It'll Never Be The End

Birthdays have never gone right for Piper jade. Every time something goes wrong. In the 18 years of her life never once has she been wished a happy birthday, blown out the candles or even opened a present. But on this birthday her life changes, set free into the world she bumps into a curly haired boy. What happens when that curly haire boy turns out to be harry styles? But can he help her? Will she let him into her world? No matter how fast she can run and how well she can hide, will her past catch up with? Because it will never be the end.


7. What happened with Zayn.


He was chasing me. I ran faster. I was only 13, my legs werent that long. Glancing behind me i saw him. The black hair, misleading grin. Tears were soaking my cheeks, my lungs beating so hard that they felt like they would burst out of my chest. I turned down an old alley way, the man hot on my heels. I turned down another, then another, and another until i reached a dead end. I stopped running with no where to go. Quivering in the corner. He walked towards me with a determind look on his face. "hey pretty little girly" Spitting in my face he pulled out a knife. Beads of sweat ran down my forehead. The tears had stopped because of my pure fear. My chest rose quickly, up and down, up and down. I glanced around "Theres nowhere to go sweety" I retracted from him, enclosing my self further in the dark ness.  He was only 15, young to be in this buisness. Not as young as me though. "Your father owes my boss money, drug money" I gulped. scared. He laughed and drew closer to me. I smelt his smokey cigarette breath, touching my face. his skin was sweaty and his hand steady. "I cant find your dad any where" he whispered, enchanting me in his words. There was a loud silence. Suddenly he lept forwards not even and inch away. "So i'll just have you" My shorts were dirty as i sunk to the floor. He took his knife and dug it into the top of my thigh. One hand covering my mouth. Slowly he dragged it down. Perfectly straight. The knife sliced through my skin, gradually edging down to my ankle. he pulled up the knife. I watched as the red blood oozed out. covering my skin. I wimpered, with no energy to cry or scream. He moved onto my left leg. slicing all the way down the side, blood gushing out. He reached half way down my calf and cut through a deep burn. i pulled my foot away, terrorized by him, the knife and the pain. "Not finished yet" he growled. He pushed his black doc martin boots onto my ankle, pressing with all his might. I couldnt move, My ankle made a crunching sound and i screamed out in pain. he finished with the knife, achieving a destroyed ankle and two long brutle cuts. he jogged off. Just as he was out of sight he turned around. "Im Zayn, Zayn Malik. Have fun in hell" With that he ran off laughing. Leaving me there to die.

*End Of FlashBack"

I pulled up my left jean and showed him one of the scars. It had been so deep it would never heal. It should have had stiches but i was to nieve at the time to know that. I sipped of my shoe reaving my disfigured ankle, it was bent and the bone stuck out slightly. He drew in his breath. "Your right Zayn, It wasnt that bad" i walked off, leaving him there alone.

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