It'll Never Be The End

Birthdays have never gone right for Piper jade. Every time something goes wrong. In the 18 years of her life never once has she been wished a happy birthday, blown out the candles or even opened a present. But on this birthday her life changes, set free into the world she bumps into a curly haired boy. What happens when that curly haire boy turns out to be harry styles? But can he help her? Will she let him into her world? No matter how fast she can run and how well she can hide, will her past catch up with? Because it will never be the end.


6. Nandos.

Niall took my hand and lead me out to the games room, all the boys were there; including zayn. When they saw me they all ran up to me, except Zayn. Louis was really sweet and careful. i guess he didnt want to scare me. "are you ok?"asked harry as he hugged me. I nodded and smiled. "Im hungry" wined niall. "Nandos?" there were a few cheers and then all eyes turned on me. I nodded, "I dont know what nandos is... but ill come" Niall looked outraged. "NEVER BEEN TO NANDOS?!!?!?" we all laughed and headed out to the car. Harry drove and louis sat next to him. Liam sat in the boot and I was inbetween Niall and Zayn. I cursed under my breath, not wanting to alert niall. Harry started to drive off, Zayns leg brushed mine. Shivers went down my spine as i quickly squidged up to Niall, who looked confuesed. Zayn didnt look at me and I didnt look at him. When we got to Nandos Niall and louis ran out the car screetching. A couple of fans came over and the boys did there dutys. I hung my head in shame. Not wanting to be noticed. Harry realised and hurried everyone inside. I smiled and hugged him "Thanks harry" he grinned "thats alright" we walked into nandos and sat down. "right" said the waiter, she was old and although she reconised the boys she wasnt wanting photos or autographs all the boys order, including Niall who basically had he whole menu. "And for you?" the waitress looked at me, smiling. I looked at harry who was sitting next to me, he piped up. "She would like the piri priri chicken and a coke please" He smiled and the waitress went off. "thanks, again" i sighed, becoming tired of how usless i was. "So piper, tells us about you?" Liam looked at me and smiled softly. "well..." i started, looking around the table. What was i going to say? Anything but the truth. "I need oxygen to breath and im a human" The boys spluttered out laughing, i smiled. "What?!?! You think im lying?" "no, no of course not" Liam laughed. "I like this one" said louis,"sassy, she may not like me but i definatly like her" I smiled. what should i say? Niall stepped in for me. "Louis im sure P likes you its just your really loud and shes not used to that" Louis smiled at me and I smiled back "good then". Liam tried again, "Age? Birthday? full name? Hometown-" louis butted in "sexuality?" All the boys and me stared at him "What? harry probably wants to know" He grinned mischeiviously and harry turned bright red. I laughed "18, Birthday is tod-" "WHATTT?" screeched all the boys except zayn. "My birthday is today, May 30th" i stated camly. "And your not having a party or any presents?" "Nope, never have" Louis looked at me, his mooth drooping open "You. have. never. had. a. party. or. presents." "nope" i smiled. What was wrong with that. "Somebody take Piper out for 10" zayn shot up "I will" I sat there nervously, no,no,no this cant be happening. I cant react or Niall will know. Camly i stood up and headed off with Zayn. We left the resturant and walked along the path. Zayn looked at me, his dark chocolate eyes pleading. "Dont tell, please. Expesially not perrie." I said nothing yet walked faster. Zayn caught my arm. "DONT TOUCH ME" i screeched at him and flinched away, rubbing my arm. It was dark as we sat down on the park bench. "Piper, i cant undone whats been done, but i can say im sorry" I cast him a glare "Sorry wont help zayn, please stay away" Zayn almost looked sad. "I wont hurt you again. it wasnt even that bad" My face flushed with anger, hatrid, sadness, bad memories, the worst memories.


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