Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


16. Sam.


"LIAM!" I tried getting his attention for the fifth time. He hasn't been the himself lately and we've all noticed, even Lucy, but none of us know why.

Me and the lads were in a cafe, having breakfast while Lucy is at home with my mum, doing girly stuff. We were talking about different things, mainly about our new album and perfume 'Our Moment'.

The waiter came over with our breakfast and we all dug in. I was starving, as always I suppose.

I ran out of tomato sauce so I got up and walked over to the counter to grab some more. As I turned to walk back to the table, Lucy and another girl walked in, I think her name was Marissa. She waved at me. "Hey Niall" Lucy walked over to me and Marissa got a table for them. "Hey, come sit with us if you want, there's room round the table" She gave me a quick smile and went back to her friend.

A few minutes later, they walked over and sat down. Lucy sat next to Louis and Marissa sat next to Liam. His face lit up as they started talking to each other. Does Liam have a little crush on Marissa? Maybe!

"I thought you and my mum were doing girly stuff today?" I asked, looking at Lucy. "Oh, I was going to but Marissa showed up and Maura said I could go." I nodded and carried on eating.


"Louis! Do you mind? You keep elbowing me in the boob!" Everyone starting laughing and I went bright red. "Sorry love. I'm not meaning to, I swear!" I smiled at him and went back to eating my breakfast. Once I'd finished, I sighed and slumped in my seat. "What's the matter Luc?" Marissa asked me. "He's late. What if something happened?" Everyone looked at me, confused. Right as Niall was about to speak, someone pulled up outside. "Wait, I think he's here!" I stood up and knocked the table, causing it to wobble. After grabbing Marissa, I dragged her out of her seat and outside with me.

I stepped outside and he turned around. We smiled at eachother as I started walking towards him. We were now face-to-face and Marissa was by my side. "Lucy?" He smiled at me again and opened his arms. I looked at my feet and back to him. I said nothing, nothing at all. I couldn't, I was speechless, nervous. Not knowing what to do, I crushed him into a massive hug and squeezed my eyes shut. "Hey Looloo." He called me by my nick name. "Hey Sammy!" I let go and stood by Marissa's side again. She nudged me. "Oh, sorry. Sam, this is my friend Marissa. Marissa, this is my cousin Sam. We haven't seen eachother in about four years." Sam smiled at her and she returned the gesture. I'll say this now. If Sam wasn't my cousin, I'd be on him like flies around shit. He is just so cute with his brown hair and blue eyes, dimples when he smiles and tiny freakles! "Shall we go inside? I haven't ate yet and I'm hungry!" He did a little giggle thing that would make girls go weak at the knees! "Sure, breakfast is on me!" I stated and jumped at Sam's side. I linked my arm with his. We were so close! Invinsible! But my auntie got a new job when me and Sam were 9 and the whole family had to move. Which is why I haven't seen him for 4 years. Once we were inside, I told Sam to sit at the table in the back while me and Marissa waited in line. "I'm going to go sit with Li- I mean the lads." Marissa told me. "What was you going to say? You were going to say Liam, weren't you? Do you like Liam?!" I saw her blush. "Yes but don't say anything please! He probably doesn't like me back. Plus he's older than me!" She pouted. "I wont say anything! He's not that much older though! You never know, he could like you!" She shrugged and turned to walk to the table. "Hey, Marissa? Don't mention anything about Sam" She smiled, nodded and walked to the table.

After I ordered Sam's breakfast, I grabbed some sugar and happily walked to him.


We just talked and caught up on all the goss. I told him about everything with my dad and sister and that I was staying at Niall's. He tried to convince me to go back but I'm not!

We laughed and joked around like old times. "I miss this! I miss you Sam!" I explained. Sam stood up and gave me a massive hug. I hugged back. "Don't cry princess! I miss you too!" He told me. I didn't even realise I was crying. We both laughed as he sat back down.

