the dog who loved me

2 months after the last story, Butch meets his ex girl friend who needs his help to save her brother daniel, but will it turn out the way he expected?


3. puppy love 3



 In a secret island with a volcano on it, just below the ground in the under ground base dr creation’s hyena minions were having a conversation with Mr Tinkels “well thanks Hans for bringing back dr Crestino, even if he is a little different.” Thanked one of the hyenas as Fluffy did a triple back flip and landed perfectly. “Just pay me I’ll be on my way” explained Hans (that’s Mr Tinkels first name). “Hay guy’s did you cheek out my flip back summersault no crash like a knife oh yeah!” said Fluffy joyfully. Then another hyena pressed a button on the wall that maid Dr Crestino’s scooter pop up from underneath Fluffy. “Hay warn a guy when you’re going to do that” said Fluffy. Then a hyena jumped up next to him. “Restoring dr Crestino is as simple as pushing buttons” the hyena said as he began to press random buttons on the scooter that maid the computer in side it to start calling “! Toilet plunger, perfume, library card, confetti canon chrome claw!” it said in a deep butchy voice. “Err this might take a while” said the hyena.





Meanwhile in Seavill the guys were still trying to find a way out but the show had started. “Em Zelda I think there is some thing i have to tell you concerning you boyfriend Tinkels……..! Told ya!” bragged Butch. “Oh please, you’ve been suspicious of every boyfriend I’ve ever had, how was I too know that this one time you was actually right” replied Zelda. “Wet me welcome you all to Seavill were we has a couple of dogs who will jump through the ring of fire!”  Announced a worker at Seavill as a hoop that was on fire was lowered down. Then they all held onto a rope that Zelda was holding as she leaped through the ring and over the wall to freedom.

As they flew over the wall, two other beagles’ one really fat and one with a broken arm, spotted them passing and landing in the water. “Hay Manfrinie?” one of them asked. “Yeah what’s that Johnson?” asked Manfrinie. “Isn’t that Louie and the guys!” replied Johnson as they both got up and tried to bang on the glass hoping that they would spot them.“! Louie, guys it’s us!” they both yelled at the top of their lungs not realizing that it was sound proof glass. “Well that made Hoboken look like the French Riviera!” said Lou. “Let’s never go there again” peek announced as they all swam off away from Seavill not noticing Manfrinie and Johnson so they were by their selves  again.

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