Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


32. Nine years without you- part one.

This chapter is going to be quite long so I'm going to make it into two parts so it's not on one long page. Anyway, I hope you like part one :)


Nearly done! I just have to make my eyeliner even. "Done!" I breathed. Four hours. Four freaking hours it's taken me to get ready. If there was a competition on who takes the longest to get ready, I think I'd win! I can just imagine it now. 'And the winner for longest amount of time to get ready goes to... Lucy Catchpole'

I laughed at myself and shook my head. "What is wrong with me?" I laughed again. "I've been trying to figure that one out for nearly eight years." Eloise popped her head around my room door of the hotel me, my dad and Amy were staying in for the week. "Eloise!" I ran to her and tugged her into a tight embrace. "Luc.. can't.. breathe!" She stammered. I let go and smiled, shyly at her. "Sorry. I've just missed you!" I told her, being 100% honest. "Well.. I've missed you too but we have to go to the venue now! Don't want to keep all of them waiting, do we?" I shook my head and walked out of the hotel room with Eloise' arm wrapped around mine, kind of like an old couple. "By the way, you look gorgeous in that dress!" She beamed as we walked to the elevator. "So you don't think I over did it or anything?" I ask. "No, not at all. You hair looks nice that that! You should have it like that more often!" I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was been truthful. "Thank you! I'm not the only one looking fine though" I dragged out 'fine' and laughed at our childish behavior. "You make me laugh, Lucy! I miss you so much! You've left me at school with that annoying Nicole chick. She's like a pet dog, following me around everywhere." I rolled my eyes as Eloise pouted. We reached the elevator and climbed in. I pressed the letter 'G' and waited impatiently. When it comes to small spaces, I freak out a little. I wouldn't call it claustrophobia but well, I don't know really. "Breath, Lucy. Breath." Eloise must have noticed my sudden change in mood as we stepped into the small, tight space. It was kind of hard not to notice. My fists were clenched together, my knuckled pure white and my breathing pace gained speed. Maybe I was claustrophobic? "We're here, you can get out now" I heard the door ping and slide open. It took a few seconds for my breathing pace to become normal again. I said a quick thank you to Eloise and walked out of the building. My dad and Amy were stood by my dads four-by-four. "Hey. Ready to go? I think everyone should be there by now and I feel bad for being late" I spoke. 



I was right. By the time we had got to the building, my mum's anniversary was being held in, everyone was already there. I walked in a greeted a few of my cousins with hugs and a few 'heys' and 'how are yous' were said/asked. I answered with a simple 'I'm good thanks' each time, not wanted sympathy. I saw six bodies over by the food table, all trying their best to hind themselves. It was a little obvious it was the lads but I couldn't quite see the sixth members face. All I know is that it was a girl. How? She was wearing heels for one. 

I ignored them for now and rolled my eyes, grabbing Eloise and walking over to Sam and my aunt Melanie. "Hey!" I greeted. We hugged and started talking. Eloise joined our conversation too.

"I c-can't br-breath!" I had been laughing now for about 5 minutes straight. Why? One simple answer. Olly. My sisters friend. To me, Olly was like my older brother, and he was probably the funniest man on earth! I don't even know why I'm laughing this hard but I think it was starting to scare a few people but I didn't mind. They're family so they know how weird I am. I'm just glad I wasn't the only one laughing like this. Amy, Eloise, Amy's other friend- Molly and my dad were also laughing too. "My throat is dry, I'm going to get something to drink." I actually managed to get a full sentence out. As I walked away I heard Olly scream like a girl which made everyone burst out laughing. I should probably tell you now, Olly is gay but none of us think differently of him. His family accept him and so do we. I mean, why wouldn't we? Just because he's gay means we should shut him out of our lives? No! I've know him since I was seven and knew he was gay when I turned nine. At first I didn't get the full meaning but I knew, if that even makes sense?

