Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


45. The new year.

Before you start reading, I want to say sorry for not updating on Saturday like I promised and I'm sorry if this chapter sucks!



New years day was great. I didn't have anyone special to spend it with but that's not really what I expected at thirteen if I'm honest. I spent the day with Amy and her boyfriend, James, at the mall then we had a little party, more of a gathering really, at my house. James and my sister have been seeing eachother since Boxing Day, he's a great guy and I like him but my dad, lets just say.. he doesn't. My father says that he shouldn't be with Amy because he's 'not good enough for her' so they aren't on the best of terms right now. It's not the best feeling having to watch your sister and father fight nearly every night over some guy who may or may not be good enough for Amy. 

After laying in bed for half an hour, lazily starting at the ceiling, I decided it would be best if I got up. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. Not many people get excited to go to school but I guess I'm different. I've always had good grades and high set target to achieve in every one of my classes. Some people bully me for it but I tend to ignore them. At the end of the day, I'll be the one getting the skills I need for my future so it doesn't bother me. Having only three days left till my first day, I need to be getting everything ready. Hopping out of bed, I grabbed my favourite pair of jeans, one of Harry's black T-shirts that he left here after Christmas and some underwear, I checked the time and walked out, into my bathroom. 

Once I'd finished in the shower, I lazily stepped out and wrapped a towel around my small frame. I dried my hair and put my curlers on to warm up. 




"Kitchen." I followed the hall way into our kitchen and took an apple from the fruit bowl. I looked over to my dad, reading the news paper and drinking from his I heart coffee mug. "Where's Amy?" I heard my obnoxious father nearly choke on his coffee when I asked. "Out." He answer, obviously pissed that I brought her up. "Where?" I press. "How should I know? she's no doubt with that horrible James lad." The fact that my dad referred to James as "lad" shows that he really doesn't like him. "What do you have against James? He's done nothing wrong to you or anyone for that matter!" He put the morning paper on the small round table in the center of our kitchen and took a long sip from his coffee. "You're acting like a little child. Stop being so obnoxious and admit that there's nothing wrong with James!" My dad looked a little shocked by my outburst. "Nothing wrong with him? What's right with him?" He wrapped the news paper up and popped his mug into the dishwasher. "Seriously dad, what have you got against him? He's been nothing but nice to both me and Amy and if you'd give him the chance, I'm sure you'd find out that there is nothing wrong with him." I saw him roll his eyes as he sat back down at the table. Now he is really acting like a little child. "I don't want to find out anything about that boy, his tattoos and piercings say enough about him and the way he.." My father stopped himself. "The way he what?" I pressed again. "Nothing, I don't even know why I'm having this conversation with you. You're thirteen years old, you know nothing about these sort of things!" His voice rose to match mine a few moments ago. I myself don't know why I'm having this conversation.. argument with my dad. His words hurt my feelings a little, I mean maybe I don't know anything about 'these sort of things' but I do know that James is a nice person, tattoos and piercing and all. "Fine!" I stomped out of the kitchen like a little girl. "Guess who's been the little child now." He laughed. I ignored him and put my shoes on, grabbed my bag and stormed out of the front door. 


My phone vibrated in my pocket as I walked down the street. It's from Harry. I smiled at the screen as I read the message. 

*Hi love. I've only just realised that I've lost one of my black shirts. Do you have it? x*


*Hi Harry. Yeah, I'm wearing it now. sorry x*


I put my phone back in my pocket and carried on walking. My feelings towards Harry have increased a lot since the guys have been gone. I realised that when I starting to feel like a piece of me was missing when he wasn't here. I miss talking to him all the time and just hanging out with him. I know the age between us is a big gap but its not like anything is going to happen between us. Why would he like me, why would anyone like me? My mood changed from happy to sad as I strode up the steps to the small shop. My phone vibrated again but I left it. When it wouldn't stop vibrating, I realised it was a call. 

"Hello?" I forgot to check the caller ID.

"Lucy Loo is that you?" I laughed. James. 

"Hey James! Aren't you with Amy?" 

"No, I thought she was at home? I haven't seen her for two days and she's not answering her phone." My thoughts flash with worry as to where my sister could be. 

"No, the last time I saw her was yesterday afternoon. That's weird." 

"Yeah, I'm scared for her now." This is why I like James, he cares so much for Amy and I know he does everything he can to make her feel like she's wanted. 

"Me too. Just keep trying to ring her and I'll let you know if I hear from her." I smiled even though he can't see me. 

"Alright, thanks kid." He hangs up so I put my phone in my pocket. 


