the dog who loved me

2 months after the last story, Butch meets his ex girl friend who needs his help to save her brother daniel, but will it turn out the way he expected?


2. puppy love 2

Back in Lou’s house Butch was telling every one about “Seavill aqua Fun Park” he explained. “That’s why we need ya ace you’ve got the text skills we need to free Zelda’s brother” said Mr tinkles. “After all this time I never new she had a brother!” admitted Butch. “Daniel likes bacon and running any other pointless facts that you need to know!?” yelled Mr tinkles as he walked towards Butch causing Butch to step back a couple of steps. “And here’s what I need too know, are you in?” he continued.

“Let me just ask my friends over their” asked Butch as he walked towards Lou, Slim and Peek. They all did a group huddle and discussed there plan. “the good side to this is if I save Zelda’s brother then I can rub it into that stupid cats smug face, down side the only fortress harder than Seavill is Zelda’s own heart!” admitted Butch. “My side we do this and your not staying in your bunk!” interrupted Lou “we’re in!”

“Good now lets go” announced Zelda.


Then they all got into the submarine and set off to Seavill to save Zelda’s brother.

“Lou loge, we run south we run deep right up to Seville’s back door!” said Lou into his voice recorder. As they approached there destination announced “assault team launch!” to Butch. “Do I have to be on a team with him?” protested Butch looking at Mr Tinkles. “Here we go” Mr Tinkels said sarcastically to Butch. “Butch Slims hypnotized by the ping machine!” said Lou as they all looked at Slim.

“Ping ping ping” repeated Slim copying the machines noises “and I’d promised I’d let Peek steer” admitted Lou as peek span the steering weal around. Then Louie looked back at Butch angrily “so come on assault team launch!” ordered Lou. Then Butch and Mr Tinkles jumped out of the sub and into the water, they swam towards the wall that was between them and Seavill. They waited until Zelda pressed a button witch sent a huge boot to pop out from under the submarine and boot Butch and Mr t out of the water and onto the wall.


Tinkels landed first perfectly but when Butch landed, he lost balance and almost fell off but Mr T grabbed him before he could. “Ok control is this way, follow me if you can!” Butch said sarcastically as he stepped of to the wall and landed on a pole landing on the place that boys don’t really want to land on. “Why don’t you follow me!” laughed as he jumped down safely and Butch fell down. They arrived at main controls  Butch pressed the open button, and a hatch appeared in front of  the sub then they all dived out to join there friends. They all met up again as they approached the room were Daniel was supposed to be.


They all looked around but they could not see anything in the dark room. “I can’t see anything Slim put some light on the subject”

Ordered Lou. “Ok!” replied Slim as he turned on a light switch. But when the lights turned on they saw that it wasn’t Daniel it was “dr Crestino” yelled Lou. “Hay dogs are you new to the park? You should get back to your rooms they are crazy strict here” said the doc. “the last time we saw Crestino he was a victim of his own mind-jacker, he may still think his name is fluffy” explained Butch. “Im still confused how he is three people at the same time?” said Lou. “Let me straiten this out your all right he’s Daniel, fluffy and dr Crestino” explained Mr Tinkels. “How would you know?” asked Butch. “Because I work for him!” replied Tinkels, then he dropped a sleeping boom that strangely knocked out every one but him and Butch who had covered his mouth. But then Mr Tinkels spotted Butch “I want to thank you Butch I couldn’t have done this with out you!” he said. “Tinkels!” said Butch just before Mr T kicked him in the face knocking him out cold.           

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