the dog who loved me

2 months after the last story, Butch meets his ex girl friend who needs his help to save her brother daniel, but will it turn out the way he expected?


4. puppy love 4

In the island lair the hyenas were still trying to give fluffy his memory back. There was a huge TV with pictures of Dr Crestino’s past. “Here are you showing off your idea for chrome claw remember that?  Asked the hyena. “No, but I like the slide it has nice composition” replied fluffy.  Then the hyena turned to the next slide “oh here’s us on that three day holiday in Hawaii, good times!”  Said the hyena. “Look guys I appreciate you thinking with this Doc Crestino guy but im not an aquatic overlord, Im fluffy sea ill’s second most popular performer......” replied fluffy. But just then Mr T decided that he could not wait any longer. “I want what’s coming to me and I want it now!” he demanded. Just then Lou, Butch and all they others had just arrived “happy to applied Tinkels!” announced Lou. “You take Crestino the white cat is mine” said Butch, then he lapped off the submarine that they hade arrived in and dived straight onto Tinkels then they had a big fight. Meanwhile Lou jumped and slapped fluffy causing him to fall off of his scooter. “Hay warn a guy when you’re going to do that!” said fluffy. “Give it up Crestino” ordered Lou. “Why does every one call me that im fluffy, F L U double F Y” he announced getting up and forming the letters with his body. “So you mind isn’t de-jacked yet what’s the hold up?” asked Lou.


Meanwhile Butch and Mr Tinkels were rolling on the ground “how could you do it you had the devotion of that goddess and you betrayed her!” yelled Butch as they rolled over so Tinkels was on top.” I didn’t want her you know kind of how she doesn’t want you” replied Tinkels as they rolled over again so Butch was on top.

“Your words hurt more than any punch possibly could!” Butch said. But then Tinkels decided to give Butch a big punch sending him soaring across the room. “Arrr punch definitely hurts more” he said landing on the ground holding is belly. Then just across the room Zelda said “stupid fighting, oh wait what’s this?” then she pulled out the back up scooter from under the desk and jumped on it “ha im in the game” she said but when she pressed a button she lost control so she tried another, but that went wrong too it turned on all the lazars that every one hade to stop what they was doing and start dodging the lazars. “Stop stop why won’t you stop!” she yelled at the scooter. Then she pressed another button that made the “mind-jacker!” appear out

of the top and start randomly zapping in all directions. It zapped Slim and Peek then it headed over to Butch was but then Tinkels pushed Butch in front of the scooter and then he was zapped by the mind-jacker then ran over by Zelda on the scooter.


 “We’ve got to get you out of here fluffy if i get zapped and your memory back then...” said Lou trying to push fluffy out of the room but then Zelda went passed and zapped Lou. “And then what, who are you?” asked Lou looking at fluffy. “Im fluffy Seavill second most popular performer” he said. “A real life celebrity” said Lou shaking fluffy’s paw. Just on the other side of the room Zelda was still zooming around but then Mr Tinkels jumped up on the scooter a said “sorry sweetie just business” he said kicking her in the face to push her off then he zapped fluffy. “Err im Dr Crestino, Crestino is back mwahahahaa!” said the Doc getting up. “Yeah grate now about my money” demanded Tinkels. “Oh hay Tinkels, I’ll pay up you little natural disaster, but first lets take care of these dogs” replied Dr Crestino. “Daniel?” called Zelda. “Sis’s” said Dr Crestino as he approached her on his scooter. “Oh and around here it’s Dr Crestino it gives more respected” he continued. Then he approached every one else “hello every body” called the Doc. To Lou, Butch, Slim, Peek and lot’s of hyenas. “Who would like to play a game?” asked Dr Crestino

“Me me me!” they all yelled. “Its called capture the dogs”

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