It'll Never Be The End

Birthdays have never gone right for Piper jade. Every time something goes wrong. In the 18 years of her life never once has she been wished a happy birthday, blown out the candles or even opened a present. But on this birthday her life changes, set free into the world she bumps into a curly haired boy. What happens when that curly haire boy turns out to be harry styles? But can he help her? Will she let him into her world? No matter how fast she can run and how well she can hide, will her past catch up with? Because it will never be the end.


5. No Room There.

I woke up in Nialls bedroom. I was lying on the floor. The razor that i had slammed down was still untouched where it had been left. I slowly stood up, my head spinning. My cheeks were hard with dry tears, my lips salty. Standing still i heard quiet crys. Nialls crys. I could hear him faintly calling my name. "No" I shouted "Leave me alone" I heard niall and the others sigh with relief. They were all outside Nialls door. The boys murmurd amongst one and another. I heard harry speak up "Piper you have to let us in" I was obstanant "no" I heard them groan. "Piper what if just Niall can come in?" Louis voice came through the door. I thought about it. If i dont let Niall in then they will all come in; including zayn. "mmm.... Maybe" "P please, just me, i promise" I slowly unlatched the door. Niall crept in and locked it behind him. "Are you ok?" I nodded. "You didnt reply for ages, we were going to call the police and an ambulance." I looked over at the clock. "I fell asleep" Niall nodded. He glanced across the room. His eyes laid on the razor. Shit. shit, shit, shit. Anger flushed over his face. He grabbed my wrist. "Piper did you cut?" I ignored him and looked in the opposite direction "Piper. Did. You. Cut?" Niall tightened his grip a little more. "PIPER. DID. YOU. CUT?" Nialls voice echoed around the room. Although Niall was my best friend i never realised he cared this much. I was sure the other boys heard as there were mutterances from the other side of the door. A lonesome tear trickled down my cheek, the last one. Nialls face softened. "im sorry p, i didnt mean to make you cry" Niall panicked, wiping away the tear. I gave and weak smile. "I couldnt Niall, I wanted to, but i couldnt" My words came out in nothing but soft whispers. His face mixed with emotions looked at me. "Why-y" He stumbled across his word, worried about what may come next. "There was no space." I stated the simple, confusing niall. His eyes searched mine, looking for answers. Slowly i took of my hoodie. Leaving me wearing just a vest top. He gasped and stared wildly at my scars. He reached out his hand softly touching them. His eyes glazed with tears. Each one he pondered on. The burn on my shoulder. The carves on my left arm. The black bruise creeping from my elbow to my wrist. The slices along my fore arms. The scratches on the top of my arms. He wondered over all the others. He said nothing. "no room there" i whispered. He still said nothing. I lifted up my top, until it reached my bra strap. More burns, slices, scars, bruises, cuts. My body was dirty too. Lightly brown from where i had been banned from taking a wash. "no room there i whispered again" Niall still said nothing. I rolled up my jeans until they reached the top of my thighs. There were more cuts, bruises, burns. My left foot slightly wonky from where it got broken and didnt heal correctly. Rolling down my trousers i looked at niall. "No room there". Tears poured from Nialls eyes. My eyes were dry. I had cried all my tears. Niall cried for me. "see Niall, there is no room" He wrapped his arms around me, rocking me gently. "Im sorry" He edged out his words. They were corse, his throat dry. We sat there together for an hour, in a comfortable silence. Niall broke it, his voice strong once more. "Piper" I looked up at him, our eyes meeting. "What happened with zayn" I turned my head away from his sight. "Nothing.." I said "really, nothing" But that wasnt true, something had happened with Zayn. Something I will never forget. ever.

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