Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


28. Sister bond.

"I guess this isn't so bad" I whispered to myself. "Is that a swimming pool and hot-tub, in one? NO WAY!" I screamed. I ran out into the yard and my mouth fell open. I've got a feeling I'm going to love it here! "It sure is Luc" My dad spoke from behind me, making me jump. "I thought I told you not to call me that" I mumbled. "Why can't I call you Luc? That is your name, just shortened. I thought you like being called Luc?" I turned to face him. "I love being called Luc but only by the people who really know me and see me more than 3 hours a day, dad!" I sighed and walked back into the house, not giving him chance to answer me. I won't enjoy this so much if he's always going to bug me. I mean, he hasn't been a real dad to me or Amy ever since my mum died and I don't see why he has to start trying to be our dad for once. He could have done that nine years ago!


After I looked around downstairs, I grabbed 3 bags, I could see that belonged to me, and walked upstairs. Downstairs is way better than my old house in London! I'm actually suprised as to how much I've fallen in love with this house. Although, I'm not too sure about America it's self. 

"Dad? Which bedroom is for who?!" I shouted. "You take first pick Luc, we're not bothered" I sighed, I could have sworn I told him like, 20 minutes ago NOT to call me Luc. "Daaaad!" I whined/shouted. "Sorry, I won't call it you again, I swear!" I rolled my eyes and stalked off down the hall way. I looked in one room. "Nope, that's a bathroom" I carried on walking. "How big do you want this house?" I asked myself. Once I got to the end of the hall way, I opened a light brown, wooden door and entered the room. "Nice one" I set my bags on the floor, over by a, "A WALK-IN-WARDROBE. No way!" I smiled. "Baggie having this room!!!" I shouted, running to the top of the stairs. "Lucy! Come here for a sec!" I heard Amy shout. I walked down, into the kitchen. Everything was already set out in there. That didn't take long, I thought to myself. "What's up sis?" I would never normally say that but I was in a happy mood so, yeah. "Someone's happy?" I laughed and nodded. "Can I borrow some of your mascara for today? I've ran out and need to go get some" I hopped onto a bar stool that was place next to the island in the middle of our kitchen. "Sure. Would you mind if I come with you? I want to look around"  "Yeah but if a fit guy walks past at any time, don't be weird, OK?" I laughed. "Promise, Thanks" I ran back to my new room and changed into my blue short, shorts and a white and purple tank top. I checked my hair in the bathroom mirror on my way downstairs and noticed it was a mess. I groaned and puffed it and added a few grips so it had that messy "slag" look. "Eh, that'll do" I ran downstairs and jumped onto the sofa next to Amy. "You really to go kiddo?" I smiled, she hasn't called me that since I was seven. "Yep" I said, popping the 'P'.

"Are we taking the car?" Amy nodded and stood up. I grabbed my money, that had being transferred from English money to American money, my phone, my jacket and the car keys from the kitchen counter. "Bye dad" I shouted and slammed the door.


While we were on our way to the mall, I remembered that we weren't in London anymore and Amy probably didn't know where she was going but then again it was the mall so she probably does. "Amy, do you know where you're going?" I decided to ask, just in case. She nodded and smirked. "Of course I do Luc" I just laughed. 


"WEEEEEEE ARE NEVER EVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER!" Amy shouted along to the radio, leaving me in fits of laughter at the side of her. My phone started to vibrate in my shorts pocket. I turned the radio down and answered. "Hello?"


"Louis? Is that you?"

"Yeah buddy!"

"Am I on speaker?"

"Maybe" He dragged out the 'E'.

"So, what you calling me for at this time?" Then I remembered the time zone difference.

"I miss you and couldn't be bothered to text so"

"OK Lou, what do you want?" I heard him laugh along with Harry and Niall? My heat skipped a beat when I heard Niall's voice. "I miss you Lucy Lu!" I closed my eyes tight shut. "I miss you too Nialler" Tears threatened to fall but I didn't let them. "Oh and thanks Liam! I have around two thousand people saying I should died and that I'm ugly!" I nearly shouted. "Just ignore them t-"

"Liam, I don't care! Thanks for the jumper though!" I smiled, calming down. "No problem babe!" I could just picture the smile on his face. "So, do you want anything or.."

"Yes, we want you to move back to London" I laughed but no one said anything. "Oh, your being serious?" 

"Deadly serious Luc!" 

"And how exactly do you expect me to do that?"

"Live at mine and Louis' place!" Harry shouted. 

"I'm 13"

"Your point is?" 

"How do you expect me, a 13 year old, to live in a house on my own, while my dad and sister are here, in America? That would be illegal" I explained in a 'durr' tone.

"Well obviously we would live with you"

"Oh my- you're so dumb How could you live with me when you have to go back on tour in 2 days?"

"Oh" No one said anything for a while. 

"So can I go now or have you got another crazy idea?" I asked, breaking the silence. 

"I have an idea!" I laughed. "Hey Zayn!"

"Vas happenin' Luc?" 

"Haha Zayn. Now this idea of yours, can I hear it?" I asked, sounding like a business woman.

