Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


33. Nine years without you- part two.

As I made my way back to the front of the room, so everyone could see me, I saw Niall and Alexandra out of the corner of my eye. Niall looked at me as I walked but he didn't seem his self, he seemed.. sad? Angry? 

"Alright, this ones for you mum" I spoke softly into the mic. "I love you" I then looked to the 'DJ' and nodded. The track started to play and my palms started to sweat. This is the first time I've sang in front of loads of people. Considering only seven people have heard me sing (Eloise, my mum and the lads) it's a bit nerve racking. 

(A/N: You can skip the lyrics out but I wanted to add them in because it kinda fits with the whole situation and there's a few details in between)

"You used to call me your angle, said I was sent straight down from heaven, you'd hold me close in your arms, I love the way you felt so strong. I never wanted you to leave, I wanted you to stay here holding me. 

I miss you, I miss your smile and I still shed a tear every once in a while and even though it's different now, you're still here some how my heart wont let you go and I need you to know, I miss you, sha la la la la, I miss you"

I looked around the room as I sang. My dad was sat next to his friend Martin, he was crying. I looked to the floor in front of me. Eloise was smiling with tears in her eyes, Sam had a smirk planted on his face, Charlie didn't have a clue in the world and the lads were all smiling up at me. I then looked to Niall and my eyes stayed focused on him as I sang the next verse. 

"You used to call me your dreamer and now I'm living out my dream. Oh how I wish you could see, everything that's happening for me. I'm thinking back on the past, it's true that time is flying by too fast. 

I miss you, I miss your smile and I still shed a tear every once in a while and even though it's different now, your still here some how my heart wont let you go and I need you to know I miss you, sha la la la la I miss you" 

My gaze left Niall's as more tears came to my water line. I didn't try to hold them back because I was truly hurting and I wanted everyone to know that. My eyes still roamed around the room. I saw that a few people were already crying. Amy's arms were wrapped around Molly's as she cried into her shoulder. I sniffled and got ready for the long note I was about to sing. 

"I know you're in a better place yeah but I wish that I could see your face oh. I know you're where you need to be, even though it's not here with me" 

I held onto 'me' dragging it out and putting emphasis onto it. I held the note for about four seconds before singing the last chorus. 

"I miss you, I miss your smile and I still shed a tear every once in a while and even though it's different now, your still here some how my heart wont let you go and I need you to know I miss you sha la la la la I miss you, I miss your smile and I still shed a tear every once in a while and even though it's different now your still here some how my heart wont let you go and I need you to know I miss you sha la la la la I miss you"

I finished with a sigh into the microphone and took a step back. The room irrupted with cheers, whistles, clapping and crying. I said a quick thank you into the microphone and stepped off the stage. Everyone who was previously sat on the floor, were now stood. Eloise had her arms open for me and I collapsed into them. "That was amazing! Your mum would be prove Luc!" She comforted me. I cried into her shoulder for a while and then broke the hug. "Thank you" I smiled, weakly. Sam was stood next to her with his arms open wide. His hugs are the best so I didn't hesitate and jumped straight into his arms. "I'm proud of you, you did great!" He wasn't crying but I think he was close. After around two minutes of hugging him, I pulled away. Everyone else has either sat down now or were dancing to the song that was playing. I had a few people come up to me saying I was great and that my mum would be proud. I just thanked them. I felt a tap on my shoulder and then someone tugged on my dress. I turned around to see Josh and Charlie. I bent down to Charlie's high. "You sing real good" He stated and hugged me. I chuckled slightly and ruffled his hair. "When you said you could sing, Lucy, I didn't expect you to be that good! I know everyone has said this but your mum would seriously be really proud!" Josh spoke in all honesty. I crushed him into a big hug. "Thanks!" I kissed his cheek in a friendly manner and walked over to the table where my dad, Amy, Molly, Olly and my auntie Melanie was sat. Amy saw me walking over and stood up to hug me. I sat down next to Molly and gazed over to the food table. Niall hadn't moved since they got here. I got up and walked over to them but I don't think they noticed me. As I got closer, all their back were facing me. "I don't even think she was that good" 




That stung a little but considering it came from Alexandra's mouth, it didn't bother me as much as it would coming from anyone else. "She, has a name!" I snapped. Liam was the first to turn around and then the rest of them did. She was about to say something in response but I cut her off. "At least I tried. Yeah I might not be the best, in fact, I know I'm not the best but I didn't let that bother me! I sang that for my mum, you know the one that isn't here anymore? and the reason I sang that is because I miss her, considering she's dead!" I hissed. She has speechless. That's what I freaking thought. "I don't even know why you're here, to be honest." She rolled her eyes and spoke as it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I'm here because Niall asked me to come with him. I'm his girlfriend!" OK. Is it possible for a heart to shatter into a million pieces because I'm sure mine just did. A tear slipped from my left eye so I rubbed it away, violently. I looked to Niall who was looking at the ground then to Louis. He was looking me dead in the eye and he was the only one, out of the lads, I told about my feelings for Niall. Those feelings were still there and weren't going away any time soon. "Lucy" Louis stepped forward and put his hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off and turned around. "I'm fine, I don't want anyone's sympathy!" I snapped before walking off towards my dad.

"Hey, I'll be outside if anyone needs me. Its getting a little stuffy in here" I lied. He nodded so I walked off, towards the entrance/exit. 

Once I was outside, I slid down the brick wall until my bum hit the ground. Niall has a girlfriend. That girlfriend that isn't me. Who am I fucking kidding? He would never go for a girl like me anyway!

My tears turned into anger as I sprung up from the ground and kicked the wall behind me. "AH! Fucking hell, Jesus christ! Oh my god!" If you didn't already guess, I hurt my foot from kicking the stone hard wall. I took a few deep breaths and started to walk back to the entrance. "AH, what the hell?" I screamed. Word of advice: never kick a brick wall when you're wearing heels!

I limped over to the door and pushed it open. I can't believe I'm saying this but I can't wait to be back in America!


Yey! Part two done! I hope you like it as much as I do :) 

What do ya'll think of Alexandra? Bit of a bitch, yeah? and what's everyone's opinions on Josh and Lucy? 

Wow, that's feels wrong putting that. I have a brother called Josh so it's a bit weird for me, in a way.. ~Lucy xx

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