I still hadn't noticed Josh yet and was wondering weather he was actually coming? I sighed, looked around the room and grabbed a drink. I'd being here for half an hour and I haven't talked to Louis or any of the lads. I knew that Carmela, Marissa and Tatiana couldn't make it and I was upset at first but got over it. I downed my fruity drink and walked over to the six bodies that were still at the food table. They're going to freak my family out. From where I'm standing, they look like the grim reaper! Yes. Quite scary. I approached them but not directly. I stood next to one of them and took a crisp from the bowl in front of me. "You do realise that you lot look like the grim reaper from behind, don't you? It's quite scary" I smiled. "No one here will notice you guys apart from Sam and Amy but Sam has already met you and Amy doesn't care to be completely honest. Oh and Eloise but you've met her too" I looked to my left to see Zayn looking at me. He took his hood down and gave me a hug. "Nice to see you again, Lucy!" He smiled. I nodded to the rest of the lads and then looked to Zayn again. "Guys, come on. You're seriously starting to scary people." I looked over to the dance floor to see Charlie dancing, like four year old boys do. I held my hand up, pulling two fingers out. "Two minutes" I walked off to the dance floor. "Charlie!" I ran the best I could in my small heels and went to scoop the little bundle of cuteness up into my arms. He surprisingly light for a growing boy. "Lucy" He squealed and hugged me, putting his head in between my neck and shoulder. "How's my favourite little man doing?" I poked his waist and got him to squirm. "Eh, I'm OK" He knows how to speak in full sentences and say full words but tends to use his voice as little as possible. He's very shy around new people but with me, he knows he can be as loud as he wants and talk for hours. "Good, I want you to meet some friends of mine, if you want to?" I know he doesn't like meeting new people but I try to get him out of his shell. He nodded. I put his down and told him to hold my hand. I walked him over to the lads. They had all taken their hoods down now and I noticed Niall standing extremely close to a blonde haired girl. "Zayn, this is my cousin Charlie. He's very shy but I try my best to get him to meet new people" I smiled, picking Charlie up again. When I was younger, around eight, I used to look after Charlie while his mum cleaned around the house and his dad worked. "Hey Charlie. Nice to meet you" Zayn spoke softly. He'll be an amazing father one day! Charlie sunk further into my body, trying to hind his face. "And this is Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall. Guys meet Charlie." They all said hello and Charlie hid his face even more. "Come on now, Charlie. You're never this shy" I whispered to him. "I like his hair" Charlie said, pulling his face away from my shoulder. "Who's? Harry's?" I ask, smiling. Charlie nods and looks at me. I smile at him and look around the room, looking for Josh. He had just walked into the building as I looked over to the entrance. "Hey Charlie? Go to Harry for a second while I go and talk to someone. I'll come back, OK?" I searched his eyes but they weren't looking at Harry, he looked at Louis. "Or Louis?" He nodded as I handed Charlie over to Louis. "If he gets heavy, just pop him on the floor" I saw Louis nod in response and take Charlie in his arms. "You might want to cover your ears, Charlie" I warned. All of their eyes were on me. This might be a little weird but I don't care. Niall brought this girl with him and I didn't like it. I don't see how this will help but I'm doing it anyway. "Josh!" I screamed and ran over to him, dodging my family members and family friends as I ran. He looked around and when he saw me, he smiled. And no, I don't have a thing for Josh, we're just really good friends. I flung my hand, tight around his neck and gave him a bear hug. He hugged back and didn't seem to mind if I crushed his entire body at that moment. "You missed me then?" He laughed as I pulled away from the hug. "Maybe just a little." I smiled. "Oh and sorry for being late! I had to watch my sister for a while longer" He looked into my eyes. "It's fine Joshy! I just thought you weren't going to turn up at all." I confessed. "Really? Aww does lala have a little crush on me?" He winked. I laughed loudly and smacked his arm. "How did you know?" I played along. "It's hard not to. I mean look at this body! Come on, I'm a sex god!" He did a little dance around which got me to laugh really loud. "Your such a freak!" I smirked. "I want you to meet my friends." I didn't give him chance to reply and pulled him over to the lads and Charlie. 

