Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


12. What to wear?


My alarm buzzed its way through my ears at the time I'd set it for, 8:30am.

"CARMYYYYYY!! Come on! You don't want to be late!!" Holly came bursting through my bedroom door because I asked her to help me get ready for my day out with Zayn. "I'm up! Keep your hair on! How did you get in anyways?" She rolled her eyes and grabbed my arm. Swinging my sleepy body out of bed, she told me that my mum let her in. "Okay, so I text Lucy and she's coming round to help too since she knows Zayn the most" Well I suppose that's a good idea. "What time?" I walked over to my closet and shoved a load of my clothes around. "20 minutes. What you wearing?" Holly asked, walking towards me. "I don't even know! Help me?!" What I normally choose to wear on a normal day is just comfy clothes, but when it comes to going on a date with Zayn Malik from One Direction, I had no idea what so ever! "That's what I'm here for!" We both started searching for the perfect out-fit for me to wear.




I ran out of my room and down the stairs to my front door. Peeping through the peep hole, I saw Lucy with some bags and her phone to her ear. Her mouth was moving so she was on the phone to someone. I opened the door. "Yes... yes... YES! I'm here now. I'll be back in an hour to help you. Okay?" Was she talking to Zayn? She put the phone into her pocket and smiled at me. "Fashion woman is here to help" Holding the bags to her head, she nodded to the stairs and I let her in. "Who was on the phone?" I asked as she headed for the stairs. "Just Zayn. He's stressed about this date with you. He dunt know what to wear" Lucy explained. I blushed a little. "Oh" I chuckled awkwardly. After I got drinks for us all, I made my way back upstairs and into my room. Holly and Lucy were talking about hair and make-up. "Ahhh! Carmela! Come down and sit on this stool." They had everything set up and organised. "Well you come prepared don't you?" We all laughed as I sat on the stool.

When Lucy arrived she had four bags on her. Later I found that she had brought me the perfect out-fit. An electric blue, summer dress with silver sparkling flats and a neckless with a heart on it. "Lucy, this is perfect! I love it. Thank you!" I hugged her and skipped into the bathroom to get ready.

Holly will be doing my make-up and Lucy is sorting my hair, so I washed my face, brushed my teeth and combed through my hair. After I'd cleaned up I forgot all about a shower. "Oops!" I undressed and jumped in.

It wasn't a long shower because I needed to get ready before Lucy left to help Zayn. I blow dried my hair and dried my body before putting on my dress and shoes. Happy with the way I looked, I opened the bathroom door to see Lucy on her phone again and Holly sorting out the make-up. "Zayn....Zayn...ZAYN RELAX!" Lucy shouted down the phone. He really must be stressing over this whole thing. Then again, so am I. "I... I..I'LL BE BACK IN HALF AN HOUR!" She shouted and hung up on Zayn. She smiled at me, I smiled back and Holly laughed. "Hair first then make-up!" Holly ordered. "Sit down over near the curlers." I did as told and sat on the stool. "What are you doing?" To be honest, I don't know why they were making such fuss. "It's a suprise. You'll like it though" Lucy smiled and started on my hair.


"Done!" She smiled, pleased with her work.

"Great, can I have a look?"

"Nope. Make-up first then you can look." I sighed but let Holly start on my make-up.

"Okay, girls, I gotta go help Zayn. See ya in a couple hours?" Lucy grabbed her stuff and walked out of the door. "Hey, Lucy?"

"Yeah?" She smiled.

"Thanks" I smiled. "No problem! You look amazing by the way." We shared another smile and Lucy left.

"Okay, close your eyes" Holly told me. I did as asked and closed them.



 "Thanks Lou" I climbed out of Louis cars and ran up to Zayn house. I waved Louis off and knocked on the door. After I'd helped Carmela with her hair, I rang Louis to take me to Zayn.

The door flung off open and there stood a very stressed Zayn. "Lucy! vas happenin." I giggled and walked in. "What's happening with me? What's happening with you?" He scratched the back of his neck and led me to his room. "Yeah, sorry. Thanks for helping me out though!" I smiled and entered his room. "WOW. Zayn it looks like a bomb has hit here!" Clothes were everywhere; on his bed, all over the floor, some hung from his curtain rail and shoes were scattered along the bottom of his back wall, near the window. He chuckled and flopped onto his bed. "Come on! There's gotta be something to wear!" I sat down next to him. "There actually isn't. I think we need to go shopping!" I sighed. "Well we need to go now then! get a move on!" We stood up and walked back down stairs. "How exactly are we going to get to the mall?" Zayn pulled his phone out, tapped a few things and put it to his ear. "Hey, Niall? We need to go to the mall and you kinda need to drive us........ AWW come on Niall.. Please?" Zayn looked at me and shook his head. I held my hand out and he passed me his phone. "Hey Niall it's Lucy. My ankle really hurts and I hate catching the bus, please drive us to the mall..... Zayn's house. Yeah, okay thanks!" I hung up and passed Zayn his phone. "How the.. wow!" Zayn's mouth was in the shape of an 'O'. I just laughed and sat on the wall in front of Zayn house to wait for Niall.


"Hey Zayn! What about this shop?!" We'd been walking around for twenty minutes, been in at least seven shops and still not found an out-fit for Zayn. "Niall! Come one, walk away from the pizza!" I sighed and walked into a shop that I couldn't even pronounce the name of.

After walking around and trying on different clothes, I found it. This is the one! "Zayn!" He ran over with Niall behind. "Please tell me you've found something?! I'm so tired!" I nodded and showed him. He grabbed it and walked to the dressing room. I'm guessing he likes it. Niall and I followed and waiting outside the dressing room. "How's your ankle?" Niall asked, starting a conversation. "Fine thanks" I turned to look in the mirror on the wall. Bringing my hand up, I puffed my hair and sighed, pouting my lips. "What's up?" I made a 'gurr' sound. "Nothing. I'm just really warm" I saw Niall nod and open Zayn's curtain. "Looking dappa bro!" Zayn walked out and made his way to the body length mirror. "How do I look?" I made a few tweeks and smiled. "As Niall said... dappa" I laughed. "Great then lets go, Carmela will be here in an hour and I haven't done my hair"

We paid and made our way home.

"Thanks Niall. See you in an hour or so. I'll walk home coz' I need to nip to the shop before I come back" I smiled as we got out and Niall drove off.


While Zayn was making a few last additions to his look, I stood in the living room awaiting on Carmela.

"ZAYN. SHE'S HERE!" I shouted upstairs and walked to the door. There stood a very happy yet nervous Carmela. "Carmy! You look amazing!" She blushed. I ushered her to come in. She waved Holly off and stepped inside. "I'll go get Zayn!" I ran off to his room. "Zayn come on! She's waiting!" He was pacing his room. "Where should I take her, Lucy?" I sat him down on the bed. "Nothing too big. Take her for icecream or to the movies" He nodded and made his way down to Carmela.

"Wow!" Zayn said with his mouth open. I walked passed him, brushing his shoulder. "Don't stare! Close your mouth!" I whispered. He shook his head. "You look amazing!" Carmela blushed. "Thank you" Zayn held his arm out and Carmela happily took it. "Come on beautiful. Let's go" Zayn gave her a cheeky wink and left. They looked so cute together!

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