Me and Sam just kept talking, mostly about our childhood and all the trouble we got in with our parents. I saw Louis wink at me a couple of times, I just shook my head. There was one thing that got me confused. Niall looked over at me and Sam every two minutes, with a sad face. I hope he doesn't think me and Sam are an item. I want Niall to know that he's the one I like. Like... like, like. But no one knows. He's too old, really. I know people say age doesn't matter if you love someone, but he wouldn't like me anyway! "Why do you keep looking over there Lucy?" Sam snapped his fingers in front of my face. "What.. oh. Nothing. No reason!" I smiled and looked at my hands. "I know you like Niall, Lucy!" I was in shock. How'd he know? "I don't know what you mean Sam!" He raised his eyebrows at me. "Come on Looloo! It's a bit obvious you like him! I'm your cousin, I think I need to know this stuff!" He smirked. I rolled my eyes. "Fine. Yes, I like him. OK? He doesn't like me back though. I'm too young!" Sam stood up and held his hand out for me to grab. I did. "Where we going?" I asked as he pulled me over to the lads and Marissa. "I want to get to know this Niall before he starts dating my little princess!" Sam always calls me 'little princess' even though he's only five months older than me. He's very protective over me, more like a brother than a cousin if I'm honest. "What? NO! Wait.. what?" Did he just say 'before he starts dating me'. Yeah. Whatever!

Once we reached the table, ALL eyes were on Sam, not me, not both of us.. Sam. "Mind if me and this thing here joined you?" Sam asked. I slapped his shoulder and realised I was still holding his hand. "Hey! I'm not the thing here! You are! Also, do you mind if I have my hand back please? You're cutting off my blood circulation!" He laughed and dropped my hand. I laughed and squeezed his arm. "Wow Sammy!?" He looked at me and smirked. "Mhmm?"  "Do you work out?" I asked, still feeling his muscles. Sam pulled his top up from the bottom and showed me his belly. May I just say.. NOM! "Jeez Sam! Youz are fit brov!" I winked at him and he pushed, lightly on my shoulder. We both laughed. "Oh, sorry. Everyone, this is Sam! Is it OK if we sit with you.. or?" I waited for an answer. "Yeah sure! I'm off to meet Carmela now anyway. Nice to meet you Sam." Zayn stood up, shook Sam's hand, smiled and left. I guess him and Carmela are an 'item' now. Aww!


Liam and Marissa were talking, Harry was on his phone, Louis is in the bathroom and Sam, Niall and myself were talking about food. Louis came back and grabbed our attention by banging his knee on the table. "Hey princess, It's eleven so I have to go. Text me later!" Sam said and everyone fell silent. No one but Marissa knows that Sam is my cousin. "OK, Sammy! Cya!" We both stood up and I gave him a massive hug before he left.

After he'd gone, I sat down next to Niall. "What? No kisses?" Harry asked. Everyone looked at me. "Well, I'm not sure what you do Harry but I sure don't kiss my cousins!" Both me and Marissa laughed. Niall's face turned from a frown to a smile. "Wait.. Sam is your cousin?" Louis asked. I nodded, still laughing. "You sure act like a couple! The cute nicknames you give eachother, he calls you princess, the hugging and laughing, saying he's fit, you were holding hands. What about all that?" Harry asked. "He's always called me princess, we always call eachother names. We're more like brother and sister than cousins! He's protective over me. We were holding hands because he helped me up from my seat and forgot to let go, I say he's fit coz he is. Have you seen his body! Daayymm! and I haven't seen him in four years so I'm bound to be attached to him. We were like fricking twins when we were younger. Then he left and I missed him so much! Plus even if he wasn't my cousin, I wouldn't be with him because I like someone else!" I explained to everyone. They nodded.

Now they all know Sam is just my cousin, everything is OK!

We left and went back to Niall's house. I really need to tell them that I'm leaving a week early. I'll tell them when we get to the house.







Hey everyone!!! I'm sorry I haven't updated in ages! My laptop has been going really slow and I've got homework.

I tried my best with this chapter so I hope you all like it?!


So, I've added Marissa and Carmela into my story. I'm just left with Tatiana. I did have an idea but it wasn't going to work :~//

I have started to figure something out. I should me adding you in around the next four chapters! :)

Sorry if theres any mistakes!



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