It'll Never Be The End

Birthdays have never gone right for Piper jade. Every time something goes wrong. In the 18 years of her life never once has she been wished a happy birthday, blown out the candles or even opened a present. But on this birthday her life changes, set free into the world she bumps into a curly haired boy. What happens when that curly haire boy turns out to be harry styles? But can he help her? Will she let him into her world? No matter how fast she can run and how well she can hide, will her past catch up with? Because it will never be the end.


3. That Was Unexpected..

They looked at eachother once more. harry was the first to speak. "oh, nothing much. We are just in a world wide boy band called One Direction. No biggie" World wide? No biggie? "Hahaha harry 'No Biggie' " I raised my eyebrows "your such a joker. Louis who was standing behind Harry, stepped towards me more. He obviously had some more confidence. I stepped back. He sighed "Why dont you trust me, Piper?" Oh dear, what can i say? I mumbled some jumble and then i spoke up "Well i err must be off then" I tried to be cheery but i had no place to go. I waved by and headed back into the park. I sat down on the grass and wondered in my own thoughts. Someone came and lay down next to me. i glanced over. phew, it wasnt harry or louis. I shuffled away. He sat upright "im sorry" I sat up and looked at him. Wait? "N...nn-nnii-aa-l?" His deep blue eyes searched by green ones "Piper? OH MY GOD! Are you ok? I missed you so much! What happend?" I cant believe it, Niall. I had lived in Mullingar for 2 years after Louis died. It was for my parents. They went over there because there was this big dunk and drugs thing were they could deal etc. Everybody bullied me at that school. But Niall didnt. We were 10 and the abuse had started, my mum was nearly over the edge at that time. Niall and i became inseprable. He was my bestfriend, and i was his. Niall knew about the abuse and Louis. But the rape hadnt started then. I left when my mother died, dropping out of school completly. I had to leave Niall, he didnt know about it, i just left. Now here he is, smiling at me. "Im err managing" His smile dropped. "Why did you leave me piper?" I knew this was coming. "I had to Niall, my mum killed herself" He looked taken aback but not surprised. We all knew that it would come sooner or later. "Wheres your dad then?" Niall questioned me "I gather he is still around?" I nodded slowly. "Doess he um still abuse you-uuu" I slowly nodded again, "Ann--d wors-sse.." I whispered, shivering. Tears threatening my eyes. He moved closer and wrapped his arms around me, rocking me slowly. "shhh P its ok" I sniffed "Thanks" He looked me in the eyes "Does he still just hurt you" I turned away, Niall always knew when I was lying. "Piper, I know your lying" Damn. "Errm well nothing really.." "piper, tell me now" Niall spoke with a harsh tone. "He started to r-rrrap-ppe mee.. Justt a littlle... thou-ggh-h" I sniffed, Dont cry Piper, not infront of Niall. "What?!?!?!" Niall looked like he was going to burst "P why didnt you do anything" "I couldnt niall, he wouldnt let me out of the house, no more friends, no more school, no more outside" Niall sighed and wiped a tear from his eye "Where is he now?" I smiled slightly "gone" "Howww!?!?!?!"Niall seemed excited "Our neighbour heard me screaming and called the police, he is in prision now" I smiled wildly, i still couldnt get over the fact that i was finally free. "Piper im so happy for you but why were you screaming?" I knew this was going to come. "He was burning my wrist and he cut all the way down my thighs" My smile faded the memories of pain racing back to me. Niall pulled me up, "c'mon piper, lets walk and talk" I stood up and we walked along the pathway through the woods. "so Niall, hows things with you?" Niall chuckled "A lot has changed, a lot" I laughed too, both of our faces smiling. Harry and Louis ran over. "OIIII NIALLL!!" Oh dear, how do they know niall? "What are you doing here piper?" Harry looked at me, i shrugged. "Spending time with Niall, duhhh" Niall looked totally puzzled. "Do you all know each other" We all nodded "Yepppp" said Louis, popping the 'P'. "Buuttt" he continued "I dont think piper likes me" I chuckled nervously. Niall had seen a photo of Louis, he probably guessed why. "mm" he mumured. I looked at harry, louis and the niall. "How do you all know each other?" Harry looked at me and grinned. "Well piper, you know that no biggie band we are in?" I nodded confidently, at least i knew about this. "Nialls in it too" I jumped back "WHAT?!?!?" The boys laughed, "Come back to our place P just for a while, you have no where to go so you have no reason not to come" He gave me a puppy face. "Sure" i sighed and we headed off in the opposite direction.

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