"Yeye. So  was thinking. What if you come on tour with us? You and Eloise could come and be-"

"Woah, woah slow down there Zayn! None of you have a brain what so ever!" A chorus of 'heys' came through which made me laugh. "It's true though! May I remind you again! I'M 13 and I still go to school! I can't go on tour with you, even if I wanted to!"

"Lucy, we're here" Amy interrupted my conversation. "Who was that?" Niall asked. "My sister and I have to go because I'm busy, bye! Love you all" Amy looked at me weirdly. "We love you too Luc. I'll text you every day!"

"Yeah Lou. I know, bye!" With that, I hung up. "Who was that and why did you mention more than one guy? Your slag!" Amy winked. "Says you!" I winked back. "It was this guy- these guys I stayed with over the school holidays, back in London" I sighed. "I need to explain something to you" She nodded for me to continue. "It's about the night I left and why I actually left" I didn't want to tell Amy because she was one of the main reasons I left but I feel like she should know. She hasn't always being there for me but because our mum died, it changed both me and Amy. I don't hate her for what she does, I mean, for christ sake, she's my older sister!

I looked away from her stare. I couldn't look her in the eye and tell her what I wanted to. "Come on Luc." Amy grabbed my shoulder and turned me to face her. I shook my head. "Look, I know I haven't been a good sister to you for several years but I am your sister weather you want me to be or not and I care for you! I can't explain how sorry I am for taking advantage of you. I never meant for it to go so far. I shouldn't blame it on mums death but, I don't know, I just kinda.. changed. I'm sorry Lucy! I'm really, truly sorry!" I cracked a smile. Instead of replying, I crushed her into a huge hug. It was hard considering we were still in the car but I did and she hugged back. "So, would you like to explain it to me over some pizza?" She smirked. "You know me so well" We hopped out of the car and headed for the main entrance. We walked around for about 5 minutes before finding a fancy pizza place next to a cute, little cafe. 

I ordered a 9 inch ham and pineapple with a medium coke and Amy got a deep pan, stuff crust, mozzarella with a medium sprite. While we ate, I told her about everything, from the moment the party started, on the night I left, to being here in America. 


"Where to first then?" I asked as we walked away from the pizza place. "To get some make-up then wherever you want. I'll even buy you an outfit if you want?" I fast-clapped and squealed. "Even some shoes because I saw some in a shop in London that I really wanted and I wonder if they have them here" I explained. I got excited because I love getting new outfits! I'm not really a dress girl or a skirt girl. I wear shorts but.. well, yeah. 

"Yeah, if you see them I'll get them for you" I smiled and pulled her to the nearest make-up store. "GIRLY SHOPPING SPREE!" I yelled as we reached the shop, which got people in there to stare at us. We burst out laughing as Amy dragged me to the lipstick section. "Do you have that credit card dad gave you for emergencies only?"  "Well durr! Of course I do! What you thinking in that twisted mind of yours?" I slapped her arm, playfully and simply shook my head. "One: my mind isn't twisted and two: nothing really, it's just we could end up having an emergency! A.. fashion emergency!" I laughed and rubbed my hands together. Amy muttered "Yep, definitely twisted" but I heard her and gasped. "I heard that!" We laughed again and excited the cosmetics store, having bought myself some blusher, 3 eyeliner pencils and 2 mascaras. Amy got some bright red lipstick, blusher, foundation, 3 mascaras, 2 eyeliner pencils and some new nail polish.  

After 4 hours of shopping, laughing and talking, we headed home. Today was the best day in my life that I've ever spent with Amy. She apologised for 6 years of my life I'll never get back. but to me, now, none of that matters anymore! I'm making a new life here, in America with my sister. I'm getting all those years I've missed spending with her, back! We had such a strong bond before and I want that bond back! Yeah, I'm going to miss Eloise loads. I'm going to miss her so much and the lads too! But I guess I have to face the fact that I might never see them again. I have to put up with the fact that my best friend for 7 years probably hates me for leaving her. If I do never see her again, I just hopes she doesn't forget the seven years I loved her like a sister. All these thought were running through my mind. "-ucy, Lucy! Are you even listening to me?" I stopped thinking about everything for a few seconds. "No, sorry" I told her. "I said, we should sort the house out for dad because he'll no doubt mess things up!" I nodded and looked out of the car window while Amy drove home. 


"Amy?" I asked once we pulled into the drive way. She looked at me.

"You know when mum died?" She nodded again. 

"Why did you get all of the tattoos and piercings and dye your hair red?" I looked up from staring at my hands, to meet the sad look in my sisters eyes. "Honestly, I don't know why I did all that stuff. I guess I blamed myself for her death and killed myself in a way, by changing my appearance" She sighed and looked away from my stare. We got out of the car, collected our shopping bags and walked to the front door. 



Dad was at the supermarket for food. He's being gone for 5 hours and  I'm hungry! I'd already finished unpacking and sorting my things out, Amy did her room first then we both did the living room and now Amy is sorting dad's work room out while I watch TV. I heard the door open. "I have food!" My dad yelled. I smiled and ran to help him unpack the food!


Today had been.. eventful. 

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