “Ahh ahh!” said Slim. Then Tinkels spun round on one foot and walked off saying “you are not paying me enough for this!” he said to the doc. “I will promises!” pleaded Dr Crestino. “Crested estrange go go!” ordered Lou. Then they all carried Dr Crestino then chucked him into the cage and let out Zelda and locked the Doc in. “by the way project bad tidings would totally work!” Butch said sarcastically.

“Crab cakes I new it, fire the cannon!” said Dr Crestino. Then one hyena pressed a switch that made a giant lazar appeared and then fired up and out of the blast-way and out of the top of the volcano to the moon. But then Slim sneaked up behind it and he put TNT next to it that when it exploded it fell over. Then electric sparks came off of it and for some reason it became a sort of magnet and was pulling every thing to it.

“Lou that things going to blow!” said Butch. “Evacuate!” yelled Lou. Then they all ran to their submarine and swam away leaving Mr Tinkels and Dr Crestino behind.

As they swam away they saw the island explode behind them.


When they got back Butch was talking to Zelda “sorry your boyfriend turned out to be evil, well not really!” said Butch. “Text time I should listen to you Butch, you know I’ve never seen you in action before you was so brave and confident it was kind’ a hot!” she answered. “Yeah!” said butch. “ I like you butch like you like you!” said Zelda. “Oh I like you like you too!” he replied.

Then Lou quickly covered peeks eyes so he could not see them kissing. “So Lou do you think that’s the last we will se of dr Crestino?” asked Peek.

“What a good question Peek, no he’s my arch nemesis and arch nemesis always return!” answered Lou.          


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