Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


2. Tonights the night.

It has been a week since the start of our Summer holidays and I already hate it! Eloise hasn't been in touch with me at all and I've been under my sisters command. She is having a house party tonight and she's locking me up in my room until it's over. I tried my best to make her change her mind but when does she ever listen to me? Never!

So far today, Amy had me clean the whole house and make sure everything was ready for her party. I don't know why when it'll just get recked later on.


I was cooped up in my room, watching TV when I heard my name been called from down stairs. I grabbed my remote to turned off the sound and listened. "For fuck sake... LUCY!!" Yup, that was are Amy. For some reason I laughed and climbed out of my bed. After walking around a little in my room, looking for my jumper, I opened my door and struggled to the top of the stairs. Only to find my sister in her pyjamas. I gave her a funny look..

"It's a slumber party" She laughed. Wow! Was she been nice to me?

"Really? So can I come down instead of staying in my room? Please.." I clapped my hands together and literally begged. Amy sighed. "I would let you but It's still the normal party with alcohol and everything so, no" She gave me a weak yet sarcastic smile and turned to walk away. "Amy?" She turned around again and looked me straight in the eyes. "Yes?" This was getting creepy now. She was actually been nice to me. "What did you shout my name for?"

"Oh yeah. Dad called and said his trip will be four weeks instead of two" Great. That means I have to be under her command for even longer. Staring to walk back to my room I heard my sister snap. "And don't bother trying to sneek down tonight either or I'll make you clean everything up in the morning!" Well, that nice act lasted long didn't it. She'll only make me clean it up any way so why bother saying that. Every time she has a party, I'd have to clean up the house the morning after, nurse Amy's hangover and sort out everything before dad got back. This time I suppose it didn't really matter because dad wouldn't be back the day after. Either way, I'd always have to clean up someones puke. Yes, lucky me..


I changed into my short pyjamas with a simple light blue top. After brushing my teeth and letting my long, brown hair fall out of its bun, I climbed into bed and tried my best to fall to sleep. It was impossible! The music had started blasting out of the speakers and people started to arrive. Looks like I wont be sleeping tonight!

I sat up in bed letting out a long, huge sigh. I needed to leave this place. Maybe not forever. Maybe just until the end of the holidays. You may think I'm been dramatic or stupid but it's honestly a living hell in this place! I don't know where I'd go or how I'd get there but I'm going... tonight.

To make it look like I wasn't actually running away to the outside world, I'm only taking a little bag with the essentials I need; my favourite clothes, my phone and a charger for when I find a place and all the money I had saved, which is exactly three hundred and seventy nine pounds.

Two hours later, I was all set to go. So Amy or any of her mates wouldn't see me go, I decided to climb out of my window. My bedroom wasn't far off the floor and there was a ladder type, thing on the side of the house. Really, I don't want to go and I'm really scared! I had no idea where I would end up but I couldn't go back now! I wouldn't go back now! I needed to do this! So Amy wouldn't call the police or my dad, I left her a note:


I'm staying at my friends house for a couple of weeks. I'll be back when the summer holidays end. Goodbye.


I grabbed my bag, slung my hair up in a high pony tail and opened my window. The cold, night air hit me as I flung one leg over the ledge. Right now, I am so glad I'm wearing my black skinnies, an ACDC top and my favourite jumper with my black and white high tops. I wasn't a girly girl type so I always wore these type of things.

Finally, I got the whole of my body out of the window and clung to the 'ladder'. Slowly climbing down the wall, my foot slipped and I cut my hand on the wood. I winced in pain but carried on going. Tears started to form in my eyes as blood escaped my hand, flowing down my arm.

My foot slipped again and I fell the rest of the way. It wasn't a big fall but I landed on my ankle funny and it really, badly hurts! So far my plan isn't going to plan but nothing is stopping me!

As soon as I stood up, I fell back down. I couldn't stand on my right foot. "Damn! That's my good foot!"

After five minutes off sitting on the floor, I got up and started to walk on my left foot, limping on my right. I held my hand as I walked down the dimly lit street. Crying to myself, I thought of the best place to go. The old park near the centre of London its self. Which was the park I'd always go to think. It was about twenty minutes away so I set off walking.


I reached the park and sat down on a bench. It wasn't really a cold night so I was OK sleeping here. Never thought I'd sleep on a park bench in my whole entire life!

Tomorrow, I should find a place to live, but where?

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