Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


49. We're just friends?

"Are you even listening to me?" Holly nudged her elbow into my side. "Yes, of course I am." I lie. I wasn't listening at all to what she was saying. I was too busy thinking about Carter and that look he gave me this morning. I don't know what look it was, but it scared me. "No you aren't because you're messing with your bottom lip. Your nervous, Lucy. What's up?" My hand dropped from my lip and found it's way to the plastic fork on my tray. School meals really are horrible. "Nothing, I'm fine." I lie again. "Alright, OK." Holly huffed, clearly annoyed that I'm not telling her what's wrong. "Hello ladies." Jackson smirked as he sat down beside me. Harry followed him and sat down on the other end of the table, shoving food into his mouth. How can he eat this stuff?

We sat and ate for the rest of dinner but Holly disappeared half way through mine and Jackson's conversation about the music studies project we've been set for next week. "Mr Johnson said we could work in pairs, you know?" Jackson spoke as he walked me to my math room. "Yeah, I know." My eyes flickered to the side of me to find Carter lent up against the lockers talking to some girl. His eyes caught mine and he sent me a smirk. Quickly looking away, I grabbed onto Jackson's hand and pulled him to walk faster. "So erm about that project. I was.." He stuttered as we reached my room. "I'd love to work with you, Jackson." I laughed. His eyes widened in shock. "Awesome." He smiled. "So I'll meet you after English then?" I smiled back at him and walked into my math room. 





The rest of my lesson went by is flash. I got some work to complete at home in science and some research to do in English. I lent against my locker, waiting for Jackson. The bell rang five minutes ago, he should be here by now. Seconds later, a boy with brown scruffy hair rounded the corner with his head down. He looked up and his eyes met mine. "Oh my god, Jackson! What happened?" I ran to him and gentle pressed the palm of my hand to his warm, bloody cheek. "Nothing. Let's go." His fists were clenched to his side, his once warm, calm eyes were dark and angry. "Clearly something did happen to you or did you just beat yourself up?" I frowned as he walked off in front of me then stopped and turned around. "Why do you care?" His voice was quiet but still angry.

"Why wouldn't I care?" I ask, just as quiet as him. Without any notice, Jackson moved quick on his feet and stood in front of me, pressing his lips to mine. I was shocked at first. Why would he just kiss me like that? And why am I kissing him back? His lips are soft and warm, not like I thought they would be. My eyes fluttered closed as Jackson's hand rose up to rest on my cheek. I could feel him smile against my lips as he pulled away. My eyes snapped open, our faces inches away. 

"What was that all about?" I asked, utterly confused as to why the hell he just kissed me for no apparent reason what so ever. "From the day I bumped into you in that shop, I've wanted nothing more but to kiss you. I thought now was the right moment." He brushed the back of his hand over the blood that was still slightly creeping from his nose. I just looked at him in disbelief.

"So the kiss didn't mean anything? You just wanted to kiss me for no reason?" 

"Did the kiss mean anything to you?" 

"I don't know, not really. You?" Honestly, I didn't feel anything when Jackson kissed me but it was a nice kiss, I guess. 

"Not really. Maybe I was pushing my feelings too much for you. They just aren't that strong as I thought." He admits and starts to walk to the main entrance of school. I follow him and carry on the conversation.

"Feelings? You have feelings for me?" 

"Yes. Here's me thinking you would fall at my feet and want to be with me forever if I kissed you." He laughs awkwardly. 

"Why are you only just telling me this now?" 

"You'd find out someday. I guess I didn't want to fall in deep for you and get rejected when I really liked you. Since my feelings for you are little, I kissed you now to find the spark."

"And did you? Find the spark?" He shakes his head.

"Not even a little."

"Am I really that bad of a kisser?" I laugh. He laughs along with me as we head down the road to my house. 


The walk to my house was slow and awkward but not a weird kind of awkward. Neither one of us minded the quiet really. "So are you going to tell me who busted up your face?" I ask once I open my front door. We take our shoes off and I lead him into the kitchen to clean the blood from him and from my hand from when I placed it on his cheek earlier. "If I told you, it'd have to kill you." He joked. I smiled and grabbed a wet cloth. "Sit down. I'll clean you up then we can start on that project, OK?" He nodded and took a seat on the stool. 

"Carter did it." My eyes widened.

"What happened? Tell me everything!" 

"What's the deal with you and him anyways?" I stay quiet and begin to wipe the dried blood from his nose and busted lip. 

"I take that as an 'you aren't telling me' then." He sighs. I could tell him but not until I know I trust him 100%. 

"He's in my gym class and something and nothing happened, he said some shit about you that I didn't even know what the hell he meant so I popped him one in the nose. Then he took a swing at me and we kinda got into a fight." 

"He said something about me?" 

"Yeah but don't ask me what 'coz I can't remember." I nod and finish cleaning the blood from his face. 

"You have really pretty eyes, did you know that?" I smiled at Jackson as he coughed out of awkwardness, shuffling on the stool. 

"No, I didn't but thanks." He smiled at me and brushed a piece of hair behind my ear. Our eyes locked and he lent in for, I'm guessing, another kiss. 

"Lucy, are you home?" A voice shouted. Jackson moved away from me as quick as possible. 


Amy walked in with five shopping bags and a take away bag from Nandos.

"Hey, I brought dinner, who's this?" 

"Thanks, this is Jackson. He's my.." 

"Friend. I'm here to work on a school music project with your sister. Nice to meet you." Jackson held his hand out to shake my sisters. She took it and smiled at us. 

This couldn't have been a more awkward day. 

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