Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


27. Travelling.

"Dad? Amy?" I called through the empty house. Everything was wrapped in either boxes, paper or bubble wrap. "In the kitchen love" I flopped into the kitchen to see my dad packing the last of our belonging into a huge cardboard box. "Hey sweetie" I just nodded, not wanted to really speak to my dad. "You have to talk to me sometime love. I do love you" I rolled my eyes and lent against the island in the center of our kitchen. "Whatever dad but I can't say I love you back 'coz I don't think I do right now" I stated. Amy came barging into the kitchen with a bag of shoes placed on her left arm. "Lucy" Amy nodded. "Hi" I answered, looking down at my high heels. "I'm going to go change, what time do we leave?" "In half an hour, be ready!" I mumbled a 'whatever' as I walked out of the kitchen, up to my room. Although it wont be my room in half an hours time. 

I saw my stripy suitcase in the center of my room floor. I decided against shorts and a tank top since I was really cold. I went with my dark blue skinny's and a top that said 'I <3 Food' on the front. I styled my hair in a loose bun on the top of my head and slid a '3 sizes too big' jumper over my top. Don't ask why the jumper was three sizes too big, I just love loose clothing. Plus I don't even think it's mine. I looked in my mirror and checked over my out-fit. I looked... presentable so I walked out of my room, grabbing my suitcase and the rest of my things that I was taking to America. 

My phone vibrated as I slid it into my pocket. I moaned and fished it out. My screen read- One Missed Call. It was from Liam. I deleted it from my logs and slid my phone back into my jeans pockets, not bothering to call him back. Amy and my dad were outside loading everything onto a huge truck. I didn't really understand the whole concept about how all our things would be moved over to America and sent to our new home. I shrugged it off and walked into my dad's study room. It was weird to see it so empty. I pulled my phone out again and opened up my Twitter App. Composing a new tweet, I wrote:

'Can't believe I'm moving to America! I've spent 13 years of my life here in London and now I'm leaving everything behind. All just for my dad's stupid job! -_-' 

I pushed the add photo button and clicked on camera, turning it to face me. I set it on the windowsill and set the timer for 5 seconds. I stood back and posed for the picture, showing my whole body. I checked it before adding 'Oh and I love this jumper! *-* ' at the end of my tweet. I read over it and pressed 'Tweet'.  

"Lucy! Come on!" My dad shouted. "I'm coming!" One more look around should do it. I looked in the kitchen, the room, everything looked so weird to me! Even the closet was like a deserted place, in the middle of nowhere. 



"your insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or. Don't need make-up to cover up, being the way that you are is enough.... 

Baby you light up my world like no bod-" I turned the channel to the radio as we road in the car. "Hey! I like that song!" Amy wined from the back. Why was she in the back? 'Coz I called shotgun! "Well I don't!" I defended. "Put it back on!"  "No, I don't want to"  "Lucy, just put it back on. You're so suborn!" She huffed. "Maybe so but I called shotgun so I have control of the radio so HA!" I backfired. That certainly shut her up. Lucy- 1. Amy- 0. 



"Daaaaaad, are we almost at the airport? I need to stretch my legs!" I wined. "Yes love. We'll be there in about ten minutes!" We've been in the car almost 3 hours. Stupid traffic! The journey was only supposed to take, just over 2 hours. 


half an hour later and we finally came to the airport. "You lied to me!" I pouted. "Well I didn't know there was going to be an accident right outside the airport, did I." I rolled my eyes and stepped out of the car, once it was parked in it's 'special spot'. My dad said something about 'the car has to be parked here so some workers can take it to the plane and have it "sent" to America'. I didn't really understand it but I didn't care to be honest.


***2-3 HOURS LATER.*** I'm going to skip out the part about all the customs and everything because it's all boring!


"Dad I can't find m- doesn't matter" I looked down at my feet as we sat on the plane ready for it to set off. I heard him laugh along with some old woman sat across from us. It's not my fault! I thought I'd lost my phone! I switched it onto aeroplane mode and put it back in my pocket. 

