It'll Never Be The End

Birthdays have never gone right for Piper jade. Every time something goes wrong. In the 18 years of her life never once has she been wished a happy birthday, blown out the candles or even opened a present. But on this birthday her life changes, set free into the world she bumps into a curly haired boy. What happens when that curly haire boy turns out to be harry styles? But can he help her? Will she let him into her world? No matter how fast she can run and how well she can hide, will her past catch up with? Because it will never be the end.


2. Memories and making ups

Ow! My head really hurt. Opening my eyes the world spun around me. I heard whispers and i bolted up. Looking to my left i saw to boy. "Shes awake harry" one of them said. the other one whispered back "do you think she knows who we are?" What are they on about. I have never seen these boys in my life! I looked The closest boy up and down. he had a big mop of curly green hair and peircing green eyes. He noticed that i was looking at him and he smiled cheekily, showing some dimples. i turned my gaze to the other boy. I drew in my breath, oh god. Memories of Louis came flushing back. He was there standing right next to the curly haired boy. My brother, Louis. I knew it wasnt him, but they looked so alike. I couldnt believe my eyes. i started to gasp for breath. The boy came closer "Are you okay love?" i Took some steps back and gulped lodly. the  other boy piped up. "Im harry and this is louis" This couldnt be happening. I turn and ran, sprinting for my life. Images and memories flooding my brain. Tears soaking my cheeks. I carried on running, i was fast but that harry boy and Louis were faster. They cornered me at a tree. One either side. "I wont hurt you, im sorry" Said Louis his eyes gleaming with tears. Harry nodded and looked from Louis to me. "Its going to be ok, alright?" Slowly and cautiosly i nodded. A group of girls ran of squealing, i backed away. "Hi Harry, Hi louis!!!" They were literally jumoing up and down. One cast a glance over to me. She nudged the other girls and they giggled. Harry and Louis Didnt notice and took some photos with them. One girl whispered to another "eww Look at her, shes so ugly, and her clothes.." They giggled yet again and the other one started of "Yep her face, and hair its so messy. Why is she around the boys" Harry and Louis had obviously heard, just like me. They shifted uncomfortably, but were to nice nice to complain. I looked all of the girls up and down, they were right. There hair was perfect length and nice and shiny. They were all naturally beautiful and had applied mascara and other make up here and there to enhance their beauty. The were all very skinny and well shaped. They wore really short shorts, and skimpy tops. All designer. I sighed and looked at myself. I was wearing really old jeans, holey converse and a hoodie. My hair was a tatter and mucky and i had no makeup on. The boys turned their backs to me and signed some other fans autographs while I hung my head in shame. A sudden idea flashed into my head. The boys werent looking, I could run! I ran off again, I heard the boy call after me but they would never catch me up . I ran out of the park and along the pavement. Suddenly some strong arms grabbed me. I flinched in pain, not from the arms but from the bruises and cuts under them. I turned round and saw harry "your pretty fast...For a girl" the corner of his lips twitched upwards into a smile. He was still breathing heavily from the run. "your pretty fast, for a girl too" He spluttered out laughing. I noticed his arms were still around me. "ahh so she has good humor, not just a pretty face" I smiled and blushed "Humor, I try. Face, No point trying" I wriggled out of his grip. I heard some shouts and saw louis, he was running very slowly. Panting hard and reaching out his arms at us, even though he was a good 3 minutes away. I tried to hold back my laughter, harry couldnt. This kid was funny but I still couldnt trust him. When he finally reached us his face was red, from running or laughing im not to sure.

"Look umm" louis gestured at me "Piper" I corrected him. He continued "Piper, i err never meant to scare you I was just trying to be friendly." He gave me a sincere look "Its ok, you just remind me of someone, and it freaked me out" Harry and Louis looked at each other nervously. "Anyway" i continued "What is all this famous buissness?"

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