"I told you I'd come back" I smiled at Charlie as Louis put him down. "Everyone this is Josh, Josh the guys- Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam" I introduced them. "Nice to meet you" They said their hellos and Josh turned to me. "Oh and this is Charlie, my cousin." Josh bent down to Charlie and smiled. "Hey Charlie" I was about to tell Josh about Charlie's shyness when Charlie cut me off with a bright "Hello" OH.. "He likes you! He's normally really shy around new people, you must be special." I laughed. "Everyone likes me, babe. What did I say about two minutes ago? Can you remember or shall I repeat it?" Josh smirked. "No, no. I remember. You don't have to say it again and not in front of my friends and Charlie!" I smacked his arm, playfully and shoved him away. "See you guys in a bit, yeah?" I hugged Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam. I was about to go for a famous Horan hug when I noticed that girl. "Oh I'm terribly sorry. I'm Lucy" I tried to be nice to her. "Alexandra" She replied with a smile. A fake smile. I walked away. Josh and Charlie were dancing to 'Heaven' By Bruno Mars so I walked over to Eloise. She was talking to Sam. "Come meet Josh? You'll love him!" I smiled as I remembered Eloise' passion for dance and Josh had that same passion. 

"Hey kiddo, sorry for interrupting your dance with Josh but can I steal him for a second?" Charlie nodded and walked off, probably to find his mum. "Eloise, Josh. Josh, Eloise" They smiled at eachother. "You both like dancing and I haven't got a clue about it so I'll be over here if you need me" I walked off, trying to find Amy. I failed so I talked to some of my cousins, aunts and uncles instead. 



My dad got up on stage and tapped the mic that was already on there. "Hello, Oh it's on." He chuckled softly and everyone cheered. "First off I just want to thank everyone for coming, it means a lot to us" He sniffled. Is he crying already? "I guess I'll go save him" I walked away from my current position and towards the stage. 

"And this is the part where I save my dad from crying in front of everyone" I talked into the mic. Josh, Eloise, Charlie, Sam, Amy, Olly, Molly, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam were sat on the floor in front of the mini stage, crossed legged like little four year old kids. I mean Charlie is but, yeah, you know what I mean. I looked up from them and noticed Niall and Alexandra were still standing by the food table. They're a couple, aren't they? I sighed before realising the mic was still to my mouth. "Oh, ha, yeah. So I don't really know what to say other than repeat what my dad said, so thank you all for coming here to, erm, I guess celebrate my mum's death?" I laughed. "That sounds weird doesn't it? But you all know what I mean. It feels weird being up here if I'm honest. Talking in front of you all, even though you may be my family, is still... not scary but, weird? Uncomfortable? Anyway, if my mum was here right now she'd probably tell me to sit and watch as she gave a speech about random thing to try and lighten the mood." I laughed again and let a few tears fall down my cheeks. "So I'm going to be a little mean now and try to make some of you cry. My dad is already there and I'm half way so, yeah" I looked at my dad as he left the 'stage'. "I could stand up here all day and tell you all about my mum but I don't think I will be able to do that so, erm. I can't believe I'm actually doing this but I'd like to sing a song for my mum" I looked at everyone in the room. Some faces were shocked, some happy and some confused? I laughed. "I'm not the best but I've been told that I can sing by a few people so why not?" I walked off the stage and over to the music stand. The 'DJ' asked me what song I'd like to sing. "Miss you by Miley Cyrus, please?" He nodded and clicked a few things. "Tell me when you're ready and I'll play the track" He smiled as I walked back to the stage. 



Sorry for the cliff hanger. Haha!

Part two will be up tomorrow :) Thanks for all the lovely comments! ~Lucy xx

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