"How long is the light?" I asked with my eyes closed. "Around nine hours." an unfamiliar voice told me. I opened my eyes to see a boy with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes, staring down at me, smirking. "Thanks" I smiled, blushing a little. He was really cute! "No problem, I'm Joshua but I like Josh better" He smiled. "Is this seat taken?" Josh then asked me. "I looked around to see Amy sat on her own and my dad sat next to me, smiling as he had his eyes closed. "Not that I know of." I answered him. He smiled and sat down on the seat next to me. "I never got your name" OK, to me this seems like it's going to be ones of those romantic moments where a boy meets a girl and they get to know eachother and hit it of straight away, laugh and joke around and end up together. So that's what I'm feeling like. Like that would happen though. I mean, he's super cute and is probably only going on holiday with his family in America. "Lucy, my name is Lucy" I smiled. "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He explained. I giggled and looked down at my hands. "So, Lucy, who are you here, on holiday with?" He started the small talk which I didn't mind. I'm going to be on a stuffy plane for nine or so hours so I like the company! I laughed slightly. "My dad and older sister Amy and we aren't going on holiday, I'm moving to America from London." My face turned from a smile to a frown. "Oh. How come? If you don't mind me asking?" I smiled again and shook my head. "No it's fine. Well, you see my dad got a job promotion so we had to move. I didn't want to because, well, erm, my mum died in London so I didn't want t-to leave her behind." I looked at him and studied his face. His brown eyes grew as he stared right back at me, he had a few freckles under his eyes but you could only see them close up. Josh looked away from me and then back into my eyes. "I'm sorry about that, Lucy" He apologized like he was the one who killed my mum or something. "It's fine, Josh, really. She died when I was 4 so I guess I can just stand the fact she has gone but it still hurts when I talk about it, 'ya know?" I asked rhetorically. He just nodded and grabbed his bag, putting it in the over head compartment.





"Josh, Josh, Joshua!" I opened my eyes to see a little girl with cute blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, a little like Niall's, standing in front of Josh' seat. "What's the matter Dais?" Josh asked concerned. Dais? as in Daisy? That's such a cute name! Fit's her well. Her hair was in two pigtails, wrapped in ribbon. She was wearing a pretty pink dress and looked really tired. "Mummy's gown to sweep and I need a wee-wee" She said in 'baby speak'. "OK. I'll take you to the toilet" I'm guessing she's his sister. Josh got up and took Daisy's hand, leading her to the toilet. They came back a couple of minutes later. "You'll have to go back to your seat Daisy, your not meant to be here and if mum wakes up she'll wonder where you are" Josh told the little girl. She nodded, hugged Josh and slowly walked back to her seat. 

"She was a little cutie! Who is she?" I asked once she was out of site. "That's my little sister, Daisy. Me, her and my mum are coming on holiday to America for three weeks."  "Nice" I said, smiling and nodding. I was about to open my mouth again to ask Josh how old she was when she came running back to Josh' side. "Josh.. mummy swill sweeping and I can't weed my book!" She made a sad face and held a book in her hand. "Alright, come on then. I guess it wont hurt you being here with me." Josh pulled Daisy onto his lap and started reading the book to her. 

I fished my phone out of my pocket and opened Twitter. My mentions were blowing up and I had gained four thousand followers in the last couple of hours. I nearly choked on my own spit. "What the-" I whispered. 

I looked through my mentions to see tweets like:


@AliceSimmons : @lucyjade725 @Real_Liam_Payne Who are you? You're so ugly! Stay away from my man bitch! 


@Libby4OneDirection : @lucyjade725 @Real_Liam_Payne Who the fuck do you think you are! and why the hell do you have my mans jumper! Stupid bitch

My eyes went wide with shock! Why have I been mentioned with Liam's in the same tweet about two thousand time? The one that shocked me the most was:

@1D'sbabe_niallgirl : @lucyjade725 @Real_Liam_Payne She needs to go and die. She not even pretty. What the fuck? 