Something hard hits into the side of me, sending me flying onto the shop floor. I winched in pain when I banged my 'arm' on one of the shelves. "Oh god, I'm so sorry!" The voice said. A boy. "Let me help you there." I grabbed his helping hand and jumped up from the floor. "Thank you." I say but don't mean it. I finally looked up at him and noticed the brown haired boy from my class at school. "Sorry, I should've been watching where I was walking." Too right you should have. Although it is sweet of him to be so kind to me. To what I remember, he was nothing but a flirting, jerk the day I went to look around school. I didn't reply, I just smiled and began to walk away. "Sorry for asking but is your name Lucy?" I was a little shocked that he remembered me after all this time but he did flirt with me an awful lot that day. "Yeah, how'd you remember?" I asked, not really wanted to talk to him but not wanted to seem rude either. "How could I forget such a pretty face like yours?" He smirked. "I see you haven't changed much." I huffed and walked down the shopping isle. "OK, I'm sorry alright? I was just trying to make you smile." He followed me. My heart warmed at his words but I wasn't falling for his nice guy act. "You seem to be apologising a lot today." I almost laugh. "You seem to be making me." He interjects. I roll my eyes a grab a bottle of juice from the shelf. "Do you want any help?" Jackson offers. His attitude seems to have changed since the first time I met him. "Erm, I guess. I can't really carry much with one arm." I laugh but Jackson doesn't seem too impressed at my attempt to lighten the mood. "It's not good to take the mick out of yourself." I stayed silent at his comment. He really seems to have changed, although it wasn't really taking the mick out of myself it was more of a fact. 



As I walked up the steps to my house, I heard yelling from inside.

"Why does it matter to you, you've never cared before!" I unlocked the door and quietly stepped inside. "Don't start that! I've always cared for you!" My dad shouts back. This is what it's like every day and night since Amy started seeing James. At least Amy is back. I pulled my phone out and sent James a text telling him that she's OK. "No you haven't dad! Why can't you except James for who he is? He treats me better then anyone else ever has!" My sister shouts. I've had enough of this already. I angrily pulled my shoes off and run upstairs. I flopped onto my bed and screamed into my pillow. Why can't I have a normal family? 


After crying into my pillow for around twenty minutes, I pealed my pathetic self out from my pillow and dropped like a fat slob off my bed. I grabbed some tissue and walked back into my room. My phone started to ring. Louis. A smile grew on my face as I answered. 


"Hey, Louis!"


"Lucy! I miss you so much!" I know I can't see him right now but I can tell he's pouting like a little child.


"I miss you too, so much. It's so boring without you guys here!" I smiled.


"I know, I'd be pretty bored without me there too." Louis laughed. I gave him a fake, sarcastic laugh  back.


"You're so full of yourself." 


"Am not!" 


"We're not doing that, am too, am not argument. I'm not five Louis."  I sigh. I love Louis, silliness and all but sometimes, he's a little too childish. 


"Wow, what's up with you?" 


"Nothing! Just the fact that my sister and father can't go a day without been at each others throat. Ever since Amy starting going out with James, my dad has been nothing but horrible towards James and my sisters relationship with him. He seems to think that James is going to do something to hurt Amy but he's a great guy, amazing in fact. My dad is probably just scared of him because of his tattoos and piercing." I laugh as I imagine James and my dad having an argument while my dad begs him not to hurt him. That would be fun to watch but it wouldn't happen because James isn't that guy, no where near it. 


"Tattoos? Piercing?" I can hear the shock in his voice. 


"Yes. I just feel so much hatred towards my dad right now. I know that he wants Amy to be happy and he doesn't seem to understand that she is, with James!" The angry boils inside of me. My hand grips around my phone. 


"I'm so pissed! If I still had my arm, I'd go down and.. UGH!" I scream.


"Calm down babe. You shouldn't have so much angry towards your father." Louis tells me. I know he's right. I don't respond.


"I'll take your silence as a defeat?" I nod then remember he can't see me. 


"I know." Is all I say.


"Niall wants to talk to you."


My angry fades a little and my fingers loosen from around my phone. The feelings I had towards Niall have slowly disappeared as my feelings for Harry have grown stronger. There's still something inside of me that will always have feelings for Niall but they aren't as strong as before. 


"Can't you just put me on speaker?" I ask, not wanted to talk to just Niall. Shuffling is heard through my speaker. 


"OK, you're on speaker.."




I'm so sorry it was such a long wait. Hopefully I can go back to the weekend updates so I can get into the habit of writing again. 

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~Lucy oxox

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