I started to cry at that. Why were people telling me to die and saying I was ugly? I didn't even do anything! 

I carried on scrolling down my mentions to see one from @Real_Liam_Payne. He had tweeted me saying:

"@lucyjade725 I thought I was missing a jumper! Keep it though babe, suits you well :)" I smiled and looked above his tweet. It was a reply to the tweet I posted back in London with the 3 sizes too big jumper on. 

I continued to look through all the tweet's that people were sending me. Some were nice ones saying I was lucky to have met Liam and for him to give me his jumper. If only they knew that, that is not how I got the jumper. 

After Josh had read the book to his little sister, I put my phone away and closed my eyes. "Hey Lucy, what's up?" Josh asked me. "Nothing" I snapped turning my face away from his. He didn't reply so I think I scared him or something. "No Josh, I'm sorry! I'm such a bitch!" I answered. "No you're not, it's OK"






I had just woken up to someone shaking me. I groaned and opened my eyes, one by one. Josh was there smiling down at me. I realised that I was leaning on his shoulder. Shit! I shot up and opened my eyes fully while Josh laughed at me. "Josh, I'm sorry. I didn't know I was leaning against your shoulder" I told him, shyly. "It's OK. I don't mind, it was quite comfy actually" He smiled which made me smile too. Did I mention his smile was contagious? Well it is! "Oh, so why did you wake me?" I curiously asked. "No reason, I just wanted to talk before we land. We should be in America in two hours" I nodded and sat up straight. "What do you want to talk about?" Josh asked me. Why did he wake me up to talk and then not know what to talk about? Urgh! 

"Age?" I asked him, starting the conversation. "14. You?" I thought he'd be older than that. "13. Favourite colour?" 

"Easy one, red!" 

"Really? Red is a boring colour" He gasped and fake being hurt. We laughed together and got a couple of stares but we didn't mind. "Go on then, what's yours?"  "Baby blue or green" I answered truthfully. "Right, and you say red is a boring colour" Josh smirked. I playfully smacked him on the arm. We laughed again. "What do you like to do, like in your free time?" Josh asked me. "When I was back in London I would go out with my best friend and only friend Eloise or just sit in my room, singing or dancing" He looked at me weirdly. "Only friend?" He repeated what I said. "Yes, believe it or not, I didn't like many people in my school or town, they would either make fun of me, not talk to me or even notice me or I just didn't like them. Me and Eloise have been friends for 7 years but she's like a sister to me. That's another reason I don't want to move to America" I frowned. "Oh" Was his only response. "You like to sing?" He then asked. I nodded and smiled. "I want to do something with it but I don't believe I'm good enough, plus I don't like singing in front of loads of people, the only people who have heard me sing is my mum and Eloise" I explained. Josh nodded like he really understood me. I felt like I've known him for my whole life, like I can tell him anything. "What about you?" I asked him. "I dance with my street dance group or look after my sister while mum works and when I'm not doing that I just go out." My grin turned into a huge smile. "You have a street dance group?!" I got excited. "Yeah, why?" We locked eyes. "Nothing, it's just I love street dance! Eloise is really good at it and she taught me some moves but I'm not as good as her" Josh smiled and we continued our conversation.




Four hours later, we finally reached our new home in Ohio, America. Josh gave me his number because we found out he was staying in the hotel just down the road from my house. From the outside, the house didn't look that bad. It was huge! So much bigger than my house in London, and the weather was absolutely amazing! 



Hope you like this chapter, I worked hard but it isn't that good :-/ I missed writing SO much over these two weeks! But I need some help off someone, IF ANYONE LIVES IN OHIO OR ANYWHERE IN AMERICA THEN I NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE? Because I have no idea of any places in Ohio or America. If you help I'll write you an imagine or something :)

I'm hoping to get another chapter up today so.. yeah. Thanks guys, love yas! ~Lucy xx 

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